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Thanks a lot! Had a lot of fun in this jam, it was a good one.

Update 8/5/20:

Hello to those of you who may be following the development of Cliche,  I've come to make more of a minor update as although things are progressing they are not progressing as quickly as I would like them to. So, I just wanted to make this update to let others know what is currently going on as well as ask a  question where some feedback would be helpful.

So, I am currently on the third in-game day of development, the demo is planned to stop on in-game day 5. As of right now I'm writing the last two sections of dialogue for both the lunchroom scene and the night scene, after I write the dialogue I'll retype it into the program, once that's done all I have to do is place character sprites and emotes then it's onto the next. I'm currently experiencing a bit of writers block so it's proving to be a little difficult but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something within the next couple of weeks.

As for my question, when I post screenshots what exactly would you guys like to see? I know that screenshots are important to development but at the moment all of the work that I'm doing consists of dialogue as this is a visual novel,  if some of you could give me ideas on what to post for screenshot progress I'd be glad to listen. I understand showing screenshots when something new is added or for CG's, but at this point in time dialogue is the most important to me.

Update 6/16/20

It's finally time! I finished the character reveal sheets and started to get working on the transition to day 3 of the game (I'm still trying to balance stats and all that stuff, more technical things than dialouge at the moment) Without further ado! Here are your romancable options in he game

Cliche's offical character lineup

First off there is Justin Tokien, an intelligent labrador who's interested in all things nerdy. He's a large fan of comic books as well as scientific related feilds. Unlike the typical "nerd" archetype he's actually very open and talkative, he enjoys nerding out to anyone who will lend an ear and is very passionate about the things he likes. However, he doesn't deal well with confrontation or conflict and will back down easily, making him seem relatively week compared to his peers. He is often bullied by he bully of the school and is too scared to stand up for himself. 

The next character in line is Collin Quinn, a quiet man who isn't quite an open book. Many people see him as chill or relaxed but there are many people accusing him of many different things as he doesn't seem to stick to a particular friend group. Many people see him as bland and not having much personality but some others claim he gives off a mysterious aura of some sort. Many people have talked to him, but they feel as if the only thing they've managed to get out of him is small talk.

Ronnie Parks, Ronnie is the student in the school who seems to have it all. He's charming, he's rich, he's popular and he's an athlete on the sports team. The only thing this man seems to lack is brains, which he makes up for personality, or so he's been told. He's ambitious and extroverted, cuts right to the chase without beating around the bush. The only thing people fault him for is that he's friends with the school bully. Many people wonder why as he seems so nice and caring but some aren't suprised. He can come off as arrogant and sometimes skips morning classes so some assume he may not be as good as he seems. 

Last but not least we have Jerome Walker, the bad apple of this school. Many people dislike him. fear him even, he's often the one starting fights in the halls or in trouble for one reason or another. However, all of his actions seem unprovoked and unreasonable. It's clear to many people in the school that he has issues going on but the question remains as to what those issues are. He keeps his walls high and not many get through, although there are some students who managed to get somewhat close to him saying that although he's hard to befriend it is most definitely worth it in the end.

And that's all for the character reveals, I'm working on starting the development of Day 3 as hard as I can, I just need to balance some stats out is all. Expect a few screenshots in the upcoming updates.

Update 6/11/20

The second day of Cliche is complete! Apologies for the error in my previous post, I'm  almost to day 3 meaning that the game has three more in-game days left to be finished before the demo will be released. I plan to start production of Day 3 by either Sunday or Monday while I'm working on character reveal stuff.

In the meantime however, character reveals will finally be shown, I'm not going to say when as per usual because I don't want to over-estimate things but if not Saturday then maybe Tuesday, I don't plan to spend as much time on these as I just want to whip these guys up and show more screenshots of actual gameplay, I just want to give you guys enough of an introduction to at least know who you'll be working with.

There are going to be four romancable characters in total in the first release of the game, however two more will be added later on down the line in an update. I will post an update showing off the characters and an update long afterwards whenever day 3 is complete, until then keep a lookout.

