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The ending is really something........... Eggstremely thought-provoking. I'm gonna be eggspecting some dreams tonight about this one.

Hit "v" and it should turn on self-voicing! Note that there's no actual options menu for this game, as far as I can tell.

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Hit "v" and it should turn on self-voicing!


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Hit "v" and it should turn on self-voicing!

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Hit "v" and it should turn on self-voicing!

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Hit "v" and it should turn on self-voicing!

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Hit "v" and it should turn on self-voicing!

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A CONTROVERSIAL CHANGE IN THE GREATER CHOJU YOKAI GIGA COMMUNITY............................... BUT WE SHALL SEE HOW THE META PANS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! (in all seriousness there were so many times in my Stage 2 grind where I was like "NOOOO WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE A TINY BIT OF HEALTH LEFT" so this is an excellent decision, I think)

THIS IS REALLY A WONDERFUL GAME!!!!!!!!! It's always really valuable to explore the struggles and celebrations of transition, I think, and so....... Really, people coming together with each person's individual struggles and finding comfort in each other even when society as a whole is, the way it can be, is truly beautiful.... This is a really excellent story!!!! I frankly don't have much experience with transition myself (only just started a few months ago pff) but....... I dunno........... This is just a story that really kindles a nice, wonderfully assuring flame!!!!!! 

Thank you for making it!!!!!!!! It's really splendid!!!!!!!!!

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THIS GAME WAS SO CUTE AND FUN......................... Lottie has such a fricking incredibly explosive personality, and, frankly, as somebody who's as anti-social as could be, a lot of her writing is so fricking good and resonant............. I LOVE HER AND I HOPE SHE CAN FIND HER TRUEST LOVE IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!! Obviously the greatest ending of them all is the warm-outfit ending, just 'cause....... wow........... the writing there is so freaking dorky, it's incredible. Also????? The "interview" is so freaking cute, holy moly. I love that structure so much.

Thank you for making this gAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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THIS GAME IS SO SWEET AAAAAAAAAAAAA. I really love all of the writing in it, from front to back. Every character's own little flower adventure is supremely great, and it's wonderful that each of them have such varied intents, between just wanting to make somebody they care about happy to being the gayest of the gays. EXTREMELY love the art style, for sure, though!!! It fits perfectly into the whole game's vibes; it's really splendid......... And the true ending was genuinely so sweet I was just like.......... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love it so much. It's a perfect ending note. AND THE ART BOOK IS SO GOOD......... All of the characters really do have such a distinct and lovely personality, and having a lot of that extrapolated in the art book is really fun!!! Personal favorite is Little Mouse for myself, but........... Mister Hare is extremely fun, pff. And all of the characters are fun!!!!! I love 'em all!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making this!!! It's splendid AS HECK!!!!!! 

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THIS GAME IS SUPER SWEET!!!!!!! The dynamic between the two main characters is really excellent, with both of them having their own individual problems and helping each other have a great day in what ways they can. Genuinely teared up a little after going to the "I'm uncomfortable" route after going through everything in the other route.... And ACTUALLY super teared up with the dialogue at the end of that same route. The whole "you're saying you're x and I'm y, but it's clear we're both x" part is really beautiful.......... IT'S SO GOOD............ Thank you for making this!!!!!!

Some of the dialogue in the Forgiveness ending resonated with me a bit harder than it should have, I think, pff. But overall, this is a nice and sweet little game. TRULY A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF MAKING NEW FRIENDS IN AN UNLIKELY PLACE AND EVEN LESS LIKELY CIRCUMSTANCES......!!!!

Honestly a really enriching experience!! I had trouble with the final combination, for one reason or another, but, regardless, this is a very relaxing, oddly comforting, strangely lonely experience. Overall, very much worth playing....!! My own favorite part is the melody that plays after you've finished each day; it's genuinely really quite beautiful in all its forms.

Thank you for making this game!!

I didn't realize there was a website......!! This is super handy!!!

Watching the walkthrough and hearing "Yeah Namahage is supposed to be extremely hard", and, yeah...... I was stuck on Stage 2 for at least an hour pfffff

THIS GAME WAS SO HARD......... until..... I realized........ a certain thing you could just do with the cards, pff.

It was really funny when I realized that, so!!! If anybody ever has trouble with this game, just, uh, pay attention to the two card-draw cards that you can get in Stages 1 and 2. 

Thank you for making this fun youkai jaunt!!!!!!!

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If only we could all be that of the tanuki, wandering to their friend's house, collecting both wild plants and adventurous memories...

This game is really sweet! A nice, relaxing experience. The art style in particular is absolutely wonderful!!! It fits the vibe the game's going for perfectly!!!!!! And overall, it's just a perfect experience... Thank you for making it! As a random aside, the bit at the beginning with Tanuki thinking about game dev is excellent!!!!! Everybody should express themselves in one way or another,  just like Tanuki!!!

Super cute game, perfect for the spooky season (which is, of course, immortal!!!!! All months of the year are spooky, if you will them to be!!!)

Thank you for the tomoghosties!!!!!!!


For a short game, this is really splendid!!! The amount of detail put into the environments is like, incredible. All that really intricate pixel work.... But also, the story itself is nice and wholesome, maybe. The ending has me thinking........... things.......... and overall, it's very well-executed!!!!!!


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I super love the usage of the two alternate endings and the variations that spawn as a result of the progression of the story. Really, we're all trying our best, and so... two people accepting each other's best, especially if it isn't perfect, is always just so freaking wonderful to me.

