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No, unfortuantly, I don't speak any French, only English and German.  It's a trip seeing this on YouTube, I really didn't expect that yet.  I do notice from my web analytics, that for some reason this game got a lot of downloads in France, I guess this is why.

I'll look into that, I haven't used the app yet.  I'll make sure I get it worked out so it will be downloadable there as well.

Thanks for the tip, Aetheric, I updated that.  I neglected to look at the metadata tab at all when I posted this.

Laura will be a lot more involved in 0.1, plus we should meet some additional characters.  Co-workers, friends, and maybe even a stranger who intrigues Lily.  Right now I have music disabled, that will probably be worked in a little later, version 0.2 or 0.3, once I have the story more fleshed out and a bit more time to focus on fine tuning.  Right now I'm devoting as much free time as I can to content creation to flesh this out a lot more.

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Thanks for that.  It's only temporary anyways.  This version is more a test of some of the game mechanics, that's why it's version 0.0.1.  The official first version release will be 0.1, that's when bug testing will be needed in earnest and much appreciated.