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Loved the game! Was a lot of fun, going to try and get even further in my own time. Keep up the amazing work!

Fantastic! Love space shooter games =D I did my best even though my best is questionable haha. Left a follow and keep up the amazing work!!!

Was a cute little game =) enjoyed it greatly even if I was sick while playing it xD keep up the amazing work! Left a follow =)

Will have to check it out!

Interesting will havwe to look into it

Looks interesting! =P

For sure =D

Loved the game, sometimes it is the simple things =) had a load of fun! Left a follow and keep up the amazing work!

I'll hve to look into it!

The game was hilarious and fun xD enjoyed it, though I did not succeed in getting the omelet on the bottom of the list. Had a blast nonetheless and hope you keep up the amazing work! Left a follow! (the game is a massive file to upload to youtube so may take a few hours from this post to be ready to view haha)

Parkour...Pizza....what more could you want???? Also................................Marcus............................. lol enjoyed it =D

Loved the game! I made a comment in the game that there was no time to fall from a double jump avoiding arrows and a spike being up above but later retracted that statement as I found out you can hit the down arrow to fall faster xDDD had loads of fun! Left a follow and keep up the amazing work you genius cat!!!

Had fun with it :) Love these short games! Keep up the great work and left you a follow!!!

Very short but fun. Has a lot of potential and did enjoy the experience! Keep up the work! Hope to see more!!! Left a follow

Was fun! Loved it, did not get to the end on my recording but was really cool! Keep up the amazing work and left a follow =D

Game was short and cute, sometimes just what we need from the series of endless games out there. To pause and just enjoy a cute little experience =D enjoyed it a lot! Left a follow and keep up the great work!

my bad on that :p wonderful game though! Kinda wish it was early access though it woulda been a great game to see more content into with more added it woulda been a game id have spent money on xD still though great job!

The game is absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to see more and hope this game gets more content, left a follow and keep it up!!! =D

Uploaded, again, loved it =) keep up the amazing work!

Holy MESS! I am gonna have to wait a day for my edits to come through but tomorrow sometime I will be uploading a vid of this game it got me GOOD

I almost did not get to try assassination mode but realized it takes time to load xD loving its progression, keep it up!!!!!

This game was an utter delight! I loved it =D had a blast playing it and cannot wait to see more! Left a follow and lemme know of any games in the future =)

Loved it =D been a while since I have played one of your games but good to be back! As usual, keep up the great work!!! =P

Chuhou Joutai community · Created a new topic Had Fun!

Loved the game, keep up the great work!!!! Love a good bullet hell game =P

will gladly add it to le list

Seems interesting =) added to the list!

Will gladly give it a looksee, seems interesting! Added to mah list =D

Will gladly look into it and added to mah list =)

good to be back!

But of course always glad to try your games =P will put it on the list!


ill have to try it :) will record the demo sometime

Hello, am back. Had some issues occur which ended in the deletion of my old YouTube Channel but am back with a vengeance and looking to expand! As stated, I am looking for games to play on my channel and taking any suggestions! Please lemme know and would be glad to play em =) Please help support my channel to get it back to where it was! =D

I do not post links on these things, the channel is ASWhaler Gamer! (the icon is a picture of a cactus gamer guy with a santa hat)

I also have a Discord, to follow the rules I will not post the invitation on here, but you can find it on my channel descriptions, the place is full of game devs new and experienced, as well as other youtubers and streamers, feel free to join!!!

Have a wonderful day all and may we grow together =)

Loved it, is a nice start to the game and cannot wait to see more! Will be posting another comment on here of my game footage tomorrow after my friend is done editing it =P left a follow! Keep up the amazing work!

Fantastic game! Got me a couple times good, editor had fun making fun of me xDDDD Keep up the amazing work and left a follow!!!

Gave me a spectacular fright! Enjoyed getting spooks and my editor seemed to have fun with it as well....<.< left a follow! Keep up the amazing work!!!

This game is nothing short of amazing! Loved it from beginning to end! Gave me so many nostalgic vibes, loved it as said, and keep up the AMAZING work! Left a follow =)

Got me good at the end, couple of good jump scares that i completely saw coming, but STILL got me good haha but IM A BRAVE BOY!!! Left a follow and keep up the amazing work =)

Fun game, loved it =D wish it was longer but loved it and cannot WAIT to see more on it! Please keep me informed on the discord and lemme know when more has been added. Keep it up!!!

Reuploaded, not sure why but it didnt upload the first time properly xD