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Ooo i didnt know u did that thnx

i mean, yes, using stock photos is a great idea but a random guy on the internet (aka the creator of the stock photo a random participant used) can randomly decide to copyright and the poor random participant might say, “why are we still here, Just to suffer…”

thats kinda SUSSSSS

Dreamer DMC Jam community · Created a new topic Complains

complain on others

introduce yourself here

thnx man

I just checked out the thing you told me,

it’s not what you think it is if you were saying about holding one of the y axis movement keys and one of the x-axis keys,

holding a or d manipulates the x-axis and holding w or s manipulates the y axis so it’s an illusion that it’s moving forward at a faster pace.

ofc I did crosscheck by printing out the coordinates and getting the mean and medians, it’s just an illusion

Ohh, ok. But i dont use unity for 2d

btw check the post jam after its released, ill try to fix that!!


I thought i made trash! Definitely gonna fix da hitboxes! Thnx

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an advice: dont use scratch from your next jam ||| an answer: no

K thnx

add space to jump contol

btw nice game what font did you use for dis page?

i just made my profile theme howz it?

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he submitted the game to a bijillion game jams

every jam i see his game

who me?

Check it out

Agent Red

The game is about an agent whos on a quest to delete all zombies who have been affected by the blast in chernobyl

help him eliminate his foes

(Beta only)

The post-jam edition has released!!!

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Randomised-Controls Every-Launch

Hello, i am a new indie game developer currently working on agent red

this guy submitted the same game to both global moon jam and jame gam

jame gam:



Ignore this Dumb game and save lots of time

Jame Gam #18 community · Created a new topic what is clip

what is clip pls

da concept is really nice though, or should i say…

ɥƃnoɥʇ ǝɔıu ʎllɐǝɹ sı ʇdǝɔuoɔ ɐp ɥƃnoɥʇ ǝɔıu ʎllɐǝɹ sı ʇdǝɔuoɔ ɐp

Bruh Make the movement smoother and the game would be a lot better

btw dont use unity for 2d use pygame if you are beginner

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Uhh, Check discord ( GreyHat aka JUSTDRAGS#4281 )

edit 2: your privacy settings only allow messages from ya friends

nice to see another person from india, hello

i completed my submission and was adding jump for post jam edition, and got fd up

fractured ya skull!!! wth

thnx for da support bruh

i downloaded, cuz yes

my ears are kinda… THICCCC

it nice dude, the concept is better than mine

thanks for that!

whatever i might say, his looks nice

check the games page if you want to know why executable is 246Mb

Da source is smaller cuz of libraries

source to executable file is also provided in source