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Because the Demo is in a .zip file and the Full game is in a .7zip file, they are with different compression. The 7zip is way more compressed that the zip.

Thank you!

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Thank you! I'll try to fix those issues with TJ2 before the official release and thank you for the support and testing.

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Hello, start the game --> open options window --> under video options switch OFF "Outlines" and "Bloom".
The freezing happens with some ati cards and this two filters switched on.
"Behind the scene" TJ2 is quite different than TJ1. I still need to fix and clear some bugs here and there.

Btw...right now ,Tomato Jones 1 is on Sale on Steam!
Hurry up! It is until tomorrow.

Ok, If you wish to continue...edit the .bat file(it is only one line) by changing "lvl_1.blend" to "lvl_2.blend"
Also I've re-uploaded the Demo with a fix that may work. You may download the new demo file and try with it.

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This is a known error with a few ATI card models. Locate launcher.bat in the 'system' folder and start it.
Sometimes driver update or degrade resolves it. Currently I'm looking for a complete solution.

Hey guys, check out my new game! :)

It is a physics-based puzzle/adventure game. It combines the classical gameplay of an RPG platformers with the skill driven game style of the ball rolling games.
Your goal is to collect all coins and the hidden golden artefact at the end of each level, while avoiding various dangerous traps, obstacles and enemies.
The game is crafted in the atmosphere of "Indiana Jones" movies, while trying to be as funny and humorous as it can be.

Tomato Jones 2 is a sequel of its greatly fun predecessor - "Tomato Jones" already available on and Steam.

Here is the link to the demo:

Ok, I've sent you an email. ;)

I'll need an e-mail or some other contact to send you the download link.

If you want to continue this series, we can send you the full version of BuildMoreCubes. :)

Thank you for your video, it's great!
I've fixed the problem with first level. You can re-download the demo and it will work fine :)

Ok. Waiting for the release then. :)
Btw, I post your review on some other forums,so probably expect a peak on your views.

Haha..great video man!
I'm gonna post it on the fb game page here:
Thank you!
The version of Tomato Jones is just the demo(only 6 levels).
The game is already greenlit on Steam, so I'm gonna release it in a couple of weeks.
Also, I can give you a steam key if you want to make a full (fun moments) review of it. ;)