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I would love a mac port so that I could play it

M1 is an Arm-64 chip powering the next generation of macs that makes them run entirely separately from existing Intel i5 macs and means that a lot of software needs minor alterations to run on M1

Tachyons uses lwjgl but doesn't bundle M1 natives, which means it won't run on a M1 macOS computer regardless of java version. Can you please add support for M1?


Whilst attempting to open the jar in the new version 8.31, it renders the "Loading" text for a second before closing the process and giving up without an error message or anything. I am unzipping the downloaded archive file and going into "Client" and attempting to launch TachyonsCE.jar directly by right clicking, is this incorrect? It doesn't appear to be a systems problem. I am running macOS on M1 with Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_311-b11)

All assistance is appreciated.


I can open it but it doesn't seem to get any input, it is not interactive; I can't start the game

Thank you, I really hope I can play this game sometime because it looks awesome!

It doesn't open ): It says it's corrupted (mac): 

That would be so absolutely epic! I really hope you get around to making that template. Thanks so much already for the github link! I'll definitely take it apart and poke it till it moves :) I'm hyped about whatever comes next! Thanks for contributing to the world of Defold!!!

Awesome 3D implentation in Defold! How did you do it? I had no idea this level of 3D was possible in Defold! How much banging and shoving did it take to get it to run this well?

i understand ):

I've got a mac. Want to be friends?

Can you add a mac download?

You're awesome . I know you may think of those messy doodles as means to an end but I'm fascinated in how you evolve your ideas like this! Where do you start, and what do you apply to make them more immersive?

Really beautiful and ambient. Short 30/45 minute game about human emotions.

I would really be interested if you made a post or something about your creative process because I wish I could design games more like you!

Glad I could help! :) My favorite thing about your games are the absolute immersion, which rivals the immersion of my favorite (non-jam and professional) games!

I love everything about this game! I can totally relate to running out of motivation but I really hope you will make more games, even small ones. Your pixel art is some of the coolest, most immersive pixel art I've seen since Celeste! Lighting is epic, sound design is careful and precise, and the whole game feels cohesive! If you run low on motivation, I recommend branching out for a while and giving yourself a change of scenery. Doing so forced me to reconsider my perspective on a lot of things and added a lot of well needed color into my life. Thank you for making your games.


That's awesome, thank you!

windows only ;-;

I happily await the tutoria

Thank you so much for making this! I have been looking for something like this for a while!

I used Keka, but the app is invalidly signed and presents a "The application “” can’t be opened." Error

mac's can't open .rar files

Thanks for the feedback! I'll implement this when if I ever get caught up on homework. Thank you for hosting the jam! It was very fun!

I saw no book to interact with. All I saw was 10 seconds of a magnifying glass obscuring my view before I was just put into the world to wander for eternity.

It certainly did! Your game is one of my favorite jam games I've ever seen, and the best of this jam!

Maybe we could make a revamped version with more details and bug fixing and better voice acting from me XD


I enjoyed that a lot!

I like the graphics style and intense gameplay!

The tutorial was quite unclear but since I knew the keybinds it wasn't that hard to figure out, and when I did I started to have a lot of fun!

Thanks for making this :)

I really enjoyed this game because it felt, in a sense, *real*, as though this is truly how toasters work.

A perfect example of a Jam Game done right.

I liked the art a lot, it seemed playful.

I look forward to playing your next games!

I don't understand the objective. Is macOS port missing a feature or is the game incomplete?

Can you add a mac or web version?

Have fun with our game game game game! :)

Web, Windows, macOS supported!

Thanks! Means a lot!

SOUND ON, there is no game without the sound XD

The discord server invite code is invalid for me.

is this just me or is the code expired?

Does this jam not have a theme or will it be posted when it starts?