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really nice idea, 

but i must say, the green, and red are just painful. 

nice concept though.

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nice, the visuals are nice, they are consistent, the maximum i managed to get was 350, though i must say, it is a bit hard. 

but its nice overall

thank you, for the valuable constructive and detailed feedback.

you are right, i agree with you, it is does feel a bit slow, and i also agree with you, in this type of games(as you called micro focused RTS), it needs to be quick, and responsive.

i am really glad you gave it a shot, and tried it, even if single player, 

i'll probably continue working on this game on the side lines for now, and from time to time. and hopefully there will be a further improved iterations of this one. with more functionalities and whatnot.

nice game. i am always a fan of story driven games :) 

i liked the intro/outro of the game too. i have a small feeling that, the level was simply too empty, and thins should have been a bit closer to each other. but besides that, good job.

good game, truly implements the jam theme, and feel. 

great intro to the game too, and nice choices with audio and visuals. simple but clear. good job. 

oh my, the only thing missing, from this set of visuals, and feel is having the spider to walk (animate). 

nicely done, really nicely done. loved all of those glitching affects, and the feel of the game. 

good use of simple visuals, and really simple things, to make pretty game. good work. 

really hard game, not something i can complete to be honest :D 

but cool concept, i like it, it really implements the game jam theme very well. good work. 

this is good, really good. 

i loved the waves design, the power ups after each design, and the particle affects. 

one thing i would like to note, is that, the plus sign enemies, looked like, they were some sort of token that you'd take. and not destroy. 

besides that, really great work, everything is so clear, clear game, with  clear concept and good waves design. and nice introduction of powerups slowly but surely. good work !

(also, the 5th wave is really hard :D )

oh my god, this is hard. 

this is a really hard game, controls are so heavy, it might not be a bad thing, its nice. it adds to the game fun a bit to say the least (some people find this type of things really good). 

nice game, i like it, the art style is nice, and soft on the eyes, the game is simple, the concept is simple and functional. 

great work. looking forward to see more of you. 

nice, really nice. 

good visuals, they fit well, and they blend extremely well with the theme of the game. great work. 

couldn't find many thins to point on, other than that, the cube sometimes rotates on its own. and it is also a nice touch, that the platforms, when you jump on them, you do remain moving, relative to their position, as opposed to reality, where if something is moving, and you jump vertical, well, you'd fall :D.

it was a nice unrealistic addition. that made the game easier, and nicer to play. good work.

great work with the gameplay, solid, simple and functional. 

i didn't progress much, as i honestly simply bad at this type of games, but yeah, it looked solid. great work. 

nice, i can see a lot of effort has went into graphics, great work. 

it needs more polish, the movement is painfully slow, (it was one of the worst things i guess). 

besides that, nice work with the art, i believe it was the game's main focus, so really great work man.

really nice, calm music, good color pallete, and color feel with foreground and background, only complaint is the fish, rotating, on the wrong axis, besides that, it looks like a cute nice game. 

keep up the good work, i wouldn't mind to see a more complete version of this game.

not a bad concept defeintely could have needed some work, some ui and a way to win/lose. 

but you got the ground work, down and ready, great work on that. the ground stage is done. 

though, i'd like to say, please remove the red text, its painful to look at. besides that, great work.

nice game, i like it, very simple concept, with good execution, great work. 

keep it up. really nice game,  quick and simple. though i must say, some clearer instructions wouldn't be so bad :) 

cool, i like it, really great game. 

one thing i hated is the background, rolling in whirlpool, these things make me dizzy really quickly. 

besides that, really cool i love how you made it so that, the player loops. great work. 

thanks for the nice feedback, i did my best, and i'll keep doing so.

you are right about the other parts (core, and money income). i'll reflect on those changes, and see an appropriate balance change

i'll rotration bug, and make a new build.

it has a lot of good points to it. 

simple easy to get (first chapter) story, simple cut scenes that introduce you to the game,  music that suits the mood, and helps set it up, simple mechanics, and controls, nothing complicated. a nice, fun level.

how i felt as i played it, it was fun, i felt like it was worth my time playing it.(even though, i don't really usually play this type of games much (or at all really ))

the game is still in its very early stages and it has a lot of potential(in my humble opinion, at least, i can safely say, that i would play it), i really hope the developer keeps working on it.

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neat, i am more than glad, that you have found some enjoyment in it. and big thanks, for giving it a try, and taking the time to tell me your opinion.

and i must say, unity surely does give us a lot of power.