Hello, This update will be relatively small since I only have really one thing to report and nothing else. No screenshots will be included  this update because most of the gameplay contains imagery of the characters who I want to reveal later on. 

Update 5/5/20

    The first day has been completed! I will start day 2 either today or tomorrow, but most likely later today.  I will not say when Day 2 will be completed because I'm not sure myself, it will depend on the pace of my life. After Day 2's completion romancable characters will finally be revealed (I swear this time I know i've been teasing it) in an update after the completion update of Day 2. 

Overall, I don't know what else to include in this update since it's relatively small and I only want to report that Day 2 is finished. 

I'm sure some of you have seen a topic similar to this a long while ago, the thread was autoarchived because of my inactivity of posting, which is fair, I do tend to keep quiet for long periods of time. To catch some new people who may be reading this up to speed, hi, I'm Gushi. I'm an independednt game dev who is currently working on a furry visual novel called Cliche, read the introduction to see what the game is going to be about then move to the updates. For those of you who have seen my previous posts that were archived, skip to the updates.


     Cliche (May or may not be renamed) will be a furry visual novel/dating sim. The game will have one major update after it's first release. In the first release of the game there will be a total of four romanceable characters, I am planning to keep the update after the release a surprise. The game will focus on potraying common tropes in western media, particularly high school dramas, and then breaking these tropes down bit by bit to show the character behind the trope as the player interacts with the characters. Each character will have their own routes and stories that may throw one for quite the loop, the game will not be NSFW and will be around a teen rating. The demo will go through the first school week (not counting weekends) of gameplay, in the full game there will be about three weeks in total and will end on the friday of the last week.

Update 5/1/20

     So, as stated before my previous posts about the game have been archived, this is because I didn't post for a really long time, this is understandable because I tend to be relatively quiet concerning future plans. This is because I end up overshooting predictions of the completion of said plans and think I'm able to get them done sooner than I actually am. To avoid doing this I will not adress when future plans will be completed until I am absolutely sure they are close to completion. Anyways, here are the things that I have worked on for the past few months:

  • Updated character sprite sheets and imported them into the game.
  • Finished all of the dialouge/choices for day one
  • Nearing completion of day one (should be done either tomorrow or sometime this week that I know for sure)
  • Implemented a functional day system that will count what day and week the player is on and show it to them

That is all of the udates for now, I will complete day one then make an update when day two is being started which should not take long.  In the meantime however, take these two screenshots of the first few seconds of the game (Characters depicted are not romancable):

I managed to snag the files, did you perhaps put "-" instead of "_"? I checked the game and the input works fine on my end so you may have to fix the broken "_" button yourself if it isn't working. Also, you may have to check your spelling on Togglecommand_camoflauge:OFF ;)

I can try to look into it! Renpy has had a couple updates and I'm not sure if some of the code is outdated since the game is pretty old (I kept getting an exception error whenever I tried to launch it from the renpy launcher but it ran fine from the app so I wasn't sure if there was an issue?? it was really weird) right now I'm kinda having an issue with my computer due to something that occurred last night and I gotta get the files back but I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to recover them. If I can I'll definitely look and see what's going on, although I can't make any promises at the moment.

Hello there! I'm back again with another update for the visual novel Cliche

Development skyrocketed this week and I managed to complete the the starting tools I needed for the game. There is one minor bug but I can definitely get to that bug afterwards, this is because of how small the bug is and  there is only one minor feature that I'd like to add but the game can suffice without it, for now at least. Now, it's time for me to get to the good stuff, actual gameplay. First I'm going to talk about when screenshots and character reveals will come in, then I'll talk about a little bit about what the demo will have.

Screenshots/Character reveals

Character reveals will be coming a bit later on in the games development, this is because I would like to redraw one of the character sprites for the game as I felt he wasn't up to par to say the least. Also my ideas of the content of his route changed ever so slightly, so I'd like his sprites to reflect that. However, expect minor screenshots. Other than that, throughout the process there WILL be very minor screenshots as well as gameplay clips in the near future. I'm excited yet very nervous to share these screenshots and clips but I can only hope that you all enjoy them.

