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This was an extremely fun game, very relaxing but also required some thought about how I was going to proceed which made it much better. I would love to see more of this!

Hey I love this game! Only wish there was more

Really great game! Definitely gave me some chills.

Yeah, I was wondering that too. Did you figure it out?

I really enjoyed the game though I found that it could feel feel almost like it was preventing me from progressing/building my boat more? Even if I had a good amount of cannons they wouldn't always work, or fire and actually hit the target

This is a really great game! Definitely took a couple extra seconds to figure it out though it was honestly a part of the charm of the game in my opinion. It was just as funny and quirky as frustrating, which can be a difficult balance. Great job! 

The quit button is in the corner and the for the 0 you just have to press the zero on your keyboard. It took me a little bit to figure out but it's really fun to play once you do!