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I hope you realize just how terrible an idea that is..

I'm working on the next update (yes, I know, it has been literally forever), and I'm considering adding a feature that will require me to drop support for older versions of the Love engine. This is no big deal for Windows or MacOS because I release executable builds for those. The Linux version currently requires you to have Love installed on your system, so I don't want to do this if there are any Linux users out there who won't be able to get it.

Good day.

Thank you for explaining. Any way I could get a version with the old map that doesn't launch SteamVR? Or are there plans to include a map including ground targets? I really really miss them. :(

I don't know if I'm experiencing a bug or if the current version (v0.2.10c) is supposed to only have the Su-27 and one mission that's purely air-to-air combat. What happened to the previous sortie that had a mix of ground and air targets and four planes to choose from?

Speaking which of, I have an older version around (v0.2.1109b) that no longer recognizes my controller and launches SteamVR for some reason. Can you tell me what that's about?

Idea: Grey out rest of UI while game is running.

It seems that you can edit sprites/tiles/whatever while the game is running. I feel this is more a feature than bug, so it would be nice to continue to be able to do that even with interface entirely (or mostly) greyed out.

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First off, wasn't there a forum on the jam itself? It seems to have disappeared. :(

Second, a technical question... can I submit a game made in a Bitsy-clone? :P I decided I wanted to add a few features to Bitsy but gave up on navigating the code (probably too quickly) and have been making my own very heavily inspired engine / tool.

Replied to FromSpace in Feedback

While I think this level of trolling should be done somewhere, I feel like this is probably not the best place for it right now.

Are you familiar with HTML/CSS at all? I haven't looked into it, but I imagine you should be able to fix it by editing the exported file.

I'm working on a concept in which I would like the avatar to be different in some rooms. I might find a workaround, but it would still be nice (think: what if I want the character to be able to pick up a hat for example, and it changes their avatar.. this isn't my current use case, but a random one I just thought of).

I left the game running while working on some dialog, and noticed my character randomly moving around, and realized when I typed WASD, it was controlling the game. Additionally, arrow keys don't even go to the editor, just to the game.

(Related: I often find myself playing briefly, then going back to work on the design, which leads to me forgetting the game is running. It would be nice to have an option to have the game automatically stop playing if you click on any editor tools.)

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"Steam games" is very vague and not very encouraging. There are many crappy $1 Steam games..

This is a debug drawn layout. Three primary "clickers" will be on the left, with a tabbed interface on the right showing all the different kinds of actions and items you have available, and a small area on the bottom which will state your current cash, research, and danger.

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Why is there only a single sperm? Why does it appear to be traversing a very tiny colon? Why do I fail to correctly grasp what that should look like (I'm mostly joking, because I don't know what it should look like well enough to honestly critique that).

I learned to pee piss-poor, then I was an adult and felt like sperm! 10/10 IGN

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That refactor mentioned in the last post has turned into a full-blown rewrite, and this post will be replaced with a new hitchhiker's beginner's guide to the universe to SCP Clicker when that is ready.

Created a new topic When is the next update?

Just making a quick post to tell y'all I am working on a complete rewrite of the game to include new features and make it easier to maintain and add new features. It's going to be a while before the next release, but it should be worth the wait.

Thanks for playing. ^^

Sorry for the delay in reply, I missed the notification for this one.

I am currently working on a large rewrite of SCP Clicker to improve the core of it and mechanics. In regards to your first suggestion, the only thing I do to reduce randomness is that more difficult SCPs appear over time, so that you won't have your first found SCP immediately destroy the world. (Currently, this isn't really done, but none of the entries are particularly dangerous except for one (which I think has a condition required that makes it more likely you will be able to handle it).)

Additionally, the only end-game state is losing. There is no beating the SCPs, there is only perseverance. I might add a win condition based on containing all containable SCPs for a certain period of time, or destroying all destroyable SCPs and containing others, or some variant on that idea, with enough research and all safety protocols in place (without having a negative cash flow).

As for the SCP list you provided, I may use it, I may not, but my ultimate goal is to have all SCPs in the game. In the meantime, I plan on implementing a mod API at some point so people can add their own SCPs, events, research, etc. And probably the capability to modify core parts of the game as well (like replacing or removing existing features), but that won't be in the initial modding support.

Thank you for the suggestions, especially as you made me consider a win condition, something I never thought about before. (I just assumed it would always be a never-ending game, with losing as the only true ending. You 'win' by quitting before losing. xD)

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Just wanted to follow up with you again to say that I'm working on a total rewrite of SCP Clicker and it will be a while before the next release, but it should be much improved as well when it's ready.

