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They are all listed in the credit section that comes in the game folder, but also in the individual games description.

sorry for the very late reply, IIRC it's on the right map, on the bottom right.

I think it's on the left of the screen. Sorry I've been a bit inactive(and might have to for a few more months)

Start over, but you could skip to a chapter on game III, if I remember correctly, the last bookshelves on the library trigger this

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Thanks a lot for uploading. There are options to tune down the graphics on the menu, so even lower end PCs should be compatible by setting everything on low. 

This version you downloaded is old(from Gamejolt is not yet updated), so it might have performance issues and glitches like in combat. 

Nice, I like the priorities (Starting with boobs)

I think this feature would be very useful

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Hello, I'm glad you are interested in the jam, however this will only be my second game project in Unreal Engine, so I am not experienced in remote collaboration too. 

Ideally I'd recommend posting on r/gamedev on reddit to look for a experience like this.

But if the students are still interested, and if they are willing to make the assets under the Creative Commons Attribution so there are no licensing problems, I could ask for some 2D sprites or music, but in the spirit of the jam they can only start on April 1 :D

I wish good luck to the dev class

Thanks :D

This was a debugging text I forgot to remove, the game is still completed.

The newer game 3 contained in Goddess Complex Supreme Edition has already fixed this and other errors.

No, to get the good ending of GCII you need to collect the hidden events inside GCII. I have already answered this to one person in this youtube video, if you want the spoiler is there in the comments.

The games are self contained, so the library is only a "hub", and each game has no influence on the others.

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Thanks, if you want to help, rating the games(especially the I-III supposing you played them) will help a lot :D

To rate it, click on rate game on the top right corner and give 5 stars.

There are three games, you should play them in order, i.e GCI, GCII, GCIII.

The hidden events are all in the library at the beginning, talk to the Universe Consortium Leader.

Thank you very much for giving 5-star rating!It really helps more people find the game. And thanks for the lengthy review, I really appreciate it.

About the art and music of the RMMV games, I'll try to use custom assets in the next games.

I'm glad you have given max score for enjoyment, as I think this is what matters the most. Still, I'll try to improve all aspects for the next games.

Gameplay videos are 100% allowed and appreciated.

Then I think a 64 bit is probably required.

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Not sure, it might work with 32, since nobody complained about it yet. I don't have a 32 bit system to test it in. If it doesn't please tell me so I'll try to add compatibility.

It's not turn-based, it is 100% real time, it has (maybe too much)ecchi scenes and has harem, but no explicit sex.  

Despite being 3D, the eventing is very similar to the previous games, and the story picks up from the end of GCIII, I think it's definitely worth playing.

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I mistakenly deleted the replies when deleting the top post, but here is the video that solves the issue for anyone who needs it, I did it inside the project and fast so the quality is very low and there are a lot of bugs:

I give a greenlight for anyone who wants to do gameplay videos, but there isn't a walkthrough that I know of, unfortunately.  

There are two buttons, one to the right side of the map and one to the top side of it, it may be a little hard to find but the button is definitely there, if you still can't find it tell me so I will take a screenshot.

About the point of improvements:

4) Thanks for the long review, also I have to admit to have cheated in the flappy minigame 99% of the times while playtesting, except once or twice, so since the game was a bit difficult, I left the option to not destroy the player when pressing W as a hidden way to advance to the next level.  

But the flappy minigame is not as hard as it seems, to pass it requires <75% of evasion rate(and HP raises in each death), since there are events that raise the maximum HP from time to time, so for example, the player has at least 180HP after score 200.

2) As for the level 11(where there are the platforms), there is a way to regain HP and MP using the technique of blocking and follow the enemy movements. Also there is a hidden glass platform where you can recharge your HP and MP while out of the enemy's sights to the right of the fifth or fourth platform. Completing the game using the keyboard is harder in my experience, luckily there is a way to go directly to the last platform you found. But yes, using the keyboard, I had a success rate of <20% at reaching the final enemies. I might try a system where the enemies have lower HP after a certain number of combat-deaths in GCV(But leave the option to turn it back on in the menu).

As for chapter 8, I don't think there is a way to cheat since there is a check at the end of the stage to see if all enemies were defeated, except the "ask Pandora to defeat all enemies", and the only way to reach Pandora is by using "K", so finding that "K" is required to jump platforms was a puzzle.

3) This is a problem I think adding an optional mini-map  to the game would solve and maintain the immersion, where it would tell the characters facing position and the obstacles, might try it in GCV.

1) I'll see what is possible to do about the controls, if I put space as the jump button, still have to know how to make the player dash in an intuitive key. Also "K" was for Kronos(Chronos) Alter and "H" for Heal, might try Z and X the numbers as spell keys.

So I'm very happy you who aren't used to gts 3D games enjoyed the game, it was very difficult to make not only because it was my first 3D project but since the way the game was designed was very risky(for development speed), which resulted in a lot of bugs and performance issues(luckily they were mostly circumvented, not fixed in the Open Beta ), so the game just barely made it. There was a 50%+ chance that this game would never be completed because of bugs/crashes and I was very lucky. But yes, I was pulling all nighters :D. The plan was to make only 5 levels initially.

Thanks for the review and I'm sure it will help in the development of the next game.

Example of a useful review, no need to follow it but I'll just leave it here what I think about the game.

"Improvement suggestions:

I- Interactions should not trigger instantly in some cases, maybe try a system like skyrim where you press a button after seeing an NPC.

II- Models should move more to give life to the game, like in GCII and GCIII.

III- Please don't break the fourth wall, it breaks immersion.

IV- Why is it not an adult game? Just because of the voice acting? I don't care about voice acting, just give me H scenes.

Other than that you should keep doing what you are doing, but improving it."

Submit your review with what you liked, didn't like or think could improve. Thanks.

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There is a way to teleport back to chapter, go to the library and talk to the Universe Consortium Leader, then go to the place she talks about and enter the password, then you can jump to any chapter instantly.

I admit that soft-locking the save was a design mistake, maybe I'll fix it after I release the final version of GCIV.

But if I remember correctly, even if you are light alignment, and you go to the Dark Alignment center, you can change to dark by talking to the giant robot there and answering some questions.

There will be a new update that will fix a lot of things soon for this game.

can't put the game directly on itch because max upload size is 750mb

I understand that this game is a lot RPG and story oriented and hard to complete, so any problems you can tell me, and remember to press "i" to adjust graphics so there are no bugs.

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You have to enable pop-ups, but if it's a Google Drive problem, I'll upload to Mega too.

No, the update was just to fix the save problem a few users had, since nobody talked about it anymore I think it's fixed


If I remember correctly, chapter one right after you go to that place, there are multiple H scenes, but you have to make a save there. 

Chapter 4 I think has a lot too. But I'm not remembering correctly the exact spots.

It's unfinished unfortunately, but there is a similar feature that lets you skip to chapters so you can get to H scenes easier, talk to the Universe Consortium Leader at the library to start the quest.

Not sure I understand, what do you mean the download is broken? Have you tried changing your browser and/or enabling pop-ups?