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Maximum disrespect!

I really loved the sense of urgency that tied the loading bar with the vehicle. Great job.

As you mentioned, it's not quite there yet. But I can see this being a really cool concept once it's finished!

The things that kept me from playing very long was the spacebar scrolling the page, as well as backspace taking me back to the previous page.

Keep it up!

For me, humanity was clearly not meant to be saved. :/

I had fun dying though! :)

Cool interactive. I think there was a bit of a missed opportunity here: the balls could have broken the borders similar to Breakout!

That being said, the absence of that feature doesn't take away from the experience you created. :)

Very elegant design. As was mentioned earlier, the screen space can get very crowded, but overall a fun game. :)

Great job setting the mood!

Very cool!