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A transformative tale of woe on the endless sea. An old fisherman's tale come true. I guarantee your Scvm will be changed by the experience.

This is a fvcking masterclass on sassy and engaging rules narrators. With a striking visual design that makes this simple system a breeze to digest.

10/10 would DETHGASM again.


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A lovingly detailed Wizard in a Tower. With evocative prose that clearly describes his pointed hat and grateful apprentices. I certainly did not feel unwelcome on my trip to the Wizards tower. You should put on a robe and join us for the adventure of a lifetime*.

*Not responsible for accidental or intentional death, dismemberment, consumption, dissolution, memory alteration, or minor skin blemishes. You're results may vary. Please adventure into strange Wizard Towers responsibly. Not intended for minors, or the faint of heart.

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Rugose, you've been creating amazing work. Vol. 2 manages to take everything I loved in Vol. 1 and makes it better.

I have the Chapel of Dead Gods on a shirt, and I can't wait to start up a Mörk Borg club at my game store and wear it for every session.

What an awesome dungeon, and what an amazing campaign setting!

This monkey murder funhouse is engaging for both storyteller and Scvm.

I'm so thoroughly impressed with your variety in encounter and creature design.

You managed to fill a massive dungeon with encounters that all feel distinct while maintaining a consistent theme.

Well suited for a variety of playstyles, I can't wait to run this for my friends!

The Harrowed Abbess lives up to its name. I've never wanted my scvm to return to the shimmering fields more.

Reverently laid out, but devilishly irreverent. This abbess is truly meant for the Mörk Borg.

This feels just like it was designed for a DOOM game. Living statues standing at the ready to gut your scvm as soon as they collect the red skull key.

Beautifully beefy. I love it.

A dank dungeon deep in the heart of bat country. A long strange wagon trip. More herbs than an Occult Herbmaster could hallucinate.

A good way to light up a new Mörk Borg campaign, or fuel the fires of an existing one.

This (surprisingly flexible) skeleton has more spine in it than most Scvm.

It is a strong antidote to a game taking itself too seriously!

I think people will have plenty of inspiration to create all kinds of mischievous scenarios. But I'd be excited to see what you do with it. It's always interesting to catch glimpse how a designer intends something to be used at the table.

A Mörk Borg class for Scvm who like to keep their bounties fresh. Designed to catch and never release.

Papa Mush is great! I really appreciate a good ensemble boss monster. You've got lots of little mushroom minions mucking about and making the whole situation more complicated. I love it! There are so many different scenarios you can build with this. Have you considered a mushroom dungeon?

Who said anything about sitting upside down? I'm putting the microphone behind my seat.

The text on page 3 is exquisitely done.

I rolled a 3. Gaming over Skype is going to be really awkward now.

Fertile topsoil for an engaging night of Mörk Borg. The vines quicken just enough to cover the trellis, but not enough for the groundskeeper to get hung up on. Those vines (and many other things) will definitely hang up your scvm though, so watch out.

4 centerpiece monsters to be used in your Mörk Borg games. Designed to fill the role of recurring and compelling villains in the likeness of horror movie franchise monsters. Excellent when used in a thrilling one shot, but sturdy enough to creep into an ongoing campaign.

There is a diverse cast of critters in this. I like the diversity in the creatures and the ecosystem they create. There is just the right amount of variety here to mix-and-match and produce many interesting encounters on the fly.

What an amazing concept. I love the idea of giving a Morale stat to a player class, and it's just the right way to offset the potential HP gain from regeneration. Decisively captures that trollish feeling in theme, style, and mechanics, all in a scvm-sized package.

A few of my friends play No Thank You Evil with my 4 yo sometimes before she goes to sleep and we start our games. It's 2-3 thirty-somethings and a 4 yo eating cheese off the moon. I got really inspired by that.

And that's the good ending!

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I'm partial to the Squichnape. Absolutely terrifying. I love it!

I'm so glad you like it! I've done a few home-brew things over the years, but this is the first thing I've put out there. Was going to submit it to the MBC, but when I realized the backlog, I rolled up my sleeves to do it myself!

I'd love to hear how your session went, it still blows my mind when I hear someone has played it.

Wow, there is so much to this! Every table is brimming with flavor and inspiration!

Oh wow! This was GIMP! The interface for GIMP is not the most intuitive. Did you hear about the Layout Level-up! jam? They raised a bunch of money and are giving out Affinity licenses. There is a bit of a learning curve with that, but I really enjoy using it so far. Had Affinity for 6 months now and I really enjoy it.

Oh nice! And good editing on the arquebus. I had a hard time imagining any old illustration with all those elements together. But it came together so we'll I thought you pulled it straight out of a print!

The art is so good, just the right amount of messy. She's so sassy too! If you're going to go full murderhobo, might as well enjoy yourself! Is she from an old french wood print?

I'm not sure what it was, but I suddenly felt possessed by the need to follow that link. ;-)

Something went very wrong in Pyre-Chrypt, but it'll be just right for your next Mörk Borg adventure!

Cannibal cults, blood sacrifice, giant murder swords. What's not to love?

This book,it produces corpses that I can scavenge. 10/10 Would kill my players again.

I love the conditions mechanic, I really dig games where injury impacts your effectiveness. It just feels more real, and it's really appropriate here.

The cover art is superb, as is the art throughout. Is that an old oil painting?

You articulated her perfectly. I have some extended family that fits Granny to a T.

I definitely think you could continue the elderly relative theme with a King Diamond inspired adventure.

I'm looking for any good excuse to add them to my Mörk Borg soundtrack.

Looking forward to your next project!

Love the map, and the skeleton fighter table!

I'm excited to run this module for one of my friends first Mörk Borg sessions. They don't know what they are getting into, but I believe the goblin curse is the great introduction to the setting. This dungeon really delivers on making the goblin curse as horrific as it should be.

Conceptually terrifying bees (the best kind!) and their keepers.

Awesome holiday creature feature for Mörk Borg! Is this a King Diamond reference?

This is a great introductory adventure for a Mörk Borg campaign. Theres plenty of drug fueled character death, and a ready supply of replacement meat lying around. It starts in the middle of the action. It's a desperate climb out of oblivion and back into the dying world.

Awesome, they feel like they could use a dungeon! Looking forward to it!