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In dire need of funds to re-make this awesome game into VR, your support is always welcomed.

The game development is put on hold to generate needed funds for further development and due to time constraints.Sorry for inconvenience. If you encounter an issue, feel free to message me.

I apologize for the issue, which even I cant explain. I can provide you the game free anytime you wish.

I am not sure whats the issue is, but if its on Sale but not 100% free, then it will take you to Purchase window where you use paypal to buy it.  If its 100% sale, which was a limited time offer for 4 days, it wont ask you to pay. Its always on sale and many times free as well.

Help promote this jam for good cause, offer your paid indie games for Reward Pool. Top 5 winners will be able to receive rewards from Reward Pool.

Do you mean you want a graphics to look like old 32bit?

Please try the Demos before you buy to see if the full version will work on your OS/Windows/Linux version, thanks.

I read about it, but I might have overlooked some instructions. How do I post my game in Refinery?

A new update is ready, much has changed, however new car models with interior that you can see on youtube are not going well with the game and needs to be changed. However due to lack of fund, I might have to forget about heaving low poly interior destructible models. I will put generic low poly car models that will at least have mesh/body damage, but wont have destruction.

New updates- Bloom has changed, dirty lense removed temporary, sunshine effect removed temporary, lag fixes, Control and Other related panels has been added. New car models added, however needs to be changed to other models because of size issue. Android version is being developed at the same time.

I just use software no trackers, I mainly convert them to my liking instrument by instrument.

All previous versions FREE to play. Thanks for supporting. Update once a month.


A vehicle stunt simulator sandbox with real life vehicle physics & destruction system. Parkour obstacles & Puzzles. Functional Bowling alley, soccer, chase cars, many vehicles, HD graphics & 30 music titles,. Current theme is Winter. Xbox controller support. (Windows) Lag less game but some massive objects can be removed by pressing F1, F2, F3. This project is a WIP, work in progress hence many many changes are made each month. The final aim of the project is to be on Android. The project has been under development for over a year and a half. If fees are not covered its final release will be in 2017 but tons more features will be added by then.

Current Aim- Right now everything is put into one map to test all the features and their functionalities, everything is being experimented and analyzed in one map. Once all the important objectives are achieved, the map will change and everything will be optimized as close as possible to an indie AAA quality. Ultimate aim is to release a mobile version on Android, sorry no fund for ios release.

Product Page:

Product Personal Community Page:


Supporters receive all new future versions/updates, you will be notified via email that you used to pay. (probably paypal email id)


Got any ideas to implement? Share here to be consisdered.

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Got spectacular images or videos of your stunts? share them here to show everybody.

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Bold Letter indicate top priority given.

Floating cars in sea water

Roads in sky, ground, everywhere

Parkour stunts like in Gta san andreas moded severs/GTA V

Paint job for cars (implemented but dangerous, creates entire new prefab, ruins original)

More shrinking, under 50mb

Overhaul for all car models (paint, lag optimization, better wreck when collide)

50+ cars in future (21 added more to come)

All 3d models optimized for Android

Multiplayer Lan and Network (both heaving problems right now but already implemented)

Biggest hurdles -> Licensing fees

Different maps

Working heavy industry vehicles with all animations to pickup objects, lift etc.

Police chase like in NFS 3 Hot pursuit

Customized car horns for each vehicle

Better car selection screen

Better stable map, everything joined together in a single map, no slices, no static props

Dance girls (Implemented)

Fireworks (Implemented but too heavy on FPS)

Day/Night cycle (Implemented but HD & Sun Shaft effect does not work well with Night)

Objectives- simply enjoying in a sandbox isn't that fun, some scripts will be added so you earn coins

Coin hunt (implemented, but heavy on FPS)

Market shop (buy cars, cosmetics)

Swimming Pool (implemented but has no function yet)

Maze (Implemented a static version, will be animated later)

Police Lights and car texture

More ideas to be added later




When camera sees the entire length of map, FPS drops under 10, got to make it so parts of map vanish if you are too far.

GameJolt- Secretly removed my entry without information or notice. I guess it affects their popular "Project Wheels" game that is similar to VSS.

Cars excel are not lining with the tires

Fireworks drops FPS (removed)

Video Screen creates LAG, interrupt background music (will add as a spatial music for local area as oppose to global music)

Police Spike strip spawns vertical instead of flat on ground, couldn't figure out why even after researching and fixing.

Police car just follows back of vehicle, will change its target point to front of vehicle so it will overtake and drop spike strip is player behind its back.

Night time sucks, no HD, sun shaft shows up even at night, Day/Night can't be implemented coz of this.

All cars needs to be done 100%, most cars do not break when collide, needs a lot of time to finish them

Constant hunt for better mobile optimized cars, got a bundle for free from a fellow friend, although a lot needs to be fixed there. Still looking (need 50+ cars)

Car drivers loop animation instead of moving when steering wheel moves. Will be fixed later.

HD sucks, better HD later.

thanks, yes I noticed I will have to do a lot of work with these, material is to be made for each vehicle from available textures. I am using some free models and models from the physics kit itself, they all needs to be gutted out though, but If i can keep my build size to a minimum of 50gb, I am willing to use few heavy models as the game is well made to run even on mobile. I am a hobbyist dev, so work is slow. thanks for models.

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Hi there, I would like permission to experiment with them in my game Vehicle stunt simulator for a possible vehicle replacement. I plan to make an android version, has been looking for low poly models. thanks

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If you are a game developer I will happily turn your midi music into chiptune (old nintendo style chip music), great for game background music. Even if your music isn't that professional it always turns out good once chiptuned.


*Please support by donating if you loved the game, thanks.

I really wish for people to enjoy this game, hence I made it totally free. Its a christmas game.

Merry Christmas