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Graven Visual Novels

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Thanks for playing our game. :)

We fixed some issues and updated the game. Please redownload.  

We made the game more convenient for you to play with English as the default language. 

Thank you for paying attention to the matter, we have updated the game.

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Thanks for your walkthrough, SilentDuck! We hope you’ll like our future games

Thanks for the comment. We have fixed it. 

Hi, guys!

We’re proud to announce that our first horror visual novel has been finally released. It’ll sure frighten you to death so don’t miss it!

The main protagonist of the story is a girl named Ashley. She needs to survive the night in an old abandoned house with her classmates. All of them have their own secrets which will be revealed tonight. Welcome to the world of fear and madness. Lonely mysterious place awaits you to step in the dark realm of nightmare. Will you survive? 

You’ll experience:

* Unique design of characters and monsters 
* Sepia style
* Gloomy and dark atmosphere 
* Original soundtrack which makes the right atmosphere for diving into the game
* Many different endings 
* The dark and terrifying story with unusual twists

Also there’s the 25% discount  due to the launch of the game. It’ll be up only during next two weeks so be fast and get it while it’s just 1.5$!

You can get it here:

We really appreciate your support!