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Thank you for understanding, have a nice day too.

to get SXP, so you can exchange for things in the store.

sorry, not yet =/

I'm a little busy with my Steam game this time.

Well, for now I didn't compile a desktop executable version, but I could compile in the future :3

yup, its for save

Yup, that is already planned, I'm going to place some enemies for you to defeat, if you miss you fall on the ground for a while and they will catch the girl and walk the stages until you can get her back.

I'm using Construct2 for the game.

Thx for the feedback, that will really help, about the player select the floor to go, I already think about it, will make sense when we have more places to go.

well I'm doing some updates for the game with more content, so you will have more to do

uhm, I guess that can be good :3

Thx, to access the elevator part u need to buy the two skills on the shop and after get 500 SXP. This month (March) I will use to improve this game with a new theme, and fix these things by doing more poses and environment :3

thank you, u can go there buying the two skills o the shop and after by getting 500 SXP. The book is for save your progress on the game, I certainly need to improve the points that were addressed in the feedbacks I received, next month (this month) I will use this game in a new theme, and fix these things :3

u can go there buying the two skills o the shop and after by getting 500 SXP

thank you so much, I plan to add more environments and poses soon

Hey Hooo!! I just released the public version!! ;3

Hey, sorry for that. I'm going to release the public version today :3

sorry for now I don't know yet x}
I need some more free time to be able to work on it

Aww Yass!! :3

Sorry to answer only now, I can release a desktop version soon :3

fuck crowno, you are the master!! xD
stunning work as aways!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, in the update I will make I will take into account many of these details that you mentioned  :)

Thx, I'll improve it later and so update this version.

I saw on twitter, awesome video and thx for playing Shark Blaster :3


Thx, and yes, I could check some bugs and people reported some others, I was very surprised they weren't bugs worse, but I'll try to fix it later :}

Thx, its because arcade is cool :)

Thx :D

Thx :3
This certainly inspires me to continue my work, it's great to be able to do something fun for someone else besides me.


I'm honored, these are great references!
Thank you :}

thx :3

I use photoshop, and work more with pixel art :3

Obrigado :3

Brilliant work, makes me want to play all the time :D

heheh, eu to penando pra conseguir subir pro youtube, internet carroça.

Faz ae e compartilha pra gente ver

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I spent some time trying to make something fun, I wanted to have polished and added more things (like the second stage before the boss, with a miniboss =p), but I liked the result so far.

Nowadays, according to what I was able to check, the game has to be completed very quickly, just knowing the right places and the right items to use.

The Game

This game at first I thought was easier to do, but over the course of days I was not able to make it fun, I couldn't find a way to make the gameplay more smooth for the player, so I ended up focusing on creating the mechanism of the sea waves.

Only last week when was announced that the deadline would be extended by a few more days, that I decided to change the gameplay that was stuck in the ground, to one that was free in the air. I was in a hurry so I just did what I got to do.


Art, Code and SE – by Gillenew

Background Music - by Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0


Photoshop - All the graphics :3

Construct2 - All the game "code"

BFXR - All the Sound effects

Audacity - Audio editing and mastering


I got support from several people, through facebook, or discord and twitter, thanks to this support I was able to process to the end.


I simply go out doing it, because water games and shooter are the ones I've lately been having more contact with, I secretly really like sharks, so this cover has a special well, I think about all the pressure to finish the game I started, I just forced myself to do things that were easier, and then I had to cut some things out of the original scope.for me.

Concept Idea, the birth.

What Went Well

Well, I guess about all the hurry to finish the game I started, I just forced myself to do things that were easier, and then I had to cut some things out of the original scope.

In the end, although it was not totally polished, this was the most complete and rich game I could do for a jam (but is good remember that I participated more often in jams lasting no more than 3 days).

What Didn’t Go Well

As I spent a lot of time to find the ideal shape of game design (including gameplay), ended up leaving few time to finish the enemies, the boss and the other details, which are many, many details xD

Missed making the offensive and defensive drones and several other enemies that would be fun to play.

What’s Next

I still don't know, but maybe I go back to this project for polishing and adding things I could not put into jam, it was a fun project.

noice update, now the girls :3

great :3

hehee nice to know, but the game is awesome, congrats :D

when I buy the very black pallete, the game seems to crashed :P

maravilha de jogo :D