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No its fine.  I was just dorking around on my work laptop with it.  it seems to be fine on my dedicated gaming rig.  i guess its just something about my work box that the game doesnt like.

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Yea, i had selected the option to play at a lower resolution in the options screen.  Then i simply went to drag it like you are doing and it crashes.  It just happened again when on starting screen.   Im not sure what else i can tell you other than im doing exactly what you are doing in the clip above.

edit -  Just  checked my windows 10 machine and the dragging works just fine.  My windows 7 box appears to be the only one crashing.

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Played the game at a lower screen resolution (non fullscreen) and attempted to adjust the screen size and it crashed.

Would it be possible to have a resizable resolution rather than custom resolutions?