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I'm not even gay, but this is some of the best writing I've ever seen. Jesus fucking christ.

Best game 2017

That one part w the switches over the lava where you have to uppercut them is completely brutal. 

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I announced this game about a month ago but it was kinda shitty at the time tbh and I'd only finished like one world or something but now it's pretty lit so listen up! I've got a platformer for some veteran/persistant gamers and a nice slab of outside the box thoughts to pull out of you a long the way. The Tale of Gray is a tough little jumper about a quiet little pentagram child without any purpose beyond what your keyboard strikes provide. See what the world laid out past her eyes has to offer you.

Also! This game features a completely original soundtrack that I worked my butt off on. Late nights! Awe yeah!

Play that shit here, boi

kk tq

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The tale of Gray is a challenging platformer about figuring out what to do with your existence. If you die, you must restart the entire game. This game is extremely early and still under (tons of) development.