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Wow, this is a super interesting game!  The narrative and dialogue is easily the star of the show here.  The opening story got me hooked almost immediately, and the humor added a lot to the experience.  I also love games with multiple endings, so I had a really had a good time with this.  If there were a story category for the rankings, this would easily be 5 stars.  The gameplay was strong too, and the controls felt nice and fluid.  The game was difficult in a good way, and I could feel myself improving with each attempt.  The graphics are nice and fit the atmosphere of the game.  The audio was probably the most lackluster element, which honestly says a lot for how well composed everything else is.  I haven't been able to actually clear the second or third levels yet, but I plan to come back to it later.  Fantastic job!

PS: How many endings are there?  So far, I have only gotten the endings for when you take the "easy route" through each level and when you run out of attempts.

I love your interpretation of using the window for gameplay!  This a super cool idea, and it's really well executed too!  The art and sound are pleasant, and the "holes" in the window were super neat.  The main issue I noticed is the difficulty.  The second level in particular took me a long time to finish, as it is really difficult to make the accurate jumps required using the bouncy mechanics of the game.  Beyond that though, everything felt good!  If you ever decide to expand on the game, I think it would be cool to allow the player to create/move the holes in the window to add an extra layer of puzzle solving.  Nicely done!

I'm glad you mentioned that jumping was an issue, because it was hard for me to get a feel for whether or not it fit the game.  I had intended for the jumping to require momentum, but the levels I ended up with didn't always work with that mechanic so well.  I'm glad you liked the concept of the game though, and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!

Great minds think alike! :)

I like the idea of having interactivity with the resizing mechanic, and I plan to go back and add some new mechanics if I can find the time.  Thanks for leaving feedback!  Glad you enjoyed it!

I like the mechanic of jumping and shooting with the same button, but it would be nice if it were mapped to a button other than the up key (like space maybe?).  It just felt a bit awkward to move and shoot at the same time, although it didn't hinder me too much.  I really like the enemy design, and the difficulty increased at a good rate.  The boss in particular was interesting to fight.  I also liked the powerup system, as it adds much-needed depth to the gameplay.  However, it would have been nice to have a bit more enemy variety and a longer game (although I can totally understand not having enough time).  Perhaps those things could be added in later if you even go back to the game.  Moving on from the gameplay, I thought that the graphics and sound were effective at setting the sillier tone of the game, and it was surprisingly nice to look at.  I love that you chose to go with the magic girl theme!  Overall, this is a really solid prototype of an interesting mechanic.

Thanks for leaving so much great feedback!  I had trouble trying to figure out how to make the game more difficult, but I really like the idea of having platforms or enemies that are affected when the window is resized.  I will probably go back and toy with that idea if I can find the time.  I also like the idea of a factory setting, and I know what you mean about the levels feeling square.  Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a constructive comment!

Oh, that makes a lot more sense!  I went back and played again with that in mind, and it makes the game feel much better to play.  Glad you let me know!

I love the art and story in this game!  The opening sequence immediately had me hooked, so well done with that.  All of the graphics look very nice, and the audio was effective without being distracting.  I actually used some of the same music in my game, so it was funny to hear it in a different context.  The gameplay was pretty solid as well, and it was easy to understand and pick up.  The biggest issue I noticed was that the game is fairly repetitive, and new enemies aren't added until far too late into the game.  The green guys showed up once in Level 15 and didn't come back again until Level 25, so dodging bombs over and over got a bit boring.  I really liked the bosses though, and they add a nice break to the rest of the gameplay.  If you just added a bit more variety early on, you would have a fantastic product on your hands.  Nicely done!

Well done!  The game has fairly simple systems that are easy to figure out with a bit of trial and error, but it allows for somewhat complex strategy and forces the player to think carefully about each move.  I also appreciated that the player gets to choose the cards that get added to their deck after each leap, as this adds another layer of strategy.  My primary advice would be to add some type of tutorial system to explain some of the basics, as it took me a few minutes to figure it out on my own.  I also couldn't figure out what some of the effects did (the burn effect in particular didn't seem to do anything).  Another thing I noticed was that the enemy designs didn't really fit with the rest of the aesthetic, and it would be nice to have more enemy variety.  All in all though, this is a fun game, so nice job!

