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I'm starting to get really tired of lurking around and waiting for updates all the time - I think it's been almost 2 years. I'm getting to the point where I might just try and forget this page and if I stumble across a finished game further down the line then great, and if not, I wish Agashi and everyone all the best. 

I think the unanimous message from everyone is that it doesn't matter what state the game is in, how long it's been, or how long it will be - all that matters is communication. I personally don't care what the update is so long as there just is  one. I don't require an apology or an explanation or anything, and I hope Lee isn't holding back from reaching out because of a build up of negative feelings or embarrassment. Anything is better than nothing, even if it's just to let us know that nothing is happening atm - that's ok.

Halloweeen 🎃

Thank you for taking the time to explain it all :) Hope everything is going well and I wish you all the best with game making!

I love the game more than you can know , it's beyond amazing, seriously, and I'm just counting the days from now on. I was wondering how the stats all work. I noticed that by the end of the demo I'm known as a "gentle weirdo" even though I'm leaning heavily toward ambitious, independent, and aggressive - is how people see you different to your actual attitude? Can you have secret motivations? And how do the stats effect the game later on?

The last update I can find is from July 2017, has anyone seen any news since? I think I played the demo two years ago but it was amazing - I sincerely hope the project isn't dead.


Heart of the House I'd say is on par with Wayhaven - it's a fantastic story and very atmospheric, kind of a Victorian ghost hunter romance, not to mention it's 18+ ;) 

The Superlatives is another great one, where you're a bad-ass Victorian superhero who has the option of falling in love with a mysterious super villain (or any number of interesting characters).

A Midsummer Night's Dream is super cute and hilarious, with loads of bits and pieces taken from Shakespeare.

There's plenty more from both Choice of Games and Hosted Games. Also, if you haven't tried Voltage inc. games, they're pretty good and there's a whole load of them available through the love 365 app - be warned though, the protagonists are a little bit floppy and some of the stories are a bit more sexist than the others. 

I second the second reproduction 

Started reading it - thanks! 

I love Adam too but I think I'd have to go with Nate, I'm a sucker for the charming guy with a mysterious dark past haha. Also, have you played Rose of Winter? That's a super cute little otome. Not to mention Agashi's other game, This my Soul, is very moving.

How about The Wayhaven Chronicles?

Have you tried Wilder? 

Hi all, it’s been about 5 weeks since the update, has anyone seen any news since? 

I had one or two of the same bugs, as well as a couple other things I noticed:

Just a tiny thing: I'm sure you're aware, but I noticed some of the text clips outside of boxes. There are also quite a few typos and grammatical errors - am I right in thinking it's translated into English? A lot of the phrasing is a little odd in English, not to the extent that it's unreadable, just kind of confusing or distracting. I think the art is beautiful and it's a very original concept but I struggled to get into the story because of the writing - sorry! :( I think it would really benefit from a bit of a proofread by someone else because I can tell that a lot of effort and passion was put into this game and I'm excited to see where you go from here.

"The first draft of the game's script is officially DONE. Why is there not more fanfare, you ask? Because finishing it has only brought to light what a huge undertaking editing is going to be... "

So glad for an update and happy to see it's still alive! 😭 

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I know exactly what you mean: I log in everyday just to see if other people have commented, let alone to see if there’s an update. I agree that everyone just wants to see some news, ANY news, good or bad we’ll take it. 



-pation !

Hope everything's alright...

Thank you for the quick reply, and good luck! I know it'll be amazing!

I check almost everyday for an update, would love to have a rough idea of when it'll be out. Such a good game and so excited to see how it all ends. 

Has anyone seen any news since April?

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Just a tiny, tiny statement? Please?


T^T pity us

Same, I just finished the demo and totally forgot it wasn't the full game - I was devastated! Can't wait for release, it's been so much fun, thank you!