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I made an issue for this a while back. It's been added but not released just yet last I knew. Just added a comment asking about the status.

If you want to try a simple puzzle game, I have a color-matching game called RGB.

If you want a super short choose your own adventure, you have 300 Words to Save Your Ship.

If you want to look at an interesting prototype for nerds from a Ludum Dare, I got a shuttle you control with binary codes.

Good luck with your channel, and if you're looking to join a group, I have my own channel and stuff. ;)

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I'm using the PICO-8 to make a demake of No Man's Sky. I've posted a couple videos of my progress so far, several tweets with pictures about it (here's a bunch of them embedded on an otherwise empty page), and the source is actually available on GitHub (though it is currently unlicensed, so ask me if you want to use part of it).

I'm not great at art, even with just a few pixels. And I'm not good at music or experienced with PICO-8's music system. I'm looking for someone who can help me capture the feel of No Man's Sky in music and art within the limits of the PICO-8. I'd like to have several samples of music I can dynamically combine in various ways procedurally, and a few biomes I can use with art, and ships, characters, space stations, items, plants, animals. I'm not 100% sure what I need or want, but you can get an idea from my most recent video showing it:

Ah, thank you. And thanks for the reply on the other question as well. ^^

At the top of the page, it says "You are able to claim a purchase 7 days after it has been completed."

What does this mean? If someone bugs something and I don't notice for 7 days I lose it?

Or is this talking about when I make a purchase? In which case, why is it on the Payouts page?

When I go to payouts, I only have a PayPal option, however, from this issue, I am under the impression I am supposed to be able to get payouts through Stripe. How do I set this up?

As can be seen by my lack of entry, I didn't get the time to make something for this jam.

Anyone else up for the idea of having a repeat next year or something?

Created a new topic Game jam rule violation

One of the games currently submitted for this jam is violating your rule about not having paid games in this jam.


Any other ideas from anyone or progress updates? o.o

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Looking AWESOME can't wait to see what you do!

I'm thinking of attempting something like a more modern approach to Begin.

I'll make sure I don't loop back to the title (I was about to ask why, but I think I understand how that might be abused).

And I was thinking pre-generated randomness (so the same repeating pieces for the two states, still not conveying extra info), or yes, complete randomness with only a single variation making the difference between the two states.


I would honestly say that I think you should be allowed to tell the player to read the manual before starting, and that's it, but in other discussions, I believe it was accepted that having something like a text box for input was okay, as long as it was not modified by the game (hence, input only).

In your case however, I can see where an interface for making a connection is definitely a good idea. That said, think about how to make an interface using only 1 bit of output. A long tone means connected, a short tone means type the IP address again, or type "host" to host. Something like that?

I got two questions:

  1. Can we please be allowed an intro screen to tell the player that the game is severely limited and to read the manual? I have a feeling I will encounter players who don't read before launching the game..
  2. Instead of a 1 bit display, since the concept is more about 1 bit of output, could I make the screen random static, or random static that flashes between two different kinds of static? This way it looks a bit more interesting while keeping with the idea behind the rules.
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If I remember correctly, Itch.io allows this by default. I do not know if it can be turned off, and the rules don't explicitly deny it (at least, I don't think they do, I'd have to double check to be sure), so I think yes.

That's exactly what I was gonna say as well..minus the Halo part. Maybe just a small (two pixels, one border, one the actual bar) horizontal bar on the bottom? It could shrink towards the middle as you lose health.

Replied to ploogle in Holy @!$%#

That you then can't use... Except in a manual or something. xD

Ah, so my second idea! xD (My first was morse code output, and you have to reply via typing.)

At first, I thought this whole idea was absurd...it still is, but it is do-able, which is insane.


Since the main thing is just 1 bit of output, can I let my game run in whatever resolution it wants, as long as I only draw 1 color or another (maintaining 1 bit of output only)? The reason I'm thinking to ask this is because I'm going to use LÖVE and I'd like to just leave things at defaults and possibly try porting it to Android.

So...should we keep going?

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You are terrible, yet here I am, 32 days late, adding to the problem.

Edit: I would like to note that there is a LOT of wasted space below this reply. :/

Are you suggesting that it could be a free download or that individual USB drives with the OS pre-installed would be sold?

Why not both? I've seen several Linux distros do this. It's a good way for them to make some money to fund development, but it doesn't stop you from downloading it and putting it on your own media.

I love the idea, but I think it's a bit ambitious right now. Work should probably be focused on developing the app and site more first in my opinion.

Loved this game very much, thank you for sending it in for me to take a look at!

Sorry for the confusion, I wasn't recommending you put availability information in the tagline, I was asking about it because I want to try it.

The moment I saw "auto-runner" my brain shut down.

I think you might want to try to find a way to say how it is different from the standard auto-runner. I saw you have something about buying abilities if I remember correctly, maybe incorporate that into your pitch, because auto-runner screams boring (at least to me), but buying abilities sounds interesting.

The word "unique" doesn't add anything to this. Everything is unique. Why is it unique?

From the perspective of wanting to know in one line what the game is, I would add minimalist graphics and isometric.

As a YouTuber, if this was in my inbox, "isometric" probably would've made me less interested to be honest. That said, when I actually clicked the link to check it out, it does seem interesting..interesting enough I'd like to give it a shot and maybe make a video of it. I don't see anything about price or downloads? You should at least mention that there isn't a way to get it yet if there isn't.

Email notifications are a bit confusing.

  1. Replies have the first link being the reply itself, and the second link being the thread it was in.
  2. Posts on a thread you started have the first link being the thread itself, and the second link being the new post.
It's just confusing enough to make me have to stop and re-read it to figure out which link I want to click.

Windows 10 64bit

Could having a PS4 controller plugged in cause it to want to use that by default and ignore the mouse? I've seen that happen sometimes *cough* fuck you Fallout 4 *cough*

I tried it, but couldn't get the crosshair to follow my mouse or respond to left-clicking. :/ Right clicking worked though. Oo

In that case, I shall attempt it. Thanks for the reply!

You can't trace it back to any experiences that made you want to make them? Maybe modifying existing ones? (I used to love making up alternate rules or new games out of board games for example.)

Inspired by leafo trying to get people using this..what inspires you to post here develop games? Or if you're here as a player..I guess what makes you come to Itch.io for games? :P

Myself? It started with me being angry at Pokemon games for not giving you any choice in the story (say no to anyone involved in the plot, and it puts you in an infinite loop of them asking again, until you give up and agree, I lost hours to this after rage-quiting when someone asked me to do something I didn't want to).

As time has gone on, I found a love for simulation (based off of a lot of playing of Kerbal Space Program) and .. that's about it. xD

Hey I recognize this. :P

Question: Assuming I have nothing except git available, is this as easy to get running on Windows as it is in Linux?

Sure, why not? If nothing else, it will remind me to work on something and get it worth releasing. o.o