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Pro tips: holding forward and right or left simultaneously allows you to run (face sideways to compensate and move forward); when in doubt, follow the shore line.

It was creepy coming up over a hill and not knowing what was beyond it. This happens in real life too. I got lost a few times, felt like the map was changing (creepy!).

Great atmospheric game, great story concept. Appreciated the inclusion of queer characters, and I liked the ending.

You're welcome =) Also an update: I was able to win the game! So it is possible, just takes practice and many attempts.

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I liked the concept and that it fit with the theme ("keep it alive"). Definitely could have used some unsettling Victorian music but the sound effects were good. I couldn't find matches and the fear meter goes down really fast, making it a bit too challenging for me. Still like the mood and there's jsut something satisfying about lighting candles.

The stereo panning to listen to the ghost location was great, but maybe add a way to test L and R on main page and if possible the option to flip? My speakers were reversed so I switched to headphones.
I found the game a bit too challenging but I enjoyed the art, story, and use of the theme!

Love the atmosphere and aesthetic! Beautiful, cute, creepy. The game put me in a contemplative and relaxed mood. I wondered if the dog was in a kind of dream (or nightmare) looking for their owner who wasn't home for some reason. But I enjoy the game without explanation, and I like the ending.

The cute factor is so high! It's fun you can switch dimensions whenever you want. Great little game.

Ah, this game is so wholesome and refreshing! I saw the video come up on tumblr and noted to revisit when I got a chance. Months later and I finally played it! Life gets so busy and this reminded me it's ok to take some time to chill. I'm left feeling at peace yet ready to do what I can to make the world a better place. Thanks for this game, and thanks for putting out a video with the guitar music. Maybe you could put out a short video of the singing frebs as well, otherwise I'll just have to replay and visit them =) Please keep being creative.