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Gunner Gaming Studio

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Thanks! We have just updated the game page to have a new video showcasing the first set of powers and their animations

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We at Gunner Gaming Studio are a small and relatively new independent game studio that works in the free/open source community. We already have a game on here (Block Infiltration Operations) but are looking for more exposure with our next game we just started.

Crystal Dissention is a 2D pixel art style action/platform game where you play as a wolf heroine with magic powers who fights off other animals in the world with different magic powers. The game is being developed with unity and will be available for PC downloads handling keyboard, Xbox One controller, and PS4 controller inputs. We aren't sure when the game will be released but are happy with the last couple months of progress we have made so far. We hope you will take the time to check out the game development page.

Crystal Dissention Game Page

First update (4-24-17): Emerald Powers, the power of nature and the wild. Each set has an acitve(attack), passive (power/ability), and special(something powerful that has a tactical advantage). See the new emerald powers below.

Second/Third Update:  We release videos displaying powers for sapphire and diamond but forgot to put them here.  Below are the videos in order.  Sapphire is represented by blue, and can use the elements and weather to it's advantage.  Sapphire has an active which is a wind gust that pushes back and deals damage, a passive that speeds up movement and jumping, and a special that rains lightning down on all foes on screen.  Diamond is represented by a silver, and is the power of synthetic materials (think man made, but there are no humans).  It's active is a burst of crystals in all directions, a passive that blinds foes in direction you're facing, and a special that restores health (power of light as well).

UPDATE 4 (06-01-2017): We released a short video showing the onyx power animations.  We haven't had much time to work on game lately do to life being busy.  We will have some more progress on player controller soon.

We here at Gunner Gaming Studio are excited to get word out about our joining itch.io and our first game on here. Block Infiltration Operations was released to public back in January and has since been uploaded on to here. It is a very simple and somewhat short 2D stealth style game where you try to avoid guards and security cameras to reach the goal as quick as possible. The game is loosely based off of mechanics from Metal Gear and is our first release as a brand. It was a great starting opportunity and a great warm-up to the development and release process. We look forward to releasing more games here that will just get better each time. We also look forward to interacting with community members who are as crazy about developing, playing, and video games in general as we are!! After all we aim to make games the fans will love!!