Demo contents

Usually, my demos are relatively short, barely a few minutes at most, this is mostly because I really love surprising people. Good news though, I am planning to make the demo for this game much longer. The full game will consists of about 4-5 in-game weeks of gameplay. For the demo, I'm planning to let the player play through the first week of the game. I had originally planned it to be only one day but I figured that it wouldn't be enough time to let the player immerse themselves. 

Thats all I have for this update, follow my twitter for shorter and more frequent updates of the game. The link is in my profile. Thank you for following the games development.

I'm back with an update on the games progress, coding has begun and I'm going to discuss details regarding the progress of the coding, some features that are planned to be in the game and lastly information on previews of the characters as well as the game itself. 

Coding progress

As of right now I'm just working on setting up basic functionality of the game, such as menus the player will need, defining variables, and making sure that the game runs exactly how it should. There is currently no story based/playthrough code being written at this point in time. setup shouldn't take too long I don't think but we'll see.

Features of the game.

So, I plan for there to be quite a bit of features in this game, I want it to stand out compared to some other visual novels as much as I physically can. Some features that I'm hoping to include in the game are:

  • The ability for the player to change their pronouns.
  • Personality traits that change depending on the players choices.
  • Possible personality-based mini games (Further development stage plan though)

Preview/Character reveal talk

So, as of currently I'm not planning to reveal any screenshots/characters until some time after gameplay coding begins. However, I think I'm ready to reveal the title of the game, the title of the game is called "Cliché" 

And that's all the Information I have for you today, I'll be back with another update once gameplay coding has begun

Hello there,  I'm back with a small update on development and some more updates on when some things will start

Art development

Good news, I managed to finish the side characters of the game before the end of January. However, there's still a few tiny assets I'd like to work on before I start the programming . These assets shouldn't take any longer than a week at most, if not then just a couple days and are more for the game's functionality and mechanics rather than character sprites and backgrounds.

Code Development

I have not yet begun coding, however I'm incredibly close to doing so. My estimated guess is that coding of the game should begin or be already started by the end of next week. However I will work on getting the program set up so that by the time I'm ready I can just start coding right away.

Character/Title Reveals

As development progresses I plan to have character reveals sometime towards the release of the demo, I don't know when the release of the demo will be but I'm estimating either by the end of the month or late March.

That's all I have for the updates at the moment, thank you to those who have been watching this games development. I'm planning to have another progress update by either of this month or the beginning of next month. 

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Hello everybody, I am Gushi and I'm planning to start a new visual novel relatively soon. I'm keeping a few things secret about this game for now because I sort of want it to be a surprise.  I'm very passionate about this game, however, so  it's a little important to me that I do it justice. 

This post here is just to give a small rundown of what will be the general overview of the game's plot as well as a summary of how development is going so far.  So,  here's an overview of everything.

Game plot overview

This game is going to be another visual novel,  standard run-of-the-mill dating sim.  The game is going to focus on character archetypes portrayed in modern media (specifically high school dramas) and will work to flesh these archetypes in different ways. The goal of the game will be to pursue a character of your choice and figure out the real face behind the archetype they portray. There is going to be a small twist to all of this though, the characters you'll be pursuing aren't exactly human. That's all I'm willing to share about the games plot for now.


For the past few months I've been working on the art and asset development for the game. The main protagonist sprites are completed and the backgrounds needed for the beginning segment of the game are finished. I'm currently working on side character sprites that should be completed by the end of this month as well as minor assets that shouldn't take long to complete. Coding should start by the beginning of next month and reveals of the main protagonists as well as a title should come by the end of next month.

So that's my plan for January, hopefully my student-life won't come barging in and mess it up, but I have to say I'm fairly determined on getting this done considering I'm extremely close to the goal for this month as of right now. There's only two more starting side character sprites left for me to work on.

Thank you so much! I'm honestly really glad that you got to that half of the game because I figured the option to continue without asking ram or rom anything could be confusing (might fix that later) .  Have you played the true end by any chance?  because if not you might find more secrets there as well ;).  Although, with you talking about the saves I think you've probably already ran into you-know-who already lol.

but anyways, thank you so much for taking a look at my game. It means a lot to me :)

I changed my mind and removed my submission, tbh for me it wasn't worth the trouble so I'm going to enter the game into another Jam that's still active and hopefully it'll get accepted. 

