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I'm glad I got this game for free, because I can't imagine paying for an experience like this. 
This was quite a buggy game-every so often the text would scramble randomly into another language(?). It took me a minute to figure out how the auto button turned off because just clicking on it does absolutely nothing. This game also eschews visual novels conventions(like being able to rollback, skip, or change text speed) in favor of pointless mini-games. Honestly, Ren'py would have been a better choice, because it's made for making visual novels and  comes with those features prepackaged afaik.

As far as choices go, they only slightly change dialogue, and honestly, I don't even know why they were included. Maybe to make it more "game-like" but the lack of variation just made the experience seem more shallow to me. Not that VNs have to have choices but if they do, then perhaps make them mean something to the player and/or character. The setting seems kinda tired to be honest(supernatural detectives/enforcers aren't exactly unheard of) and the characters just aren't interesting enough to hold my attention anyway(Lance seems like a rather generic jaded loner(tsundere?) type and I couldn't get a sense of Nina's personality at all). 

I hope I don't come off as harsh, I just feel like a lot of these issues would have been easy to fix(like adding a "quit" button). I did like the unique art style and the music was nice to listen to. I'm going to play the second game to see if anything's improved because there is potential here. 

I'm sorry, the cursor interface is way too jerky and slow for me and I feel playing this would be a chore. I would be happy to try it if that was fixed.

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--------------------------------Minor Spoilers Ahead!----------------------------
I really liked this a lot. The art is colorful and appealing, and there's a nice sense of humor throughout the whole thing(despite the grim subject matter).

That said, it would be cool if getting past a certain number of hearts unlocked certain choices with certain characters. I did a test with Patches, and his final dialogue/choices were the same whether you got on his nerves repeatedly or maxxed out his hearts(the only change is the ending screen, which isn't very interesting). 
Plothole wise, it's never really explained why the dogs can't just leave the school to escape, and I think if Brownie felt there was no way out, it would have made her choice to do what she did more impactful.

Overall, this is a nice work and I wish you the best in your future projects. Definitely looking forward to the sequel ^^

First of all, love the beautiful sprite art and music. The themes of inclusiveness and the search for a personal identity were well-written I feel.  You did a good job portraying the emotions of the diverse cast you've created and it shows. The metaphor at the end, while simple, really gets the point across. This experience was short but oh so packed with meaning and flavor. Good job and good luck on all future projects~
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I had a lot of fun with this, good job! I will say it would be nice to see what ground you already covered by coloring visited places a different color(though some might say it's a "comfort feature").  Also having to specify what key you have to open a door with each time was kinda frustrating, but I don't know if that's a convention for this type of game.

Overall, it's really solid, and I'll be looking forward to Part 2!

Really effective use of audio to create tension in the reader. Creepy, and you can just tell there's more under the surface. Awesome job!