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Thank you :)

Thanks for playing :}

You can't open *.rar file? Let download 7zip or WinRar.

BTW, she is a girl not a boy. I'm so sad 😢

Thanks for your gameplay video. Wait for my next game :)

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Thanks for your loving, I like making games which have stories :)

Thanks for playing. I'm making a new game but it's just started ;}

I put that music into the game to relax after playing :}

You are welcome =)

Can I adjust the screen size? I'm still newbie with this app.

You know, I very love the pixel graphic style and the horror genre. :)

Black-gray-white, I love the game's colors :))))

Why's your game so good? :)

Thanks for playing my game. The song at 11:00 is cinnamoons - evening cinema "summertime" (sounds nice, right? :))

Btw, i had some ideas for my new game in the future. <3

Your game suggested a new game idea to me.:)

Cute game :)

The game's graphics are so great. It reminds me of pixel art gifs. So relaxing. :)

Well, i saw it on CHPlay and played it. Graphics of the game are so great, sfx and idea too. :)

The game looks cool :)

Thanks for playing it :}

Simple but good.

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Eltgona là dự án tiếp theo.. nhưng tui mong là tui không chán giữa chừng.. :)

Awww thank you very much .. <3.  I will learn from the next games.  thanks