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I feel like this game would have been a longer experience if it wasn't so familiar, I understood the ending of the game pretty strongly from the moment I opened the dad's text messages. I share a few key things with the main character that meant all but one of the passwords seemed a little too easy to work out. but playing it I couldn't help but feel immensely seen and understood by this game and that is a truly amazing thing

Wow the art and music in this game!!! it's beautiful! fantastic work! :D

Wow! This is such an amazing and original idea to fit the theme and the shaders/vfx are beautiful! The shooting feels and sounds great and the unique mechanism is simple enough to grasp quickly while being emergent enough to create a huge amount of strategic depth!

good satisfying feeling absolutely destroying that grass!!!

really cute game <3 

love the use of emojis, surprisingly underused in games but you use them really well to convey setting and character really quickly and visually :)

i know it's probably built into twine, but perhaps editing the style sheet to make the back arrows a little more visible because right now that part isn't great on the accessibility front and my eyes completely missed them at first.

also the sense of humor in this game is fantastic. laughed out loud several times!

this is awesome! puzzles are fun and engaging and that antagonist character is instantly intriguing. i do wish the delay between moves was shorter because it is a bit frustrating to redo parts of levels.

No, none of the Bundle for Racial Justice games come with steam keys (possibly so they're all DRM free)

You can however download the game and then add a link within steam to launch the game from the steam launcher.

This is amazing! Very informative! Thank you so much for making it!!

Love it ❤️

This is incredible!