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Additional detail on the save problem: the app will load saves from the first battle (East Prussia) but will not load saves from subsequent battles (student, french move north).

Thanks so much, Pavel, for all your work on this. Do you have a donate page? 

Just a couple of notes regarding game-play affecting bugs on Android: 1) the previously mentioned save problem. I can't return to previous saves. I load a save, it says loaded but I'm just right back where i was last playing, even after exiting app and returning to load game. Playing on a moto Z2. 2) in second and third scenarios in the big campaign ("student" and "french rush north") at least (haven't played further) none of the airfields are usable and planes can't ever be re-supplied or receive replacements. Lots of crashes as well but they aren't a big deal; usually just take you back to start of turn. Also, can core bridge units be purchased? I've bought brückepionere but they can't be used to bridge Rivers. Unless I'm missing something in the UI. 

Thanks again; really enjoying the game.