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Sup. So I just played your game for the first time. I can definitely see some similarities (especially the fact that yours also has some sort of skill tree, and both our skill trees are accessed by pressing tab [even though that's kind of a standard in many games]). I don't know if you're being serious or not... in case you are, you said you released yours almost 2 days before the deadline. Do you think I would wait almost the entire game jam for you to release your game, so I could try it, copy it, and make a game with even more features? I wish I was that good. haha

In case you still doubt me, you're in luck because I have most of the development of the game saved in the form of a timelapse containing the time and dates I was working on the game, even showing me writing the GDD containing key information about the game, during the first day of the game jam. Not only that but I also have hacknplan milestones, boards and tasks showing each sprint I did to complete the game. Everything dated. 

In case you're not kidding and you're actually salty about it, let me know. I can definitely share proof with you! Chill out dude. It's a game jam with a really limiting theme. Of course some games are going to be remarkably similar.

Interesting, but this would fit within the sci-fi or space theme - how does this fit in the "mini planets" theme? Are the planets mini?

That is awesome, it's always a learning experience. If this is your first game jam then you're off to a great start! Just followed you here, can't wait to see your next projects.

A huge tip: don't name the main parent folder of the game you upload as the name of the jam. I'm downloading lots of games from here and my folder is getting full of "BTP" subfolders and it makes it harder to find which game is yours.

  • The lack of sound effects make resource collecting way less exciting. It feels like i'm just lightly scratching the planet
  • It's not very intuitive. I know I have some resources like wood metal and stone, but how do I get residents? After some time trying to figure it out, I just quit the game.
  • It's clear that lots of effort was put into making sure that the game looks nice, and I appreciate it, the visuals are indeed very polished for a gamejam.
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The main character's animation is actually pretty good! I love the mix of pixel art and sprite animation. Kudos to the artist if a member of your team actually did this for the gamejam.

But there's something I just don't understand, the art styles don't match. The hero is visually different from the boss and from the background.

Also, how does this fit the theme?

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The game is very unintuitive and the way that the camera/background rotates makes me really dizzy, so I couldn't play for more than 2 minutes.
Such a shame, cause it looks like it has potential to be a good game

Game crashes as soon as I launch it

When you press the "O" key 10 times, it doesn't update the UI but you still have the points, so you just have to click on an ability to unlock it and then update the points you have.

And about the solution for the collision bug - yes, that seems like it would work! Pretty smart!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting, I really appreciate it.

It has bugs like most game jam games do (mine included), but it's really solid, complete game. It even has a cutscene which was a nice touch.

The art is nice - but I don't really like the pixel density difference between different elements - for instance, the background sometimes is way less dense than the spaceship or the planets. And some planets seem to be rotated 45 degrees, and I personally think that doesn't look too good in pixel art (save for a few examples like in terraria)

The animations are good!

It really seems like the team went for a simple idea that could be finished and polished, which is always a great decision in gamejams. Good job, this is a good entry.

My feedback after I played the game:

  • It's nice to see an isometric game. Overall the concept is kinda cool.
  • Why does the character move in such a weird way? What were the design processes behind choosing to move in a random, infrequent way instead of just moving linearly and smoothly?
  • The planets on the level selection menu look all the same, and they look dangerously similar to the moon in majora's mask. We all know how nintendo is trigger happy when it comes to lawsuits :p
  • The art for the character is needlessly degrading/sexual, that might cause problems if the game gets more attention. Disregarding that, the artstyle is pretty interesting.
  • The sound effect for the attack is extremely loud and the last bit almost pierces my eardrums, especially considering the frequency and how loud it is compared to the background music.
  • Not only the font in the game's title on this page is jokerman, but it doesn't match the font for the game's title ingame.
  • Having to click an option and wait for it to fill up to select it is extremely frustrating when you're on PC. This is somewhat acceptable in consoles but there is 0 reason to have this in a PC game.

With all that said, it seems like lots of effort was put into the game. The game should be a bit more intuitive though, no one wants to read instructions to know what to do.

Movement is kind of wonky. It's not very clear where I can move, as there are lots of invisible walls.

The art is nice. Props to whoever did the lowpoly hard edge models.

The background music is super short and gets old fast. But it seems custom-made, and that's always impressive in a gamejam.

I don't see how this fits the theme though.

I played to completion. When I finished the game there was a bland blue screen and not even an option to quit to desktop.

The art could use some reworking, the level design as well - second level is too easy and the last level tricks the player because it feels like the enemies are going to appear from the bottom lane but they never do.

Thousand dollar turret is way overpowered. All you need is one and the game instantly becomes boring. After I placed one I found myself just browsing my phone because there was nothing else to do in the game.

I think saying the dogs are mini planets to fit the theme is a bit of a stretch, but I can see the thought behind it.

Game managed to keep me playing for a few minutes, that's rare for a game jam game.

The art needs reworking. Everything is the same style, the same values of HSL, I don't know how to differentiate the background from the foreground from the UI from the player from enemies...

And I'm clueless on what to do. I kind of can control the little circle thing and I collide with... asteroids? I can open the inventory and there's a bunch of stuff there but I don't know what to do.

Cool little game!

The art could use a bit of polish though.

Also, the music box song at the beginning changes pitch as you move faster or slower, i don't know if that's intentional but it gives the game a super creepy vibe. This is probably due to the Doppler effects being activated on the audio source.

Also I think the respawn should take less time. On challenging spiky areas it's kind of frustrating to have to try again multiple times and having to wait for the respawn animation.

Cool little game concept.

Got a score of 99.

  • The graphics are very nice, but the tutorial looks extremely pixelated and the font is not very readable.
  • In games like this where you have to attempt something multiple times, it's frustrating to have menus with unskippable transitions. The game would be much more enjoyable if I could try again instantly as soon as I fail (the most popular example of this I can think of is super meat boy).
  • Being able to speed up is a nice feature, but I wish the planets sped up faster. When I press the key to speed up it seems like it takes a while for things to start moving faster.

Overall it's a well rounded game. Congrats :)

This is the second or third game on this jam that uses that sprite for earth. lmao

That's common with gamejams with very limiting themes like this. There isn't much you can expand on a theme like "mini planets". Not only that but some time ago Ludum Dare had a jam with the theme "small world" which makes things worse for people who frequently do gamejams

Yo this is not a race

The concept is pretty cool, but after the dude messages me, I don't know how to proceed...


Thanks! I'll be honest with you, I only noticed the secondary themes after I was wayyy into the design/graphics for this one, and I realized that shoving random snowmen/dreams/whatever halfway through would just hurt the project or make it look weird.

Couldn't restart the game after I died.

Neat little idea.