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Game Goal : the goal is to escape the room, and reach your freedom. Controls are simple, you just click and move, click and shoot. Press 1/2 and right click to interchange between different abilities and weapons.

move your character, dodge enemies, or attack them from their blind spots, in order to reach the final and escape the room. fight tactically and carefully for your freedom. 

i am already at my second iteration of the prototype, you can get all iterations from this same exact link. 


i was a bit uncertain of whether i'll continue my project or not, but currently, i am certain that i want to keep iterating on this game. any and all feedback is welcome. this is still pretty really early, not even the art direction is set. but i do intend to manage to compete this game. for time being, i'll simply keep iterating, so i need everyone's help, help me with your feedback on each iteration, so i can know how to make the game better. and  any suggestions in general are more than welcome, be it about art, sound ,game play, or even code. 

biggest changes in this iteration from the previous one: 

*Camera Movement with WASD

*Massive Controls Changes a lot more simple to use.

*2 abilities and one special attack have been added

*Massive improvements with the AI having 3 new personalities, and a rework of the old one.

*Levels have been redesigned to feel more open

*Big difficulty increase

*Behavior feedback on each enemy (different states, show different colors on enemies)

*Energy system is now easier to spot, and work with. 

really neat, glad you liked the idea, and the controls. 

Created a new topic My Late Jam Entry: Shoot N Run

sadly, i did notice the jam 3 days prior to its completion, however, at the very least, i did manage to complete a game 3 days after the jam itself was done. 

i hope any of you guys enjoy it. and feel free to tell me what you think, and whether you see it might be worth continuing or not. 

the goal is to escape the room, and reach the goal.

Controls are simple, you just click and move, click and shoot. 

you can swap between a gun, and a mirrors spawner, you can spawn up to 3 mirrors. (you click the M on top of screen, then right click, then left click).

mirrors act as a substitute to you, that the enemies will attack.


@adey شكرا لك أتمنى أن تكون اللعبة أعجبتك :)

it was a nice game, but not quite within the theme of the event.

i like visual novels that are not a dating sim, it was fun to play and a nice well taught lesson. although i would have liked it if there were more "choices" for the player, what i mean by that is, you kinda pushed the player into these decisions, the player had no connection with he main character, nor the feel to be forced to make one of these sacrafices, therefor, 99% of people would have, disliked your choice right there and then.

technical issue: i got the ending of "mildly disappointed" and the ending image, just didtn show up, it said (image not found or something similar)

but yeah, it was good game i'd totally love to see more good visual novels :) .

as i said i loved the game, i'd love to see more visual novels from you. keep up the good work mate. and remember take your time thinking plot and story. and add whatever necessary and dont cut too much .

that was..... quite the weird game i must say.

there was not much about sounds and graphics, but the game was kind of around the theme, and it had a bit off innovation.

however i as a person dislike games where you basically.... have to die, in order to find out what to do next, you could have given indications, added small puzzles, done some things like that. actually given the player a choice whether to sacrifice his friends or not, also the movement could have been worked on.

so its just, not my taste, also, i do admit you caught me by surprise and gave me a good smile, that was good :) you had some out side of the box kind of thinking which is good, it was a one well thoughtout level, maybe if it had more levels and adventures the game would have been a lot better.

last words, the controls and movement where......still in need of massive work.

good job overall i hope to see more of you in Zanga#7

nice game with nice idea, simple and good, thats what jams are about :) keep up the good work.

also, i think your game is kind of a little unfair/too hard. like seriously too hard.

i mean, there are not much indications on how the ball would act/which ones are the real and which ones are the fake ones.

i think maybe perhaps you could have had multiple levels, and in each level, you make it harder, because start off this hard is just.... plain roughness.

the ball movement was smooth, good job. the splits were nice, the animation effects where nice.

sounds quite fitting forthe game, good job overall.

the idea of the character, came gradually to me, it was not a "click" in my mind and the character was born.

for the font i guess you are kind of correct, it needed to look better, and maybe stay on the screen for a while longer. and for the "getting attacked stun" i'll definitely look into it with more testing :)

they are born at the beginning of the level and then do almost nothing till player is close to them, the first few seconds have nearly nothing done by the player. so because of that, you dont see a lag spike or anything like that.

and for the enemies, its true there are many, but, i made sure through their scripts that, they do nothing much, till the player gets close. so it doesnt effect the performance at all. (of course, what i did in here, would have failed miserably if the enemies, were doing a lot of things all the time, but they simply do nearly nothing till you get close, so it was like having few images thrown into the screen).

and im glad you enjoyed it :)

your graphics are top notch, they fit and blend well with each other, they look cool and neat, the sound is very good and fitting for the game too, the mechanics, sound very interesting, you thought about them for a bit, that is good and nice.

but, the game is glitchy, and is unplayable, core mechanics and buggy and just, dont work.

do not get put down by this, i'd aboslutely love to play a clear of bugs, neat version. of this game, i loved the character, the sound track, the feel of the game. loved them all. but i just can not rate the game, because it will be unfair, since it is actually broken. as it is.

as i said, do not be put down on it, and please finish this game, im pretty sure me and others would love to play a clean neat lovable playable version of it.

pros: nice and well thought abilities, levels are thought a bit, simple and clean, controls are clear and responsive. the poor AI of the enemies actually makes the game more fun (in this case) because even fi you get caught, you can escape the poor AI with its poor path finding.