Hey, I entered the Jam and managed to post the game page as well as a few screenshots, however I didn't notice until now that I didn't upload the files to the page. Is it okay if I add the files now or am I disqualified? I do have the game files, and I finished before the date I just need to upload them.

I prefer to keep my games available for all computer platforms, Linux, Windows and Mac.

Hey! is there any possibility that there will be a Mac version of this up soon? I really wanna play this but I don't have a windows.

(I didn't really know where to put this so if it's in the wrong topic please let me know)

So I recently finished my first game called Project 4th Wall and released it not too long ago. I'll admit it's not the best but while I working on it I was more focused on actually learning how the renpy engine worked and messing around. I want to start a new game soon but I'm having trouble deciding on what to do next (although I have narrowed it down to a few things). Also, unlike last year my schedule is not as free as it used to be so I won't have a lot of time to work on the game.  I'd appreciate it if some of you could maybe play my current game and maybe give me tips on where I should go next? I do have some ideas in mind but feedback would be helpful.

here is my game:

Hello everybody! It's me Gushi again with another post with an update on Project fourth wall. I've released a leak and release date will be coming very soon so look out for that!

The link to the leaks

Hello, I'm sorry I took so long to respond to your comment,  but yes you have to gain their trust, but the trust meter will help you unlock certain choices in the game and help you get to another part of the game.

Hello guys, I have some good news the long and short of it is that I'm working on endings as of right now and thinking about a possible release date for the full version of Project 4th Wall. I can't talk about the endings at the moment considering there are a lot of spoilers but you can check the entire devlog here to get a more in detail explanation as to what's going on:

Project 4th Wall: UPDATE 6/2/18

Hello everbody! I have a few updates for Project fourth wall! Both R.A.M and R.O.M have mini games now:

if you wanna check out the full update with more detail check the official develop log here:

Project 4th Wall Update 5/11/18

Project 4th Wall UPDATE: 4/25/18:

Hello everyone I bring good news and I bring bad news, The good news is R.A.M's route has started development however the bad news is the time I've been having to code is getting slimmer and slimmer. School is kicking my butt right now and testing has started meaning I've been focusing more on that. Then once testing is complete I also have some medical stuff going on not this Tuesday coming up but the Tuesday after and I could be gone for god knows how long whether its in the hospital or recovering at home.

I'm sorry about this sucky update but I felt you guys should know.

Hello everyone, I'm Gushi and I have been working on a visual novel called Project 4th Wall, The game is a sci-fi puzzle game that revolves around the main character testing an AI system that is for a supposed experiment of some sorts. I'll link the game below for you guys to check out more. The demo has been released for quite some time and one out of two routes have been completed but not yet released. The gameplay isn't very long and seems pretty dull at first but once the full game is released there will be more to find. 

The two characters you interact with are Subject R.O.M and subject R.A.M (Subject R.A.M is not yet accessible), the game is planned to have  three good endings and three bad endings with CG's. The fourth possible ending you can get is really boring and not as eventful since it's more of a normal ending (This ending has no CG). Another thing is no route is exactly the same, each route is going to be different in not only dialogue but lore as well, the two routes will also tie together later in the game.

The last thing I'd like to clarify is that this visual novel doesn't have JUST words on the screen, it will also include puzzles and mini games throughout the game to keep you somewhat engaged. Although this part of the game has not been released yet I thought I should put that out there. Like I said before no route is the same so each of the boys will have his own little minigame that you'll have to play through.

So what do you guys think? Would you be interested in playing this game? Are there any questions you have about the game or the game's development? If so don't be afraid to leave a comment, I'll answer almost anything unless the answer contains spoilers. I'll post updates to the game here from time to time and try to stay on top of updates as much as I can, I'm currently almost ready to start production of R.A.M's route  so most updates from here now on will be on him.

Heres the game, It's only the demo however: Projec4thWall