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Not sure what you mean with Black Shuck, I'll check it if I get the chance. As for tooltips, they vary in contents deliberately, though that is something I will be changing.

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Okay, I wasn't able to verify it is working last night, but it is now. Thank you for reporting the error and sorry about the inconvenience.

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I made a mistake with my build system and didn't realize it. I am working to correct the problem now, and assuming I don't lose internet connection, it should be fixed within half an hour.

Most likely you didn't have enough power to stop some event, or if you left it alone for a long time, enough agents died and were replaced that their power dropped (every time an agent dies, you lose a little bit more ability to fight than that agent was worth). Can you send me your save file? They are automatically backed up when you lose, and there's a button in the pause menu to open where saved files are located.

Devlogs really is not the appropriate place to post this, additionally, you'd be more likely to get a response if you actually posted ANY details about the project.

I noticed just now while editing a devlog that there are tags in increments of 10% for every value except 40%. o.o

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I'm calling this one the content update because I focused primarily on adding more content, although quite a few new features got added as well.

  • Added 10 new SCPs: SCP-1507, SCP-1599, SCP-2395, SCP-035, SCP-185, SCP-186, SCP-058, SCP-131, SCP-2399*
  • Rebalanced the early game, a few SCPs, events, and resources. It is easier to start off now.
  • Dynamic pricing/effect for several resources (this will be modified again in 0.11.0)
  • Sound! Click-noises, a ding for completed expeditions, and a warning noise for danger increasing or cash falling.
  • Custom icon for the game. :D
  • Class D personnel require 1 agent for every 10 of them. There's also a toggle for automatically recruiting the maximum number of them, and a policy that offers great danger reduction but fluctuates your Class D count and danger reduction.
  • Containment sites are required to store SCPs now (1 site for every 5 SCPs). Along with this, you get a warning if you send an expedition without the space to contain more SCPs.
  • Events can be triggered by SCP research, there is a very dangerous automatic research option, some SCPs can breach containment, and events can change containment requirements for SCPs.

And in addition to that, here are the bug fixes and minor additions:

  • SCP-049's description fixed.
  • Researching SCP-??? is more expensive.
  • Fixed bug with version checking ignoring settings.
  • Multiple occurance SCPs fixed (they did nothing!).
  • You can use the spacebar to trigger a click where the mouse is located.
  • Short delay added to Game Over screens so it's more difficult to accidentally spam-click past them.
  • Saves are backed up when you reset the game or lose.
  • Autosaving is optional.
  • Patreon link in pause menu (insert begging for money here).
  • Also there are gold mines and SCPs aren't guaranteed to be found at the end of every expedition. In fact, it becomes more and more difficult to find them over time.

*Yes, I know the list only has 9 SCPs in it. I don't know which one I forgot, but I checked and compared previous versions to this version to verify there are 25 SCPs when there were only 15 before.

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To make it clear for people finding this guide after several updates from when it was posted, I will not be updating it unless something changes fundamentally, as I want most things to be figured out by play, rather than laid out explicitly.

Speaking which of, I am working on finishing up some content updates for the big 0.10.0 release, and then I will be working on a refactor to make future development easier and make room for better ideas in the future.

Sorry it took me so long to notice your question. I'm guessing you mean the danger rate? There are various things that can affect it, and not all of them are explicit on purpose. It is meant to be discovered. That said, I understand it is confusing, and can lead to sudden game-over. I'm thinking about modifying the way it works to avoid that problem.

Did no one rate this? :(

Easily the best game I've played so far from this jam! :D

Really fun. ^^

Seemed to have a bug with 1.6 thousand or so being equal to 1 thousand, but otherwise, very enjoyable.

It wasn't immediately clear to me that I had to click to build objects, or click-to-drag to place them. Otherwise, great game, had me addicted for an hour when I should have been studying for a physics exam.. Oh shit.

You are violating the game jam's rules by making this game paid only.

(Was in here much earlier originally, but I accidentally removed it and had to re-submit. Sorry!)

(This was actually in here before but I accidentally removed it and now it's a "new" entry. Apologies.)

I encountered some NullReference Exceptions after dying and clicking the button to go back to the menu. Also it froze momentarily once or twice. :/ Otherwise, pretty fun little arcade game. You definitely did a pretty good job with the art, the only thing I would complain about there is maybe adding some more animation to the character you're flying. Also, it might be interesting to make some of the meteors fly at angles instead of all of them going straight down.

(And it sounds like a remix of an Ace Combat track, but I can't remember which one, could you tell me where you got it from?)

I like the idea of creating the game for a player, and the little bit of guessing to figure out how to help them to victory...or screw them over.