Also god I really never see stories about COVID that're ever really tasteful or thoughtful, so it's nice to see one!! Maybe I'll run into more in the future, but this one is excellent!! Thank you for making it!!!

AUUUUGH. ALL THE WRITING IN THIS GAME IS TOO FREAKING GOOD!!! All of the characters contributing to a certain angle of understanding, redemption, acceptance, and belonging really makes it feel like a truly, fully-realized story!! I love all of these freaking characters!!!!! And the story they're in!!!!!!

And I guess I am kind of a freaking sucker for idle-ish games like this, where the gameplay is just clicking on something every so often to progress (accidentally ended up spending like 30 hours in a random other trilogy of idle games a week ago pff), and so, additionally, from my own perspective, this gameplay is perfect!!! The variance in grow speeds is spaced well enough, but special mention to the third fruit!!! It's a really excellent addition. Not that I think games where the time only ever goes up are flawed in some way, but that fruit being the way it is made me go "OH. THAT'S ACTUALLY REALLY EXCELLENT."

So!!! Perfect gameplay, perfect story, perfect characters, perfect developments...... and of course it has my favorite kind of writing in a certain other aspect, where most writers see a couple of characters of opposite genders (or even same gender in certain circumstances) and go "YEAH. DO IT LIKE THIS" (you know) and I'm just like "nononononono please why is this the default", so. Perfect for that, too!! Any story that goes that way is perfect in that aspect!!!!! Though I guess my problem with that concept is how it's executed, usually.... but, either way, in this circumstance, there's a perfect set of relationships!! And my favorite character is........................................ all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rutaboo but it's a close tie for second just a millimeter down)

In the end, self-reflection, repentance, forgiveness, acceptance, and friendship are all wonderful things, right? So. Thank you for making this game!!! And lighting a little flame in peoples' hearts to illuminate and make clear such wonderful ideals as the ones portrayed here!!!!!

Getting the last ending is harder than any video game final boss in existence but only because the tag phase kept one-shotting me. SUPER GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!


Truly a perfect game for October.

Well I guess I wish I could be normal and evil.....!!

On one hand, I wish I could just be normal.

On the other hand, I wish I could be evil. 

Been replaying this game (almost nearing a third full epilogue completion) and god it's truly a very wonderful experience. Very pleasant to open up on mobile and just spend time with plant-growing therapy, alongside super pleasant art, a very soothing soundtrack, and extremely strong dialogue/characterization...

Top-tier experience....!!! All around!!!

I believe it's the property of osmosis at work

Hopefully something like this is acceptable by The Shop of Good Memory's standards!!

Ran into a bug with the Android version!! Dialogue with Freesia makes this pop up. Dunno if it's only an issue with my own device, but thankfully hitting "ignore" works fine

THE NEW SCENES ARE SO GOOD....!! Some nice and fun expanding on the original plot....!!

Thank you for 

<< T H E   E X P A N S I O N >>!!!


Haw. THIS STORY IS REALLY EXCELLENT. Thank you so much for making this experience!!!

 It's really resonant in a lotta ways... I love the aesthetic and general vibe of everything! It's super fantastic! Super comfy! Super enjoyable!!!!! And super thoughtful, on toppa everything else...!!!! ALL THE EFFORT PUT INTO THIS PIECE OF EXCELLENCE WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!! I wanna emphasize the thoughtfulness tho......

SPOILERS but I this is a tiny little album of some of my favorite bits from it:

Wishing the best in everything for Gakuto, Marie, and everybody adjacent to them!!!

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Super fun game, thank you!!!!!

Purple Drills and Gungengs are pure evil creatures......... but they're nothing against an aimbot.........

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(This isn't actually below 5cc but don't worry about it) 1cc one day........ (final boss and stage 4 are so tricky aaaa)


This game is so freaking fun to play!!!!!!!!! The art style is extremely charming (IT ALL LOOKS SO GOOD), characters and writing's super fun (Vivian favorite design but they're all pretty close to the top), music is FANTASTIC (AAAAAAAAAA), and overall it's just a very fun experience........!! The attention to detail in the production value is so freaking good.......

AND FRANKLY EVERY ENEMY HAVING A PUN NAME IS TOO PERFECT; puns, especially bad ones, are the best jokes in existence......... I wish Omega 3 Batty Acid were real but the very simple "Ice Crispy" is my favorite otherwise. They're a perfect creation. The ultimate lifeform.

THANK YOU FOR THE GAAAAAME!!!! Now to 1cc it..... (probably never but maybe less than 5cc one day)

Finishing this game, the first and foremost thought is, god I love stories like this. Stories of friendships that sprout from helping one another through struggles and in opposition to the notion of othering. The story is really sweet, and I'm really glad to have gone through it.

Then, an inch away from foremost prominence, my mind really can't help but think "a sequel to this would simply be fantastic", though I can only imagine that there are issues involved in doing such a thing, so. As it is, this story is really wonderful. It's a perfect standalone experience!! So, whether or not a sequel is an idea that could sprout or not, this leaves a lot to the imagination for the future...

The emphasis in the soundtrack on melodic percussion (or at least, my brain focusing in on it and reacting to it) is really wonderful too, though that's probably a personal bias. What I mean is, I'm glad one of the characters is named "Chime". It's a beautiful instrument, and, as sort of a dorky extrapolation, chimes certainly add a lot to a mystical and wonderful atmosphere, so... I mean. Just in general, the soundtrack is wonderful!!

That's all to say, thank you for making this game!! It's really sweet, and I'm glad it has such a positive message and outlook. Experiences like this are simply fantastic!!!!!!