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I'll just go ahead and post the last two episodes here if that's alright. I really did enjoy playing this game as I had a lot of fun!

Well actually it turns out that my recording software was acting funny. So I went into settings and now they're practically gone. Should have said this sooner my bad lol

Oh sweet!

If only it was just Yuri in the game instead of just Monika lol. Yuri is my favorite!

Hey is it alright to post my last episode of the game here? I already posted a video about it here, but in the end I give out my thoughts and did ask a particular question. Or I could just message you about my thoughts and questions which works fine to me!

Your welcome!

So I finally got to playing your game and gotta say: it's very promising! I especially love how the characters are made as well as the story the game is about! Sorry about the intermittent screen flickers that took place, but I did figure out how to prevent that in the future!

Hey, played your game and have it on YouTube! Yet it seems my recording has intermittent flickrs of going to main menu and back to actual game. Also how long until I get to the fighting aspect of the game from what progress I made? Would love to have episode 2 featuring that

My friend made this XD He said that's what her expression told him lol

Hey there!

Thanks for replying, but I did manage to get help from someone. Boy this game really scared the crap out of me but the ending just blew my mind! 10/10 great game lol

Just completed the game and again thanks for your help. Wow, I'd say this game is underrated. What do you mean a new game is referenced coming out this year?

Thank you


I have been aiming to impress Yuri and sticking with making poems that pleased her. In the end I chose "You're my dearest friend" when Sayori confessed to me. Then later on in game, went to her house and saw that she hung herself. Of course this popped up from the cg of her being hung:

An exception occured

File "game/script-ch5.rpy," line 307

See traceback.text for details

I did go the the traceback file but I don't seem to understand what it's trying to tell me. What shall I do to progress forward in the game to possibly save Sayori?

Oh okay then, thanks for the response. I haven't gotten to playing the game yet, but I can tell that the art style as well as the story and characters seem really fricken cool from the pictures and description. I like kitsunes and the character looks really well made!

This is just a curious question as I did look up this game on steam and found it but didn't see a price tag. Just curious why not have it so people from steam can buy it there? Is it because of paying $5 extra will give you the extra goods such as art book?

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when I get to playing your game soon!


I was just wandering if the music used for this visual novel is copyrighted. I have a friend that did a series of this game on YouTube and got copyright strikes for having background music on. I'm gonna make a series of my own playing this game and wanted to be absolutely sure.