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Added a link to the description. Thanks for the reminder!

The vent part is too hard.

Just plain stellar.

Nice and simple, love the minimalist aesthetic. Reminds me a little bit of golf in a way. In fact, it would be cool to implement a par system or something similar which challenges the player to shoot only an x amount of bullets to reach the goal. An auto restart whenever the box falls off the stage would be handy but overall, really solid entry!

Well done! Gives an almost Lemming-y feel to it! Great job on making the tutorial and easing the different mechanics level by level. I feel that cursor controls would fit this better as spamming left and right to pick different blocks gets a bit tedious at times but still works well overall. Great job!

Sorry about the bug, it usually happens when the player gets stuck inside a platform when falling really fast. A workaround for whenever you get stuck is to press 'K' to respawn to the nearest checkpoint. I'll update the game with various bugfixes when the voiting period ends. Thanks for playing and awesome video!

Wiggling the levels round like an idiot is pretty fun! I thought the box silhouettes looked a bit confusing at first but I kinda got used to it at some point (may I suggest using a trail renderer instead since you're using Unity?). Anyway, love how the mechanics are slowly introduced and layered as the game went on and definitely add a button to go to the next level since moving through the menus felt a bit sluggish. Great game!

A great take on the match-3 genre! Personally felt that trying to lose was more difficult than keeping the game going. Maybe add another type of fish to make it a bit more challenging? Either way, really enjoyed the "chill" (pun) music and definitely has a lot of potential to expand upon.

Lovely little game. Graphics are on point and using the light as a mechanic works fantastically. There are a few times where I wish the level is zoomed out a bit more so that the spikes below can be predicted a bit better but overall, definitely enjoyable with lots of ways to expand upon. Great job!

Gets kinda tricky to understand but it was pretty fun to try to interpret what the story actually is. I think I got stuck at some point when trying to buy a gift from the department store (at least that's what I think I was doing).

Needs a minigame where you can watch paint dry.

Just fyi, got a few virus alerts when trying to download and run your game. Fortunately, it did not bring the virus to my computer as it would have been my downfall from his majesty's favour. 

Really interesting concept, turning a tower defense game into a politically focused one. Really enjoyed the dialogue (but as others have said, kinda scrolls slowly) but I felt that the amount of gold you earned each day was somewhat arbitrary. Maybe it's just me though. Overall, really enjoyed playing around with the possible scenarios that the game gives you. At some point, I just tried to embezzle as much money as I can without building anything which was pretty fun.

Thanks, the idea just kinda popped on my head when thinking about the theme but being pelted with paint or flour might be a good idea for a game on its own!

I'm not sure I wanted to do that.

A really intersting clicker idea which becomes more of a math optimization game as you go along. Managed to get a little over 15 mil at some point. Really digging the bland interface!

Ramps up fairly quickly, gonna take a while to get used to. Cool concept, timing is really well implemented. and the sfx really added to the music!

sorry about that, colliders get kinda kaput at some point. You can always press 'k' to kill yourself if you get stuck on a collider and it will respawn you to the nearest checkpoint.

That screenshake just does it for me, wow. Art style, sound design and level pacing is top notch, and just very addicting overall. Port this to mobile immediately!

I swear I was *this close* to the center of that pillar. Anyway,  killer graphics! The movement did feel kinda slow but I think you can make your player "seem" faster by texturing the floor so that you can gauge the speed you're going at a bit better. The needles and the lasers also felt like it was too "luck based" but it did get my adrenaline pumping when I was really close to the button. But yeah, really cool game and seriously those GRAPHICS!

I can hear the music even though it isn't there I swear. Anyways, I'm not sure if it's how high the jump is or if I just suck, but it's kinda tricky to jump to the beat. Agree with Syllabus that adding a ghosting image can make it easier to anticipate where the blocks will appear. Other than that, really interesting idea!

Great job on this! Love the implementation of the camera UI. It felt a bit weird having to kill myself when out of batteries since I don't think there's any way to regain it except shooting ghosts, but I started to enjoy the slow agonizing death when it happens. Definitely add sfx and music if you're planning to update you game and good luck!

Aww thanks a lot!