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If you ever find yourself without drones, rush home!

I understand you can discard a die to reroll the remaining dice any number of times, preventing the discarded die's drone to be destroyed. If you happen to have only one drone, you can discard it to reroll the remaining zero dice.

in another situation, you could have a really bad roll and destroy your last drone as a result of exploring. That is all on you. You should've known better to protect your drones before exploring.

Is it supposed to have a end?  Wave 67 now and yet no real challenge. It lacks variety, but is a solid game! Probably reducing the Frank and his monster images by the left would help to give a visual clue to where the power source are.

There is strategy in choosing where to add and remove paths, but that is it. Sometimes one can't even move one with a battle because hero and enemy attacks and defense sync and there is no way to get off the loop. There could be a option to repeat the current spell or move along a path. Or the player could use the wait spell to miss one more action, instead of just doing nothing.

This is my pick for the best game! The art is great and well implemented, the theme is there, and although there could be more work on the level progression, it is yet a great game!

The moving walls were a cheap shot! Pun intended. You can't see further, so no aiming for the sweet spot where and when the balls will flight to the hole. Moving with the arrows is frustrating. It is possible to hit the ball from every angle, but it is annoying to try and hit in the right angle at the right time.

I really enjoyed this game. It is a struggle to find the spaces for each building, specially not knowing what the require. I kind of missed seeing the quadriball field at the end. It just jumps to the end screen. I can't even see what the other world looks like.

Excellent game! I felt the same frustration that I feel when trying to fix real bugs on a code! Nicely done!

Nice concept. It only bothers me I have to click the play area every time I hit start. sometimes the bug is too fast.

I know the ending is disappointing, ass looping endlessly might be too, and that is half the premise of the game. But I see, as a survivor myself,  how the end might seem out of taste and triggering.

I am sure to put more effort into it to change this pieces to make it uncomfortable, yet more lightweight.

Thank you for your feedback!

Nicely done! If you don't mind it, I am going to check the source to see how you did some of the transitions.

Very inspiring!

Thank you for playing it!

That was the feeling I was striving for, like living on a loop with nothing else to do but the same thing in order to survive. There is an ending to the loop though.

Nicely done. I really felt like doing that tedious chore while a friend keeps on telling stories to help the time pass by.  I could almost taste the KFC too.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do here, but I guess that is what this game is about.

I really enjoyed the driving, but the exploration bit seemed a little random. Nice work, though. Really impressive.


Nice work!