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I'm disappointed, I thought your game was a tribute to Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson lighthearted opera ! :D 

(in french it would be "La" Seine  ! ) 

a bit short, but otherwise cute !

very good game. It's a bit tricky to move in the beginning, but the level of difficulty is perfect, just enough tou puzzle you without frustrating you. I really enjoyed !

BTW I really enjoyed every minute. 

you really loved "Avalon" didn't you ? :D 

i don't know how to escape after getting the pension. I get on the roof and run through the field but always get back...

(1 edit)

Haunted PS1 games are always the best ! <3 You people !

I only find two endings... I may be missing something

"Haxan" is the perfect film for a 10-years old ! We watch it every year for christmas !

This was  quite interesting, and introduced me to a culture I didn't know. I certainly will wait for more

well, the words written on the walls ... 

Is this a tribute to Robert Barry ?

this is actually really good-looking. I could play forever,  and it could be a nice screensaver.

this is absolutely lovely !

day 22 is absolutely gorgeous. creepy story, not too long, ton too cryptic, perfect !

day 23 is a beautiful voidscape to wander

24 : still haven't beaten it ! :D

The music is actually Erik Satie's First Gymnopedie. I love it. 

Day 17 is actually really cute ! Very reminiscent of David OReilly's MOUNTAIN.

day 13 : WHAT ?!?

day 11 : Very Lovecraftesque, but as the others said I wish we could see the ending a little longer. Othewise, very nice.

day 9 : the "why don't you answer me what have I done wrong ?" is SOOOOOOO MY MOTHER ! how do you know her ? :D :D :D

you can actually catch and eat fish. but you die anyways.

day 6 was oddly soothing...

well at least we ( not I ) can play games while waiting for godot !

is it normal that I noclip through all the walls and keep falling from the structure ?

I just love how the character "walks" but I may say this is moderately terrifying.

dis is somessing as artful as confussing.

I'm so sad Moutain used to word perfectly and now for some reason it just stay stucked on the starting screen (with the white diamond) what can I do ? I'm on win 10 family ed.

same problem here. Strangely, it works perfectly on steam.

This is extremely beautiful ! Just a little complaint, I really had a hard time in the caves maze...maybe add a subtle hint anywhere ? Otherwise you did very well !

This is brilliant. Coincidentally I am a lot into structural film currently, and I made this during lockdown. 

lovely game. my eyes have fallen. you really love cicada marionnette, don't you ? <3

hello, I tried to play but there should be a data folder near the .exe and I think you forgot to upload it... :)  the concept seems really interesting !

It works quite well with Windows Mixed Reality !

You guys do love Quay Brothers, don't you ? :) You should have a look at Patrick Bokanowski...

hi ! is there actually a way to end the game ? I mean I've found a few gems, and stuck them where they should, but I still miss 3 or 4 and don't know where they could be... PS : You didn't spell "Bepis" correctly :) . 

this is the best game ever on  (apart from robert yang's well, but you get the idea)

This is the best game ever !