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its cool there is a sequel but games like this usally never gets sequels i dont like demos cause of their lack of replaybility 

uh windows version...

Oh is there any games like it that ARE still in development

Please Keep updating the game plus can you help me i can't get 8 characters i CAN SEE the limit is 8 why cant i recruit more than one?

i Want this game To Be Good Make me Proud

Cool i will stay tuned for that

No i mean characters you can switch to

Maybe We should have it team based (idk just a suggestion)

yeah u missed alo

It automatically says not responding i tried compatibility settings but no avail

looks cool but can there be an option for permadeath? I would like it better that way :D

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i know how to get that game for FREE without Crashing And Also its The Steam version i 100% Trust This Website i downloaded left 4 dead Soccer manager and More! And it didn't give me one Virus                    

hey is it possible you can give me the cracked ver. to?

i have an Problem everytime i play this game no matter how much i turn down the graphics it keeps Crashing Can you Make a patch for the game. Because it gets Very!!! Annoying