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Hey Dev, loving the game nearly at 50 episodes but running out of things to do :)

Replied to Dysis in Bug Reports

I also had that happen if you load up the counter with other items, they will take one of them. Not game breaking just interesting. I have a video on it my little blacksmith shop ep 39

Posted in Bug Reports
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i had no customers, till i restarted the game and now there back! I do have a problem before the update i had 3 mitheral bars and now there gone. Anyidea if there under a tree?

well that sucks, i missed a customer wile making a great sword and they left. it got stuck. i got it fished out but no more customer came to the shop for the rest of the day.

I do like the changes, the send customer away button will come in handy. Customers just grabing stuff off my table if i have some thing pre made they need is also really good.

People really like the game :D