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Gravity Games Interactive

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Completely new to Dreamcast Homebrew, and won't have time to start for a while, but I know I'll probably try doing something in 3D, and also has VMU functionality of some sort, since the VMU always fascinated me, and I'm a masochist when it comes to stuff like this. I do know that 3D Dreamcast Homebrew is indeed possible, since I've seen plenty of it on Youtube, but I'm gonna have to find me a good tutorial for how to work with the 3D hardware...

Thanks for the quick start guide! I've been looking into trying out Godot for a while, so this will come in handy!

So...let me get this straight. Half Life 3: Spooky Ghosty is a strangely odd game made by a novice team featuring, among other things, horror, Sonic OCs, muffins, and artificial restraints to focus the game on it's advanced 2D physics, all while bringing awareness to the LGBT community?