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Sure I'll check it out!

oh it isn't a prob maybe I'll revisit it mobile style and try again sometime :D

Also sorry,the way yhe game is I had to rely on a secondary recording method, it did not like my main recording software D=

Lol thanks! Just a small channel, just a small hobby for now, having loads of fun with it!


¡Disfruté mucho el juego! fue un pequeño juego lindo, encontré un problema técnico que está en el video. Como el gato amarillo si mueres, puedes elegir un gato nuevamente. Si eliges el gato amarillo, tienes cero corazones. ¡Genial juego y sigue trabajando!

Played it and had a lot of fun!Always love these little obstacle dodging games =)

oohhh I like it I may do that in the future to. I'ma try it again tonight :)

Hahaha its ok =P just leave another reply when there is something would love to give it a try =D

Halp ; ; I loaded the game and this is all i get D= I wanna try it, looks interesting. I have tried maximizing and making it smaller, even dragging the boarders around and it wont lemme see more >< any ideas? x.x

Sure sure, it be

most certainly shall :) and look forward to it :D

Like the game but I ran into a few issues which happened in the recording. After attempting to save it after I had saved it during the tutorial it decided to crash on me xD i mean, it DID save but I had to get back into the game. I also couldnt seem to get the lantern working after getting the miner class, i used the oil and even tried all these steps in the cave but was never able to see. I would suggest a button to activate/deactivate the lantern and if there is one I wasnt able to find it. I also was unable to locate the crafting table to craft things. Again the game was nice and relaxing and these may well have been issues on my end? If you know the issues do inform me and would love to try it again! But to see what I ran into here id mah video and definitely leaving a follow =)

HyperBowl community · Created a new topic Fun little game

Would have loved to enjoy it more, but playing solo it is kind of limited haha. Did have fun and decided to show off each level some and its obstacles!

nah I didnt struggle for too long and handicap captured it immediately so it all went well haha

Yah I have yours in the back burner atm. Yours looks like it may take a bit more time than a 30 min recording to give a bit of a test haha. Knocking some of the shorter games out of the way first yours is coming up soon =D thanks for letting me know the sale was on =D looking forward to trying out the game!

Fun little puzzle game =D unfortunately, my usual recording software didn't like it as much so I had to rely on a secondary recording software which doesnt like my current microphone. Long story short, my sound quality suffered a little but still had great fun with it. The game would capture my mouse and when I tried to click in the usual recording software it got stuck in the center haha. Loved it though and definitely following and look forward to more!

Sure thing =D will definitely give it a try!!!


seguro que me encantaría probar el juego =) ¡lo espero!

aw that sucks sounds like it coulda been cool

hey mah wii bowling skills were um....well horrible but love those games still! Consider it done :p looking forward to it

shall do for sure :) look forward to it!

Is that all ya got? Gimme more games to play, FLOOD ME WITH GAMES!!! Lmao I loved playing your alls games. Gimme more suggestions :p keep am coming. If i get too many i will jus make a check off list :D

be sure to credit yourself somewhere on there! You more than deserve it :p will also credit ya on my social media

sure man and thanks for the subscribe! Ima go ahead and follow ya and check it out!

suresure and no rush. I much appreciate this but put t;is on your lower priorities :) thanks again!

It was a short cute little game, loved the music though i started the first minute forgetting I had muted my laptop xD

And thank you so much for this =)

When I googled it, it said this for youtube

Minimum image dimensions: 2,048 x 1,152 pixels. Minimum image safe area for text and logos: 1,546 x 423 pixels. Maximum image width: 2,560 x 423 pixels. File size limit: 6MB.

Looks interesting, will definitely give it a try =D

Absolutely love this game and am going to follow and hope to see so much more on this game! Loved every minute of it =D

Nothing too crazy, was thinking the design of the desert in your first area, with ASWhaler Gamer written in cactus, and the icon just being much like the cactus guy but with my headphones on him. I am a sucker for desert theme things xD

Ooohhh looks intriguing! Ima give it a try

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Hey, I was curious about something. If I were to pay you commission (I don't have a whole lot to do that with but want to support ya!) would you be capable of making me a youtube icon and banner art? Love the simple design, and with this method not only couldI pay you a little, but could use the banner and icon art to advertise the game =D

Would have loved to make a video on it, and plan on it when it is a bit more polished. My main issues were the rooms, I had a few issues with navigation here and there. The vampire guy also appeared a couple times and did the scene in the bedroom on more than one occasion, and at the end the words in the room with the last guy, most of it I couldn't read due to the black wording and room lighting. It does look promising though and am going to follow for sure! But going to wait to make a vid till it is more polished, would hate to make a video and deter people from a game you want published before it is ready =p i look forward to it though and as said, following ya =D

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Loved the game, had quite a bit of fun with it =P would have loved to make a vid on it, but due to the nature of how lengthy the game screen was I couldnt get a good video on it recorded D= always love those simple tower defense games though =) definitely following =D

I'm going to wait on the newer one, loved the game but had a few glitches happen during gameplay. The enemies would sometimes entirely disappear and the boss wouldnt even show up on occasions . Do plan on a video but going to follow and wait on it to be polished a tad more =p had fun with it though for sure!

hey, would still love to give it a go consider it done!

hey sounds like a plan do what makes ya happy :p will follow just in case ya do and keep an eye out!

I'm sure your game is fine and would be glad to give it a go :) I'm off work today so probably going to power through the games tonight

Always a pleasure. I look forward to the full release and plan on vids on it!