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Hello again, it's me, Slick! But... I have some bad news to share.

Development on Dreamshift has been halted for an indefinite period of time. It might start back up in a couple of years, it might never start up again, I'm just not too sure.

This doesn't mean that I'm throwing in the towel on game development and heading off to the nearest mountain range to finally achieve my goal of becoming a mountain hermit that learns th- er, um, that went a bit off topic. Anyhoo, I'm not giving up on game development. I really do want to continue work on Dreamshift, I've put quite a bit of effort on its world and lore, but it's just too big for me to do with my current skillset. I'm learning more about code and Unity each day, and I'm improving with each attempt I take at creating a game.

There's another project that I have in the works now that I've shelved Dreamshift for the time being. It's less dependent on a story, uses less menus, and should have a hopefully interesting game mechanic. I'm not too sure if I want to share more information about it in this devlog considering how the one for Dreamshift went. If I DO start another devlog, I'll create one once there's a lot more content to show and it's more certain that I will actually finish it.


- Slick

September 16th came by a lot faster than I expected ;; I don't have anything to share since most of my work has been on plot and conceptualizing a visual theme for the game (I'm not too big of a fan on the 8-bit style I currently have, I'm gonna try to go for a different visual look). Considering that school has gone into full swing, I'm not too sure if the scheduled approach for this is going to be a good idea. There is no scheduled future devlog update, but don't be alarmed!! I'm still going to be working on it, and I'll be sure that it's good!

If you want to chat with other people looking forward to this game, then maybe you'd like to join the Discord server?? Click here for an invite!!

Well, it's September 2nd, so here I am!! School has finally started, so I'm afraid that my energy and availability to work on Dreamshift will be severely hampered for quite awhile. I've also been spending what time I have to work on Dreamshift working on the plot and characters, so there isn't any screenshots to share. Next devlog is on September 16th!! See you then!

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So, uh, I just realized I shouldn't be making new topics everytime there's a new update, and I realized most people just continue the updates in a thread, heheh...  \ ̶_(o o ;)_̶ / So here's the full Dreamshift devlog! Done properly!!

If you missed the previous devlogs, then read up about them here!
[Devlog 1] [Devlog 2] [Devlog 3] [Devlog 4] [Devlog 5]
If any of this interests you, then maybe you wanna check these links out, too!
[Dreamshift blog] [Dreamshift Discord Server]

Anyways, here's the next update:

Devlog 6

First off, now there's doors!

Anytime you see a question mark over your head, you can press [SPACE] to interact with it! This can range from entering doorways, pressing buttons, flipping levers, or even starting a conversation with someone!

Enemies can also now damage you with a bit of knockback and invincibility frames! Your health also gets reduced when this happens.

Also, there's been a few modifications "under-the-hood" to the game to help make it easier to prototype and code. This mostly consists of making a Health.cs class that can be attached to any object to give it health and receive damage, and also an Attack.cs class that makes an object deal damage to things that have health.

The next devlog will be September 2nd, see you then!

Another Wednesday, another devlog!! Here's the sick deets of what's been added in the past week:

("You'll shoot yer eye out!!")
First off, Energy Points have been implemented! As you can see in the top left of the screen, you have a limited amount of power to fire weapons before needing to stop and recharge. Firing a weapon at max energy launches a Powershot, which can sometimes have special properties than normal bullets.

(Awwww, what did they do to you to deserve that?)
You can also now hit enemies with your bullets and defeat them! I need to implement the ability for them to fight back, though.

(Note that melee attacks have no visual cue yet)
Also, destructible blocks have been revamped to take multiple hits and have visual changes as they are damaged! I'm also using a melee attack at some points to destroy blocks, but it needs sprites.

And last but not least, here's an update regarding updates. Because school is looming around the corner, I won't have much time to work on Dreamshift as I normally do. I also have no idea what my workload is going to be like this year. Devlogs are going to be released every other Sunday. The next devlog will be August 19th. This is so I can get adjusted to school and see what I'm going up against. Thank you for understanding :>

If you like what you see, then maybe you'd like to follow us around?
- Join the Dreamshift Discord Server and chat about the game!
- Follow the official Dreamshift blog for live updates on the game's development!

Another Wednesday, another devlog!! Now that MFGJ is done, I can get back to work on Dreamshift, so here's some new additions for ya!

(That weapon looks handy for hitting things that might be out of reach.)
First off, the bullets for the Peashooter gun have been implemented! These bullets don't travel too far, but they can cover more distance than your melee attack. Also, there's now destructible blocks in the game that you can destroy by attacking! It's a great way to open up new paths to explore.

