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ahahahaha nice reply ^^
Anyway I hope that this project will be continued and I'm here if you will need feedback =P

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Visually impressive, the music and the bleeding mechanic to push the player forward really works well forcing you to complete the entire level in one go, knowing the pattern of the enemies to maximize the movement and the range of the dash mechanic.

The columns get in the way and make more difficult to track enemies and player, maybe lowered them? Or a shader to show them in overlay could also work unless those are just another difficulty to overcome.

I have only one question: I've killed the boss and I've not seen a victory sign, then I completed the entire level killing everyone assuming than that was the challenge, still nothing, there is a method to know if the level is clear?
Unless the ultimate meaning is that this is the samurai personal inferno, impossible to beat XD

I found particularly interesting the delay that you have between every switch, it forces you to think ahead

But the shield, even with the delay it's op, if you manage it correctly u would never need to move
Maybe if it would drain the battery and be activated more quickly could be more like the last defense
Good luck!

Nice entry!

It's a pretty challenging puzzle and trying to understand the configuration of the level with a limited field of view is not so easy

Being able to walk on air it's a strange and interesting mechanic ^^
The fact that the level is fully visible if you manage to solve it is a nice touch

The mood of the game was amazing!

Considering that was made during a jam it's pretty impressive some of the details you've been able to put in it.
The game is simple yet fun, and the fact that the scientist "helps" you, making the game harder was hilarious.
The fit into the challenge is a little bit of a stretch but it's although an interesting result and I would gladly play more of it ^^

The fact that the game rewards you if you're a precise shooter was a nice take

Than, you're forced in some levels to run pass some enemies just for some precious ammo or to not open a room with a life regen in it if you had not purchased the extra starting items and this can customize your experience, neat ^^
Overall a well-done game!

Fun game to pass the time, could work very well on smartphones

The scrolling mechanic gives a not so easy game, challenging, nice work!

Nice idea, that forces you to think on the next move carefully, instead of just rush it

Nicely done!

If there was a higher score tab I could go on playing for hours, simple, with clever mechanics, and the minimalistic graphics allow you to read well the possible bounces.

Nicely done and keep up!

A very unique take on the challenge, the different phrases allow more than one playthrough and the calm music almost makes you forgot the clock ticking ^^

Just an answer remains unsolved, which parameter determines if u will catch the train? Pure luck? Or some element I couldn't catch?

Nicely done ^^

As for the problems: the goals are too high, especially with the workers that sometimes loses the path