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Sorry for only just now getting back to you.

The Core file should have been updated. I'm not sure if the problem is still persisting for you after a redownload or not but it's fine on my end.

As for the solo rules, I finally got in touch with Peter (my fault, not his) and he gave me the all clear to add it to the bundle. I'm only adding it to the bundle on itch and not to the one over at drivethruRPG.

Sorry again, life is starting to mellow back out so I'll be around more.

I'm looking into the display issues now, thanks for letting me know!

As for the solo rules, I've gotta run it by Peter, but I'm sure he won't mind porting over. I really need to talk to him about actually adding it to the bundle and moving forward with it as such. You should be notified if that's added to the bundle or you should see if it's added separately (not sure if Peter is on itch, but if he is I'll probably have him add it under his account).

Thanks for the support, let me know if you have any questions!

Oh yeah I was going to port it over to Itch but when I switched from exclusive to DTRPG, to non-exclusive they hit me with a clause where I had to wait six months before I could sell elsewhere... In that time is when I developed MAGUS and the HOPE module.

The beta is for the most part similar to the final product except it was before the first major edits, missing the full Encounter types, and had some pieces missing intentionally as part of a control method for a community testing competition. Which is one of the other reasons I didn't port original to itch, the winners get a percentage per the contest and I wasn't able to get in touch with all of them. Legal action is not something I wanted to deal with unexpectedly.

But, I can try again. I can do something about it, especially if there's actually some interest. Give me some time and I'll see about getting it ported to itch. In the mean time, I can make it available on dtrpg again since those royalties are already set in place to come out automatically for the contest winners. (dtrpg isn't my ideal sell spot tbh, the royalty cut is not that great)

As for making content and talking about it, I'm not going to stop you. I was going to make the character portion of the game free, CC-BY 4.0 for this very reason (This is when I saw how many edits I missed... So, so many).

Most likely what you stumbled upon refers to the original HOPE rpg, which had a solo supplement written up by my acquaintance Peter Rudin-Burgess (guy has a solo supplement for every game out there I feel like). I've recently taken the original out of circulation but due to it needing a ton of reworks and myself being more in favor of this lighter version (roughly 60 pages, manuscript, vs. 2 pages).

Although... I might recirculate it if there's enough genuine interest.

Oh, and here's the dtrpg link for the solo rules. It usually doesn't go on sale or anything because I've pretty much left that one in Peter's hands:

should mostly still be usable... I think...

Some of the results are borderline madness, is the AI ok?

Did not see anything above and haven't looked around on the site, but what is the stance on reselling music for an OST?

I see commercial use, but I'm looking for clarity on if it is resellable in a package of just the music with no other product.

Thank you for your product and your response!

I see now it's more of a toy application and less of a generation application. Still, fun to mess around with the different melodies!

Stumbled on this and am downloading now. What are the restrictions in place for this, if any (specifically, commercial use