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okay finna try it out thanks man

can you please tell me what i should change? thank you!


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how do i change my save file to the new update? i have from the last update

edit: i found out where the saves are but they are from 0.15 so i moved them into the 0.17 saves folder but that just made me get that message about it possibly breaking the game, it just kept making every text go in a loop, so any way i can fix it?

i dont want to start over so i would really love it if i dont have to go through all that pain again

any complete CG walktrough?

i will follow :)

i played it and it was good, cant wait for the new content
keep it up :)

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ok let me try that out real quick

edit: yeah it worked thank you so much dude

how do i get the shroom from the witch

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i cant get past the "trial and error" mission

edit: basically when i want to combine the stuff together i just cant (i click on 1 single item then i cant click on another one) and then i get stuck and cant get out of the lab