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Hi, hoping all is well with you! Moon Fields is still a mainstay in my regular multiplayer game rotation with buddies so if you're still working on it any updates would be icing on the cake, haha. Either way, I wanted to shoot you a quick "thanks" for all the fun we've had so far! Looking forward to whatever's next.☺

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Haven't heard anything about this game in a second but I loved what I played and I'm still really excited for the singleplayer mode! I played a bunch of local multiplayer with friends shortly after the time the November 2018 update arrived, but ultimately slowed down and haven't really picked it up for a bit because I was having issues with getting consistent controller mapping among the various controllers I was using at any given point. I mostly tried to use two XInput controllers along with a Mayflash Gamecube controller adapter in PC Mode. Either type of controller worked fine independently, but I had to run through Steam's controller interface and deal with weird mappings on the Mayflash adapter if I wanted to use both types at once.

If it's sensible to implement, I really like the idea of a more detailed options menu - perhaps sliders for things like bloom and texture resolution, or an ingame controller config menu? In a competitive setting I definitely understand wanting to minimize potential variances in terms of performance between different installations of the game, but for local games I geek out on that sort of stuff.

I'm also a bit unclear on how the stage-ban system works - if you play on random, banned stages still show up sometimes during play. Could a random-stage-select toggle on a per-stage basis be implemented?

Options aside - in terms of gameplay, my favorite build was generally The Fool with a broadsword, kite shield, jump boot, throwing bombs, throwing goo, and the item bag.  Mostly I went that route for versatility - my mixup options were really varied, so if I kept track of other players, I found that most things that I had trouble with in that setup were simple attack-a-lot-and-move-really-fast or particularly good ranged  magic users. If I could just get a couple of direct hits with the bombs or catch someone with the goo and then ignite them with a bomb, I'd have a pretty easy time dispatching foes. I don't play online a ton, so I'm not sure how that stacks up as compared to other users' experiences,  but I'd love to see more content! Really good game thus far. ☺