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What a sad story. TToTT

Now that's what I am talking about. Make small games with a story like its small piece of art.

Hey guys! The name is Davis, I am a game Developer...

I m looking for a team of 7 game Devs who can help me for free. Making AAA Christian and AAA Regular games for my gameplay portfolio. During my college free-time.

For now, I want my games to be micro size games so I have something to enjoy and play for the team and me.

Unrealistically speaking I want my games to keep remastering, revamping, and updating until. The team and I end up to the matrix of the worlds we all had made for ourselves... Know anyone who wants to help?

Damn this is some cat-nip stuff going on here. I love it absolutely. 😁😺

Hey guys Davis here from Grounded 2.0. I just want to I will always be making them good Christian games on itch. I've been here on itch for 3 years. Blissfully I made my first sale. Please educate me to be good lad professional indie game dev. I now know what I want do as a game dev. and give you a intro. Cheers

Np :)

That was fun!

Your welcome. If you need help in you game I can help. You game needs work. But don't forget this project is a product of praise and worship! Use what you have. And be grateful what you have. :) Keep publishing more games! It's getting a little creepy to stay with one major IP? ;) xD Good stuff by the way.

Your game needs a app Icon, a in-game screen res options, and no screen size dialog box when opening the game app. From first sight that comes to my mind is skipping the story. That was a good thing. Because I want to know the story later before playing the game.

Awesome stuff bro! I will buy the game soon. It's close to 5 bucks. :)


Hi Sneak! My name is Davis I am a Game Dev Specialist who specializes in fast pace Christian games. I will follow you to see how you progressed through your game dev journey. Because now these days gamers are slowly converting to devs. Next, are VR makers, then Matrix makers. 😂 But true at the same time. 😭 lol, Good luck with your games! I wish you the very best!👍

Hi Bloo! My name is Davis. I am a Game Developer Specialist. I specialize in very fast pace Christian games. Nice to meet you! I will follow you on your channel. Because the most important thing that I like is being very focused on my production. Like being in the zone!😱

The only way to do this is to love your work more by spending time on your projects. Even if you hate it with terrible quality.

I see 7-year-olds making kindergarten production in their games. It's so adorable and inspiring! 🥰

We Devs are excited to see what you come up with? Good luck on your game dev journey. I wish you the very best! 👍

Here is my Work In Progress of a Religious Christian game about cassette tape mechanics. What do you think?

Week 3

I won the third!

I won again!

Grabbing wood in though in the game? :\ 

We Players need mo wood! :D

That's ok. That's why friend's and gamers have a new pair of eyes to see what kind of genre games could really be. ;) I feel the same. I too don't know what genre my games are because I want them to be a new types of genres. XD lol But I love making new genres.! It's so cool! What about you? :)

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Cool! A  3d show in tell game. :D Awesome!

This game was super addictive! 

I still playing! :D

-Davis Don at Camping Grounds

Wow it's similar to my UrbanScape game. I love it! It's a huge worlds. I fell in love with this game. And their is more buildings than my game. Awesome work! 5/5 Stars

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All Comments are welcomed. This helps me mature as a strong Christian game Dev. God Bless.

 Don't worry I am bad 2. But it's important to 2 b glad what you have. Good luck!  ;) Eventually everyone will b good at something. :)

Love it! I don't care if you are bad at development or good at it! Because you r a Paper Mario fan! Me Follow. Me know what it feels like to galore PM64.  =O w O= MEOW!

This game is scary! 

:O Hungry!

Hi Claudio! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Itch Community! We Devs r glad to see you! :)

Super mega wow! O . o A Game Dev Mom! I will totally follow you! I want my future kids to play your games.  >:')

Your welcome.  :)

The music is nice when listening to 10 minutes. :D

The prototype is so polished! It's really good. :)

Interesting. Whatever fits best for you is fine with me. :)

Go to YouTube type how to add art images in in your game engine you use. :) That will do the trick. >:)

This is cute! ^_^

Hi my name is Davis Don. I am a game developer that wants to make fast pace adventure visual novels with praise and worship of Jesus. I have 4  games in my page. Please follow me as friend.

I love the colors. The game needs your own art of foods. You can do it! I believe in you.  >:)

Interesting I played you game. Like it. Still the character need clothes. Simple modeled clothes. >;)

Pretty Good

I like it!

I like your game! keep building and refining the game. Also let's stay in touch. My name is Davis I am a game dev 4 life. I have 4 years experience making small micro games for a living. Let me know if you need any help for free. I love military games. Peace!

How do I rip my old Unity games I made? Community » General » General Discussion · Created a new topic T _ T
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T _ T

I am going to follow you and your work. : D