I really like this idea!  The art is cute and perfect for the style of game, and the concept of using movement to constrain and kill enemies is pretty unique.  However, the controls are really difficult to use and hold the game back from reaching its potential.  It is almost impossible to move anywhere if you get caught on the edges of the screen.  This is fixed with inverted movement, but inverted movement makes it difficult to get off of the top of the screen to transition between levels.  I honestly don't know a good solution for this, but it would be worth looking into if you want to rework the game at all after the jam.  I would be curious to see how this idea would play out with a more accurate and responsive control scheme.

Glad to hear that you found it interesting.  I had a hard time gauging difficulty, so it’s great to get feedback on that.  I’m probably going to make a post-Jam version of the game, so I’ll try to ease the difficulty curve into that third maze. Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

Thanks for playing!  I had never thought about adding character icons with different emotions, but I really like that idea.  The skipping dialogue was something that I had hoped to add but ran out of time for.  I am probably going to go back and add both of these elements to the game after the jam and release a post-jam version with the feedback I get.  Again, thanks for taking the time to leave some advice!

Glad you enjoyed it!  It's good to hear that the story was captivating.  I'm also relieved that the puzzles worked out well, as I had been worried about the difficulty.  Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

The art for this game is beautiful, and its combination with the music created a really mysterious and eerie vibe.  The UI also looked nice with everything else.  You really nailed the atmosphere, so well done there.  As far as gameplay goes, the controls for the boat were smooth and satisfying, and the correction for the flipping worked well.  However, it was a bit difficult to find the souls, and it would have been nice to have some sort of indicator.  I was also interested in the impacts of choosing whether or not to let the souls onto the boat and went through the game a few times to try different combinations of souls, but it didn't appear to cause any changes.  It would be nice to have some kind of message or scene at the end that changes depending on what the player chooses to do.  This game has a lot of potential, and I enjoyed playing it.  Nicely done!

I love your interpretation of the theme.  The concept of creating your own route through the dungeon works really well, and it is unlike anything I've seen before.  The use of the doors for combat was also really creative, and it was surprisingly deep.  The enemy variety also complemented the combat quite well.  However, it would be nice to have a bit more range on the door spawning, as I found it difficult at times to get close to the enemies.  It would also be nice to feel less invincible, like starting with less health and getting pickups or something.  Overall, I really liked the game and had a lot of fun.  Well done!

Thanks for leaving a comment!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and played it through to the end.  I'm especially relieved that you liked the dialogue, as this was my first time doing this much writing and narrative in a game.  For the ending, you got all that there is to see.  I had originally intended to add more (which is why it feels so abrupt) but I ran out of time.  Also, the fourth timeline is white because all of the characters are alive and white is a combination of all the colors.  

I would like to go back and make an extended version of the game after the jam, and I will definitely take all this into account.  I'll probably add more to the ending, and I like the idea of allowing the player to go through the game in a less linear order.  Thank you so much, I really appreciate all of this feedback!

I really like the idea of this and the game has a lot of potential.  The art style and sound were nice, and the core gameplay ideas work well together to allow for satisfying speedruns.  However, a lot of the physics are really clunky, causing the player to run at inconsistent rates and clip through the floor to their deaths.  If you found a way to make the controls tighter and the physics more reliable, you would have something special on your hands.  Nice job!

I was totally blown away by this game.  It has quite a bit of polish for a game jam game!  I really like the art style and the sounds, and the wacky story was very entertaining.  The only complaints I would have is that the camera angles were hard to work with sometimes and that the physics on the puzzles got a bit annoying when combined with the inprecise controls.  Overall though, awesome job!

I really like the mix of art styles going on, and the stats you get to see for each character were just enough to keep you thinking without becoming overwhelming.  It would be nice to see a version of the game with goals to reach and maybe more mechanics than just rejecting or accepting people.  Well done!

Super cool idea!  When I saw the game I figured it would be really easy to make a difficult maze, but it is surprisingly difficult.  I really like the tile system, as it forces you to think carefully about where to lead your path instead of haphazardly throwing passages together.

Nice job!  The controls are tight, and I really like the idea behind the game.  The difficulty is inconsistent from level to level though.  I would be interested to see an extended version of the game using these mechanics, as they are really interesting.

Also, is the "Extra Zoey?" level supposed to be beatable?  I couldn't even get to the second letter without dying.

