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Really cool game! I like the mechanics, and art is fun... you weren't kidding though, it's SO HARD! I've been playing for an hour, and still can't beat it! XD

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Cool game! I liked the difficult platforming. Plus, the ending was very interesting and original. Good job on it! (:

Ain't that the truth! XD

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Fun game! I loved the suspense, and the overall atmosphere was great. I also really enjoyed the little scene for the escape ending. Great job on this! 

P.S. Nice beginning song choice. (;

What do we do with a drunken sailor...
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Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it!

I'll have to check out your game when it comes out. (:

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So glad you enjoyed it! Since this game is kinda simple, I wanted to make sure every shot was fun, and satisfying. Plus, it was super satisfying when I got to shoot all the buttons that didn't work while making it. XD

Also real quick, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to play so many of my games. It means a whole lot to me, and I greatly appreciate it. (:

221 on your first try?! Wow, nice job! I'm seriously impressed.

Hmm... I'll have to darken the planes a bit to make them standout more. Thanks for the feedback, and for playing! (:

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Thank you, and thanks for playing! Sorry about the camera pan. That will be fixed in the next update which should come out in a couple days.

I'm glad you noticed the bloom. Its really simple to add in, but makes a HUGE difference. It's definitely my favorite part of Unity's post-processing.  ^-^

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WOW! Thank you so much for the in-depth reply! This helps me a lot! 

Excited to see what I can make with this. ^-^

Also, thanks! The custom mouse and shaking effect was all done through CSS. If you want to replicate this on your own creator page,  you should start here.

If it helps, here's the code I used on my own creator page. Good luck! (:

    cursor: url(, auto; 
a{    cursor: url(, auto; 
.game_cell:hover{    animation: spin 0.1s ease-in-out alternate infinite; 
@keyframes spin{    
        transform: translate(0, 0px);       
        transform: rotate(-1.4deg);    }    
            transform: translate(0, 5px);       
            transform: rotate(1.4deg);} 
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Really impressive! I find with most horror games, I only ever do one playthrough. Maybe two. But with this, I was playing for over an hour and having a blast! It was also funny seeing how terrifying those yellow monsters can be, even though they look very simple upfront.

Excellent job! I will definitely be coming back to try and beat the game.

Also, quick question. It says this game was made with Unity, which is the same engine I use for my games. How did you achieve the "pixelation" effect when looking at far-away objects? I see many horror games doing this, but I don't know what it's called or how to do it. It looks really cool though!

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WOW! This game has improved greatly since the last time I played. I honestly really enjoyed myself playing the first level. And the sound effects to everything added a HUGE amount of polish to it. Plus, I love the life that has been brought to each level! Congrats man, you're doing an awesome job!!

I'm definitely looking forward to trying more levels! (:

I really enjoyed this interpretation of the theme. It's very original and added a cool twist to the game.

I did gett a little confused between the Fire enemy and the Earth enemy and what elements killed them, but overall, really cool game. Great job! (:

Very innovative idea! I really enjoyed the overall originality of it, and it was very fun watching my army of pullers slowly grow. Great job! (:

I love the suspension in this game! I felt very on edge through the whole experience. Excellent job! (:

Thank you very much! Atmosphere is something I love adding to games, so I'm really happy you noticed!

Thanks for playing! (:

Really cool game! I especially love the graphics and all the small details in the background.  It does get a little repetitive after a while, but not a big deal. Great job on this game. I really enjoyed it. (:

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the look I was going for. ^-^

Oh, that's a new one. Well thanks for letting me know, I'll fix that in the post-jam update.

Thank you, and thanks for playing! So glad you liked it! (:

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. (:

YAY!! Excited to listen. (:

Excellent game with crazy high polish! Only thing I would say is that the tutorial level should be a little shorter. Otherwise excellent job on this game. (:


Really awesome game! It's so simple, yet so fun. Great job! (:

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WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Means a whole lot to me. ^-^

Really cool game! Very innovative, and I especially like the music. Great job! (:

Thank you, and thanks for the feedback! I'm planning on doing a small bug fix update after the jam. I'll make sure goal cutscene is skippable. (:

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I love using post-processing since it can really do some amazing things on simple objects. (:

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really happy you enjoyed it. ^-^

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Cool game! I really enjoyed the simple combat, and searching for my fellow knights was very fun! I also really liked the idle animations on the characters, those little details make a huge difference. Great job! (:

Oh hey! Your the guy who made rewind madness from the last jam! I'll definitely check your game out, your last one was really good. 

Thank you, and thanks for playing! ^-^

Thank you and thanks for the feedback! 

Hmm... I've never encountered that glitch in the tutorial before. I'll  get to work on fixing that right away! Thanks for letting me know! (:

Welp, I know who should win now...

Really cool game! I loved the art style, and the overall gameplay felt very refined. I would like there to be checkpoints, but since its a game jam, not a big deal. Overall very cool game. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. (:

Thank you! I had time fun making the story, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm... I somehow didn't think of allowing the player to scroll in and out manually, so thanks for the feedback. I'll add your game to my "To-play" list. I'll probably be checking it out within a couple hours. (:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^-^

Thank you! Since this game is primarily reaction time based, I wanted to make sure the controls felt very snappy. I'm glad that came through in your impression.

Thanks for playing! (:

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WOW!! Thank you so much, that's awesome! (:

I loved it. ^-^

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^-^

Thank you! (:

I really liked it! I LOVED the idea of using your past fails to make you stronger in the next round. The art was pretty cool, and controls felt nice. Very well done. I did notice that the controls were a little slow when it came to jumping, but I read in another comment that you responded to that it was a glitch, so no big deal. Great job! (: