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Yeah that's just the map being drawn horribly. 

Source: tested it on a really bad computer and it ran the same.

Really cool idea! Nice game!

Whoo! Glad someone finally found that ending.

Dope :) 

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Oh BTW my fantasy console 3 entry was made using this! Check it out: :) Each level was made in a minute. Also made a half adder, will post it soon.

Really nice game, love the way the rabbit's face changed with each weapon. Good concept, very addicting ^v^.

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Yo <Insert joke about me posting a lot> I made a glitch level that lets you clip through walls:

Pretty sure it works by letting you move through collectibles, but that makes you clip into a wall. Does make a one way passages though, so leaving it in could be interesting ^v^

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OwO Looks nice! time to make a XOR gate :P

Whoo!! *Claps*

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Whoo, optimized it a ton: . It might be feasible to make a simple adder soon. Just need to make a timer...

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Made some more about defending stuff: 

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WHOO!!! Pix64 is truing complete (It's a computer). Built a NAND gate. It is a 0 when both the inputs are 1, otherwise it is a 1. The ring around the player is a clock input,  Hit it after you've chosen your inputs with the two paddles. Really like this fc ^v^

Thanks :) All feedback is appreciated.

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Thanks ^v^

How does your mom like vr ;)

Haha lol :)

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I call this one stress: 

Looks really good, nice idea ^v^

Looks amazing ^v^

Honestly great ^v^

Really neat idea!

Really nice, I can tell a lot of effort went into it ^v^

Your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^v^

Really nice game, the ending is really creative! ^v^

Yeah it's just the maze, I really didn't have time to make more content. Sorry ;) Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Nice video! Hint: Dont grab the guitar ;)

whoo :)

Nice, the destructible blocks were a nice touch :)

Whoo new record ^v^

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Just wanted to let you know that this and the first game are on cool math, I don't know if you gave them permission to do this.

Really nice, I love those graphics!

It's bitsy. You can use it here: or here:

Pretty fun. 16:44:50 on my first try.

Great Game, Also space tower


    --Failed to forgive Big Square in 37:05

    --Failed to get revenge in 1:07:10

    --Died 436 times

There really should be a secret there once you clear out all the blocks.


Bonus: There is a bug feature that allows you to make people get off at the wrong floor.

Cool Game, but it is basically a dark underwater game.

9/10 would play again. Great controls, but you should make the underwater speed a tad faster, and increase friction and tweak wall jumps a little.

Failed to rescue pineapple in: 43 minutes

Failed to kill big square in: 1 hour 3 minutes 

Total deaths: 402