Well done!  The fundamental game play is solid, and I really like the art style.  However, the game is really difficult, which I think is due to the slow fire rate on the pistol.  I might just be playing it wrong, but I found it almost impossible to kill the robots consistently because your pistol shoots at the same rate they do, meaning they just block your bullets with their own.  I also would suggest allowing free movement up and down the y-axis instead of limiting the player to three spots on the screen.  All in all, really impressive for the amount of time we had!  I would love to see an extended version like you mentioned on your game page.

Nice job!  The Minotaur's pathfinding and speed were just right, and the sounds were a nice touch.  The one thing I would suggest would be using shorter corridors, as the long ones can make it difficult to tell whether you are moving and are not particularly exciting.

As an involuntary participant of the Radicle Project, it is up to you to lead your companions through a series of dangerous mazes.  However, not everybody can survive: it will be up to you who lives and who dies.  Fortunately, time is on your side, and you can return to previous mazes to find new solutions with abilities you find along your journey.  You might even be able to save everyone and solve the mystery behind the Radicle Project.

Note: this game was made for Extra Credits Game Jam #5, so it isn't the most polished thing in the world, but it's still plenty of fun for a quick play through.

Thanks for all the feedback!  I noticed that the bit you mentioned about falling into a single strategy seemed to be a common issue, so that is definitely something I intend to address.  I would have liked to create a fixed order for each individual level to make the patterns more purposeful, but there just wasn't enough time.  I really like the idea of putting the cycle to the beat of music, so I might have to try that after the jam is over.  Again, thanks for playing!  It really means a lot!

The atmosphere of this game is amazing!  The clock ticking and becoming increasingly loud really made me feel pressure to hurry up.  The only complaint I would have would be that some of the puzzles are a bit illogical (like knocking over the shelf only after the lamp is lit), but that could easily be fixed.  Nice job!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

Yeah, the difficulty definitely needs to be adjusted, but I'm glad you had fun!  Thanks for playing!

This is a really clever idea!  You really have to think about each level before you approach it, which I enjoyed.  This could make for an awesome game if you took the time to refine the controls and add more levels!

The controls on this game are impressively tight for a game jam game!  Switching between moves is really satisfying, and the levels are well crafted to test your reflexes.  The only issue that I saw was that the game starts out a bit too difficult in my opinion, but that could easily be adjusted.  A full version of this game could do really well!

Glad you liked it, and thanks for leaving a comment!

Ha, I didn't realize that the death sound was so loud until I just played through again with headphones.  Will definitely make it quieter if I ever update the game :)  Thanks for playing!

I know there are already a lot of these, but here we go again!  Simply try and rate my game and I will happily return the favor.  The title says first time jammers, but anybody is welcome to post here.  I am just particularly interested in what other first time jammers have created, as this was my first time.

My game is a one-button zombie shooter called Sole Survivor.  The game jam page for it is here, but the version on that page is broken and skips straight to the last level.  I thought that I had uploaded the proper version in time, but it apparently didn't go through due to the problems was having, so you can find the fixed version here.  I would really appreciate any feedback you can give.

While you only need to rate my own game, I would highly encourage you to try out a few other games posted here and share the love!  I'll be sure to play and rate every game posted here before the voting period ends.  Happy jamming!

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Just played your game, and it is a lot of fun!

My game is a one-button zombie shooter called Sole Survivor.  The game jam page for my game is here, but the version that got uploaded to the jam skips straight to the last level and I wasn't able to upload the fix in time due to the problems was having.  If you want to try the proper version of the game, I put it up here.  Hope you enjoy it!

The controls take a bit to get used to, but it is fun once you get the hang of it.  I like that the ball only does damage once you shoot it, and making it do damage to the player as well adds a bit of strategy.  It would be nice to have a bigger room to play in to avoid being trapped by enemies, but other than that, well done!

I have been thinking about finding a better way to manage the commands, and I like the idea of putting it above the player's head.  I might try to add that after the jam.  Thanks for playing!  Also, I'll be sure to check out your game.

Thanks for playing!  If you would like to play the proper version, I have uploaded it here:  It’s obviously too late to fix the jam submission, but I would still appreciate feedback!

Apparently the version of the game that I uploaded to the jam skips straight to the last level.  If anybody would like to check out the proper version of my game, it is here:  I would really appreciate it if I could still get some feedback!