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Thanks for your feedback! One can use WASD to move the camera, which seemed more natural and realistic than the ability to control time, but considering we’ve got quite a lot of feedback like that, we’ll consider adding something to minimize wait times when planets orbit. Thanks for playing our game!

Can we use ProcessingPy or must we choose between JS and Java?

This game is brilliant. I love every single part of the gameplay! The graphics are stunning and clear and the animations are smooth! My only objection is the background music. It gets repetitive very fast, and makes the game difficult to play.

Thanks for your feedback! I think the time it takes to learn is one of the things that makes Terra Sniper so interesting. On a much simpler scale, somewhat like learning Minecraft without assistance, and learning that the cute green towering pigs aren't as friendly as they seem. I will add your ideas to the list of recommendations! You may see some implemented after rating. Thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for your feedback! I agree, the game is indeed challenging yet fun. The tutorial may be added in a youtube video later on after rating to explain what does what. Thanks for the positive comments! And thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for your feedback! I personally am very glad that you enjoyed our game. I also do agree that a tutorial would have been helpful and that the instructions were a little rushed and unclear. 43ther did all of the level design on the last day independently, and while he did an outstanding job, he was pressed for time. I will pass your comments on to the respective team members. Thanks for playing our game.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll pass on your music concerns to void. I agree with most said, and we would have spent more time on individual level design as well as external functionality to make it more engaging give more time. I will try to prioritize those in the future. Thanks for playing our game!