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Jeremy McCurdy

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Fantastic! The art is wonderful and super polished feeling! Great work!

Team - Just me.
Discord user: Jer_McC#0157

Some fun zero G puzzle solving, I think you're onto something with this. The only complaint I really have is that the turning speed is a little slow, otherwise, great!

Really impressive for a game made in a week! You guys were busy! Definitely has that old school dungeon crawl vibe to it!

When I boot the game, I only see a black screen with some sound effects playing. Your screenshots are lovely though!

Sorry to hear that :( I did kind of go nuts with post processing effects. If I ever take this game any further, I'll definitely be putting effort into making the game playable on lower end machines.

Warning to Mac users: The game is playable, but the graphics are suuuuper glitchy. If you have the option to play on Windows, I highly suggest it!

Very moody! It was a little tough to figure out where to go at times, which made avoiding the spiders a bit frustrating at times, pretty sure I Skyrim-ed my way up the side of a hill to bypass part of the forest. It's neat that they only notice you when you move though. This kind of reminds me of Limbo and Inside, but in full 3D.

You have a good set of mechanics to build something with. I could see this being a really fun mobile game.

Can do!

That raises a good question, can we modify assets for the jam? Say for example, if I wanted to do terrible things to your models in Blender. I wouldn't be making new textures or just modelling something new around them, I'd just be manipulating them into something super weird. Would that be allowed?

Example of said terrible things: http://imgur.com/a/1Zu65


I was wondering if it's okay to use libraries and Unity editor extensions that don't include any non-Kenney art. Is that permitted, or is it all 100% from scratch?

Yeah, it looks like it's defaulting to smooth shading over flat shading. If Fusion doesn't let you switch to flat shading, you could probably open it up in Blender to fix it before bringing it over to Asset Forge.

Those look cool! You should include a license with the zip so people downloading know the terms of use (Public domain, requires attribution, non-commercial, etc...)

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I definitely understand the exhaustion from doing a release. I had a game go live this week, knocked the wind out my sails for a while. Thanks for keeping an eye on everything despite being tired! I'm already loving asset forge and can't wait to see more. 

Just to add to the pile of requests :P ....

  • Add the ability to create prefabs from groups of models. For example, I have a room that I built out, and would like to use that as a template to build new rooms and variations, re-creating it every time will probably be time consuming.
  • Add a "Create folder" option in the save dialogue
  • Add the ability to set the scale of exported models. I had to scale up an exported model to around 7x to match a model I had made in Blender at 1x
  • Merge models together using boolean operations, similar to the boolean union operation in modelling tools. When models are exported as combined objects, the models are all still technically there as loose parts, creating excess triangles that get rendered. I can only assume that this is a super complicated thing to write... So if anyone wants to achieve this now, you can always open up your model in something like Blender and do the boolean operations there to optimize your models.
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I've got a couple more!

  • Having planes (single side geometry, not airplanes) added to the primitives would be useful. You could use them to build up rooms and such without wasting GPU resources or having to go into a modelling program afterwards for clean up.
  • Add the ability to uniformly scale objects and indicate the axes that you want to scale along. For example, you may want to stretch something out along the X and Z, but not the Y.


Also, before you do any new major features... please please please add confirmation prompts on the new button when removing an existing model. I just lost something I was playing with because I accidentally clicked above the parts panel...

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This is exciting! I've been looking forward to Asset Forge since the post about it on Reddit!

Here are some feature requests. Hopefully I'm not overlapping with anything other folks are requesting and what's in Trello.

  • Add the ability to undo with CTRL-Z/CMD-Z
  • Contain popups (Configuration/Export) in boxes. It's strange to have the X button to close them in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Add the ability to control the draw order of objects. They currently z-fight when occupying the same coordinates (http://imgur.com/a/TuJcX)
  • Add the ability to remove color swatches
  • Add the ability to remove a texture from a swatch
  • Texture swatches should probably be all grayscale if you want them to tint correctly. Having colors in the textures already causes them look muddy when tinted.
  • Add the ability to enter in RGB and Hex values into the color window
  • Add copy & paste support using CTRL-C/CMD-C and CTRL-V/CMD-V
  • Add the ability to apply materials to specific faces
  • Add boolean operations to add and subtract geometry from a model