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Your channel seems plenty fine and sure =D I subbed ya

Enjoyed your game =D gonna be making a part 2 on it soon. Definitely following =D

Enjoyed the game thoroughly, and hoping to see more! Love games like these and definitely following =D 

Played it and had a lot of fun, my main complaint in this is that the sensitivity is too slow which makes me turn slower than I would like, and some of the bigger objects I threw slid on the ground not hurting the zombie. Besides that had loads of fun and am definitely following! Keep up the great work =)

Hope to see more on it
!!!! =D

Loved loved loved the game, I only wish there was more to do in it and more variety in vehicles. Great job though and HOPE you plan on adding more, love these racing and car games =)

For sure

Sorry I apparently did NOT turn on notifications for my phone on this site.....Yah for sure!! gonna download it now

Hello everyone, I am a new channel who will be doing let's plays. The channel name is Sequester Gaming and as the name Sequester implies, will be trying to do small games that have little to no coverage. Just started all this up maybe a week or so ago but excited to be doing what I love =D have any suggestions msg me them! ALWAYS looking forward to trying a game =) also I am currently working alone on my channel and with kids a wife and a full time job I don't have exactly time for thumbnails and all sorts of stuff so sorry about that one x.x the channel can be found here

Played and made a video on this game, short but charming! Loved the game, definitely gonna follow and keep up with ya! =D 

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Loved your game =D definitely gonna follow =) always love these first person dungeon crawling games. Keep up the great work!!! Definitely following!

Sweet! Send me a message whenever you have something done or New up or anything. Will gladly make another vid on it :) I may suck at parlour but that makes it fun hahaha

Loved this game, though......I CANNOT APPARENTLY JUMP OVER FIRE WELL hahaha! made a video of it =) hope to see m,ore from it and following ya =D hope to play more of your games!!!

Cute, simple, and fun =) 

Always love the battlefield style games! 

Hahaha not a prob! xD Loved the game! Also yah I figured I missed SOMETHING like that =P

That game....was terrifying haha, I will have to play more of it sometime xD love the game!!!!

Fun little game, very much enjoy games like these! =D