Cons: poor animations, not much on the sound department, no gadgets, (cool down of abilities is not clear there is no bar to indicate it or i just didnt notice it).enemies range of sight is not visible

overall, fun game, was fun completing it. (289 seconds) keep up the good work.

pros: it is a nice game. i appreciate your work as a programmer more than anything in this, you have level selection, (Multiple levels) you have boxes being randomly generated, good job on that, you have good reflections (the mirror part) .

those are all very hard to make, so good job.

cons: the game should not have been ported to browser, browser resources are limited, so the frame rate was low.it was more of a bad thing porting it to browser. the mouse rotation should have been slower.

overall, good game, nice small tiny puzzle it was. but, having poor controls and having it on browser, made it too hard to play.

the game would have been much more enjoyable if not for these issues.

not a fan of puzzles but as i said, i can see your hard work in it, good job. keep it up.

pros: animation, sounds and movement blend well together levels are well thought out. visuals and overall feel of the game is good, and there are some surprise parts, (skulls). which were a nice touch.

cons: main menu text is not obvious unless selected, sometimes, you MUST die in order to know what to do next time(more of an opinion, some people like it that way, but i just do not) main character could have been better, and could have used a light in his hand.

overall i liked the game. good job team.

ملاحظات مهمة

1.الثيم هو الوهم في هذه الزقنة القصة اللعب بحد ذاته لا يوجد به وهم, الوهم هو بالقصة


The Sick Lost Moth V0.005.zip (72 MB)

The Sick Lost Moth V0.005H.zip (72 MB)

الفرق الوحيد بينهم أن الأول بصعوبة و عدد أعداء مجرب و الثاني تمت زيادة عدد الأعداء فقط لاغير ولكن عدد الأعداء هذا غير مجرب لضيق الوقت فإختر ما يناسبك

الملاحظة الأخيرة

للغش: إضغط حرف {H}

لحتى تزداد نقاط حياتك :)

Created a new topic A Question Assets usage
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just a few question that occurred to me.  sadly, i did notice this jam very late, so i hope i can make a game in the next 4 days. 

so either case my questions are : 

1.the use of things like Unity Standard Assets allowed

2.is the usage of things like visual scripters allowed? (visual scripters as in all kinds, such as Behavior designer/PlayMaker/uShader).

sorry if these were asked before, or answered somewhere and i missed them.

very amazing game, i've completed the first 10 levels of it :)

a very amazingly high quality especially for 3 days

good job.

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hey everyone

i was looking for a neat jam with nice idea to finish so i found this jam, i like the idea, and then when i read further i noticed that this is a high school students game jam, regardless of that im probably still going to enter because i liked the idea(if i get time). despite being a university student.

and because i know game making is hard, i thought i'd leave a few of the most famous free to use assets collection one might find on the web. to help you guys create games.

some massive collections :

1. GlitchThegame.com

2. http://kenney.nl/assets

3. http://open.commonly.cc/

4. http://www.lostgarden.com/search/label/free%20game...

5. http://millionthvector.blogspot.com/

then some useful sites where you can find some cool free assets.

1. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/

2. OpenGameArt.Com

(be sure to read the license before using any piece of art you attempt to use).

those should be enough to help you guys get around with some high quality art and sound tracks :) so, let your creativity flow :D

good luck everyone.

was a nice short game, i liked it, good job :)

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edit: the game page is not accepting this comment because its too long, so i guess i'll put it here. (i guess im such a big mouth).

nice game, i liked it

the animations are fluid, movement is even more fluid and smooth. the levels are very well thoughtout, and a lot of time was spent on them, nothing is scarier than a skull charging towards you, hehe :D the overall atmosphere of the game just Fits and blends with each other perfectly (something is quite hard to get). the mechanics are basic, but as i said, levels are well thought out very nicely done. so, i must say, you played it well and safe with this game. simple mechanics, and good levels. good job. i can see you guys had good management and design choices. which means your teamwork is quite coordinated which is very good.

i liked it as i said.but i got few complaints.

the text on the main menu should be more obvious. unless the certain tab is selected, you can not see the text.(or unless you squeeze your eyes.

my second complaint is more of a personal opinion is that, dying in this game is kind of.... unfair.... in other words, there are some points where you HAVE to die in order to figure out what to do next, you got absolutely no way, to know unless you actually die and try or get lucky. now, dont get me wrong, this thing can be good, can be intended can be nice to have (it is a must have for some games), but, i just dislike this type, because it is as i said, unfair.

my last complaint is, if they only hard a lighting fire with him or something it would be just perfect :)

last words good job, and keep up the good work

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cool, i like the idea :)

though, i must say, i couldnt complete it. the gameplay is just too slow other than it, good job and keep up the good work :)

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Update: uploaded a fix where you can start the game with any resolution.