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I have writen a review of your game, in Spanish:

The voice acting was great and the difficulty was challenging.

I enjoyed to play this game.

I wonder how is the AI programmed? I think it is very interesting to see those other riders being controlled by the compute.

I enjoyed this game, bus stop blast, it is very interesting.

I have a question: how have you done the ingame minimap? Is it a top down 2d camera, ortoghraphic one?

I liked how you could destroy the houses. And I liked the colourful art. Nice expirience.

It was very interesting, great expirience.

How did you link the game buttons with social media? I mean, how do you add links to ingame buttons?

In addition, how have you done the starting scenes? With cinemachine?

How are eggs being spawned? Do the chickens spawn by themselves those?

Thank you for this game.

Thank  you for playing and for your kind comment, it was a learning project.