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Gui Santos

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Guys I really want to play your game but the MEGA website don't allow me.

Very accurate! Good job, man, I really liked it.

It does! Its called "warping" or "warp strike" I believe.

Great art, music, and gameplay, truly how a 7DFPS game should feel.

Cool game, man! I felt I would prefer if there wasn´t the aiming part, just throwing with left and teleporting with right, having to press right to aim felt a little clunky in the begining for me to adapt, but I liked the concept, it's something that was on my mind since FFXV, glad to see someone making it.

Sure man, hit me up there!  

That looks really nice man! I would be glad to join with you guys if you want to.!

Hi everyone, I'm looking for other people to work with for this jam. I have experience working with 3D art and you can see plenty of my games on my page. I'm looking for people with experience close to mine, specially programmers and sound designers. If you have a team and need an artist, or if you are a programmer looking for some artist to team up, talk to me. 
Let's jam!

best gaem evah 1010 goty edition