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Wow! These are the kind of games that I love to play. This has been an amazing experience. I really appreciate what you have done. Thank you :D

This might be the best Bitsy game I have ever played! Great job, keep up! :D

Thanks! I hope I can get some experience out of checking your code (I tried to do some plataformers in the past in PICO 8, but none of them turned great).

By the way, keep up creating! Your little game was awsome, and I'd love to see more of it in the future! (Maybe with a new IP in a better game engine?)

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Very good game indeed! Excellent mechanics and very well executed! I have the feeling I would have enjoyed the game even more if I had played the original one before, but it's still awsome!

P.D: I also have tested PICO - 8 for a while, and I was wondering if you could share the cartridge in some sort of way so I could test it in order to learn how to do some mechanics (I'm still learning!)

P.D.D: Sorry for my bad english...

Amazing job! I'd like to play a lot more of this game, even if I had to pay for it! Keep on going, this is very promising!