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windows only ;-;

I happily await the tutoria

Thank you so much for making this! I have been looking for something like this for a while!

I used Keka, but the app is invalidly signed and presents a "The application “” can’t be opened." Error

mac's can't open .rar files

Thanks for the feedback! I'll implement this when if I ever get caught up on homework. Thank you for hosting the jam! It was very fun!

I saw no book to interact with. All I saw was 10 seconds of a magnifying glass obscuring my view before I was just put into the world to wander for eternity.

It certainly did! Your game is one of my favorite jam games I've ever seen, and the best of this jam!

Maybe we could make a revamped version with more details and bug fixing and better voice acting from me XD


I enjoyed that a lot!

I like the graphics style and intense gameplay!

The tutorial was quite unclear but since I knew the keybinds it wasn't that hard to figure out, and when I did I started to have a lot of fun!

Thanks for making this :)

I really enjoyed this game because it felt, in a sense, *real*, as though this is truly how toasters work.

A perfect example of a Jam Game done right.

I liked the art a lot, it seemed playful.

I look forward to playing your next games!

Nice intentions, nice music! The mixing of resolutions at this scale seems a bit weird though.

I like how the crowds were shown as dangerous with the particles.

I don't understand the objective. Is macOS port missing a feature or is the game incomplete?

Can you add a mac or web version?

Have fun with our game game game game! :)

Web, Windows, macOS supported!

Thanks! Means a lot!

SOUND ON, there is no game without the sound XD

The discord server invite code is invalid for me.

is this just me or is the code expired?

Does this jam not have a theme or will it be posted when it starts?

It really shows!

Hi Joa!

The controls is the challenge of it, because your own movement is used against you 2 seconds later. I'm glad you enjoyed it and got the hang of it! I will add a tutorial once the jam is over, and add more feedback on death screens and win screens

This is hilarious. I love the graphics, music, and idea! Very creative!

Я загрузил его, но я не знаю, что делать с файлом, это не .app или .exe

Thank you! I intend to add a tutorial after the jam concludes, but just to clarify:

The wind actively pushes you in the opposite horizontal direction

At the end of each round, a green smiley or red frowny face will appear on screen to show if you won or lost

According to my server logs, either you didn't win or were offline

I wish I could have put the same level of polish that I did on the first scenes on the actual game. That is my single biggest regret. Just one more day would have made the difference, I imagine.

I have many times regretted not adding any form of tutorial but I don't want to update after the deadline has passed, that would just be wrong. Once the jam is over, I will add a tutorial to make it easier for normal players.

That's the challenge of the game, wherever you go, the game itself fights back, hence the balance! It takes a while to get the grips of it, and that will (if given the chance) make some streamers rage live when the wind pushes them into the walls or blocks :D

This is my biggest regret. Here's a breakdown of the physics:

1. WASD alters velocity, not position

2. There is wind that pushes you back,  which makes it hard to move in the right direction (this is the balance part, from a mathematical standpoint this means taking your velocity from 2 seconds ago and subtracting your current velocity by it)

3. For every frame that you are in contact with a block, your velocity increases by 10%. (This is a 60fps game, so that is dv^1.1^1.1^1.1... etc)

The next thing on my post its was to add automatic tutorial UI if you kept failing or running into walls or not moving it would show you how, but I ran out of time before the game was due.

After I sleep, I'll try to add it though.

I can confirm that the 2 seconds was not legit because I have the current scoreboard right here (taken april 7 at 0:10am PT):

[{"user":"joko","score":2.02},{"user":"joko","score":7.38},{"user":"Its a plane","score":11.02},{"user":"Its a plane","score":11.32},{"user":"Its a plane","score":14.13},{"user":"Its a plane","score":15.75},{"user":"Its a plane","score":20.8},{"user":"Its a plane","score":22.43},{"user":"grify","score":25.98},{"user":"Its a plane","score":39.8},{"user":"grify","score":18000.65},{"user":"grify","score":180000.65},{"user":"grify","score":1800000.65},{"user":"grify","score":18000000.65}]

11 seconds is a really good score! Better than mine!

Thanks for playing my game :)

It works, thanks!

Best game of the jam, 10/10!

It doesn't start for me

I don't understand what to do

[Web version] I'm stuck on the Unity loading screen, it doesn't load

is it possible to make a mac port?

Can you port to mac?

You forgot to put a download

Thank you! Your game is awesome and it looks like you are much better at design than you previously thought! I also fell victim to overscoping, but I was able to cut back in time. Every single jam I've ever done has been overscoped, so don't feel bad about it or else I'll have to :)

It's really impressive how fast you were able to make it, it feels complete during play!

I also just returned from my first slumber in 36 hours and I'm feeling myself again. I hope we can jam together sometime, and I'll rate yours first as well :)

Congratulate her for me! I hope yalls keeps making games!

I understand ]: