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Well I tried I don't know what i'm doing wrong I've looked at 10 tutorials and nothing ):

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No, Ill try it

Yeh I wish I added more cards sadly there are actually 40 cards just some of them are so rare you never see them I never changed the rarity percent when making them so whoops ):

Yeah I tried to get it working in the browser but it's not working I exported it as an zip in unity WebGL. Anyone know what I am doing wrong. I am doing this so I know for next time.

Thank you!!

Thank you. I'll be sure to check you out btw this game was made for the double jam this my second jam I have ever done. So criticism is very helpful.

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I would make it a browser game but idk how. ):

I just noticed I didn't add sound whoops well i don't know if you are aloud to go back so I'll leave it.... Whoops. 

Cool really hard I didn't get how to play at first.


Cool game nice twist.


Such A cool game but I got stuck in place when I was interacting with Dunia's Home. Love the art


yes very



This a GREAT Concept I had a lot of fun playing this the only thing I have a problem with is that after you get the party hat you don't get to keep it. I called it jimmy i was sad when it just *poof* just gone.

This is Hard