(Let's check out that other room in here too!)
And this is a big addition, but the camera has been completely revamped! Now it will stay locked to each room and follow the player in them accordingly. In the previous devlogs the camera was attached to the player object instead of following them.

In other news, here's some links to other things Dreamshift related!
- Here's the Dreamshift Official Discord server! Talk about Dreamshift here!
- Here's the blog where I plan to release updates more often than here (hopefully).

Hello again! It's Wednesday, so here's more sick deets on what's new with Dreamshift!

Unfortunately again, there isn't much due to the game jam I'm working on, but here's some music I've been making that I might put into Dreamshift (I know the images for the video thumbnails are probably... unprofessional at best, but hey):

Here's a sampling of a song that might be used for an area much further on in the game, one that's tough and difficult to get through:

And here's one that might get used for save points and the like:

As for the game's code and stuff, I've kinda hit a rough patch at the moment. I focused a bit too hard on the visuals, which makes adding new mechanics a Gordian Knot at best and a broken mess at worst. Don't worry too much since it's just small details and the like, such as the pixel filter. I wanna make sure the cake itself tastes as good as the frosting, if you know what I mean.

The game jam I'm in will end this Saturday, which means progress on Dreamshift will get up and running again. Expect more content later!!

I promised a new post every Wednesday so here I am! Again!

There isn't much to share this time around, unfortunately, but I have been working on more sprites!

(A crusher block that charges in your direction when you get close. You can only defeat it by tricking it to fall into hazards.)

(Some mirrors for a planned bossfight. It's hard to see the white on them on this page, unfortunately.)

(HUD icons for various weapons in the game, ranging from peashooters to muskets to lanterns.)
As for why there hasn't been much progress on the game, I'm currently taking part of My First Game Jam Summer 2018 which is taking up a majority of my time. I wanted to make sure that this update was focused on Dreamshift and not my jam submission, so that's why it's a little dry right now. The jam ends on the 28th, and development on Dreamshift should return to its normal pace.

See ya next Wednesday!

Hello everyone! I haven't done devlogs before, so this is my first one!!

"Good heavens! I didn't see you there..." (This is Shopkeep, he sells you various goodies to help you progress!)

In Dreamshift, you're a kid that wakes up in the Land of Nightmares. To make matters worse, you find yourself trapped in the body of none other than The Monster Beneath Your Bed!

(That's you! With a peashooter. Where'd you find that?)

It seems the only way out of this mess is to get to The Land of Dreams, guided by a mysterious stranger with an uncanny resemblance of your original body. Will you make it out of this mysterious place alive?

I plan on making devlogs every Wednesday to show progress on the game. Stay tuned for more info!

(A small demonstration of what's in the game so far. It's gonna change, of course, but the sprites are pretty good so far!)

Wow, it has a lot of detail to it! The art style is good and the gameplay is fun. It would be amazing to see this developed further

It's a fun concept! The puzzles in later levels are also pretty good and are certainly difficult. Nice work!

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

I'm GuessTheNameSlick, but a lot of people just call me Slick! I've always wanted to develop a game, so I'm going to try doing that now!

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

did apply for the Winter Jam 2017, but I never even created a submission after school got hectic v_v. Hopefully this time around I'll be better in managing life and getting a finished project!

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale, and N++ stand out for me. I feel like Undertale has influenced my story telling and character development, Hyper Light Drifter has influenced my atmospheric decisions and musical style, and N++ has given me a slight sense of masochism.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I've messed around in GameMaker, Unity, and RPGmaker VX Ace, but I've never made a finished product. I haven't even made a small demo ; _ ;

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Drawing and Music! I practice art and doodle almost every day, and I use Musescore to try and write songs. I also have recently taken up knitting, which is quite relaxing.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

Make a finished product and have a completed project! The more I think about it the more I realize I can't recall a single finished project that I voluntarily did, so getting a finished (or semi-finished) result would mean a lot to me.

Ok. Thanks!

Are you planning to add an export feature for MIDI? I would love to be able to modify these results and use them for stuff :D

I love this! It's so different and fun. The artifitial locomotion and teleporting combined reminds me a little of fighting in Dishonored with the idea of attacking then blinking to make the enemy lose sight.

A few ideas

  • Put a cool down on teleporting based on distance warped. It helps keep people from teleporting super fast around the place.
  • Guards that do patrols would be super cool! Also adjust thier AI since you can kill a guard in the room yet no other guards notice you until you walk in thier sight.
  • Show a hand or the controller for the left hand. Kinda a small nitpick but it would be nice.
  • A followup for the hand would be to allow punching/melee, especially if there is a plan for knives or swords, or use the other hand for dual weilding to get the ultimate bada** experience.

I can't wait to see what you add to this game!