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sad to hear you could not give it a try,

but also, glad you like the graphics, it was a new expereince for me, drawing such things. 

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بداية حلوة :) شغل جيد 

و التحكم مش عاطل و الرسوم بسيطة و مش مؤذية للعيون 

و لو كان في مستوى تعليمي يكون أفضل

لعبة بسيطة جدا :) حلو كثير

و التحكم جيد و واضح الهدف شغل حلو

لعبة بسيطة و جميلة إستمر و خفيفية 

لكن برأيي لو التحكم كان أفضل بشعرة زيادة بكون ممتاز :) 

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nice creepy game, really creepy :) 

but i must say, i got a little bit stuck after picking up the flash light, i didn't know what to do

but regardless of that good job man. the game is neat. 

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good job, the gameplay is simple menus are really nice and music isn't bad, 

controls are tight which is also nice, the game is neat good job. 

nice game, with nice atmposphere 

but i must say, controls are a bit bad, 

Arrows+ Mouse + Space its just hard to control the character this way, WASD were definitely needed for this game, and the continuous camera shaking is kind of not nice....

but regardless of that, nice music, and nice use of simple visuals, i like the idea of the game, so good work. 

nice cute little game

 i like how you fully utilized the powers of unity lighting, and post processing

nice platforming, controls are tight, the game is simple and clear, great work. 

nice, neat story driven game, good job for the team

i  do realize the game needed to be 3 minutes long, but i couldn't help but feel the character movements are pretty slow

regardless of that, great work. looking forward for more story driven games.

لعبة بسيطة و جميلة و سعيدة شغل جيد 

و إستعمال ممتاز للتصاميم و الموسيقى

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لعبة حلوة لكن حركة اللاعب بطيئة شوي 

عجبني المؤثرات على الكاميرا اللي في اللعبة

ما قدرت أنهي القصة لإنني ما لقيت المفتاح :D :D 

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so after having few matches in the game, 

it is a nice game, and definitely a lot of work was put into it, so, great work getting the core foundations done. 

if the controls worked better the game could have been super fun, but regardless of that, i'd say the game is nice, and a lot of work was put into it, good job to the developer for completing it. a multiplayer RTS is no small feat for a game jam, but i definitely hope the developer makes more and more complex games (with more fluid controls). also, some t hings like money (crystals) and costs of units aren't really that clear, and could use some clearing up, but considering it was a 3 day project game jam, i'd still say it was very impressive.

great game, and great work. 

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hey, i have noticed that your game is actually a multiplayer RTS game, made for the game jam

and also, made using a godot (a game engine i am liking a lot so far, my game is also made with it). 

and considering your game is multiplayer and RTS, i'd like it if you add me on discord, so we can perhaps, decide on a time and play against each other (i have sent you a message over there).

also, i can't believe someone else, made a multiplayer RTS game for a game jam, truly, truly, truly great work. (i made one, in a previous game jam, not this one). 

interesting, cool little game, 

very cleverly done game, and that was some truly neatly done game, and most importantly, decent game overall, with a cool idea. good job puzzlling it out. 

the game looks cute and pretty, simple visuals and truly simple befitting game. 

great idea, and good work, thats my judgement based on photos and stuff, i couldn't try it because its .apk only, but it still looks cute game. 

you could add triggers in certain areas of the level, to show the player, where his next destination is, 

or triggers that act like "focus points" where if you get close to them the camera zooms out, or something along those lines

using timeline and cinemachine and a simple trigger script, that should be easy to handle. 

or you can simple modify the field of view at the start of the game, and not bother about setting triggers and stuff. 

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thanks for trying out the game, and i hope you liked it

i will definitely give your game a shot. 

cute little game

 and i can definitely see the resemblance from it to thomas was alone, great work completing the game, 

and the camera is a bit trouble some, but everything else was pretty neat. great work. and good job. 

great game, i like it, really good work on the development. you guys did a good job

looking forward for much more games from you guys. 

only negative things is camera can be weird at times, other than that, beautiful, truly beautiful. 

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woah, i must say, great game, with great artistic skills

good job everyone, loved the game. 

simple, clear and beautiful, and oh my god that ending. 

truly great work, looking forward, for a lot more than just this, please keep making more better games. 

i love, how it was not needed to actually use words to tell the story, brilliant work guys. 

beautiful art, with great funny story, i liked it, good work funny game, 

there were few bugs itw as very nice overall.

cute game, with cute art, with some fixes of some bugs, it can be pretty cool.

keep up the good work

thank you, i hope you enjoy the game :) 

not a bad game, good job. it is a bit tricky to control the ball, but it was not so bad. however, the difference in elevation between the movement tracks, can be a bit trouble some, there were 2 instances, where i simply, did not see the next track, and just jumped.

besides that, not a bad game good work. 

nice game, i like the visuals and the music. good job

though, i think a tutorial, would have made the expereince much easier. but regardless of that good job, i can see a lot of people liking this. so, keep up the good work.

nice game play, i like it, good job, really good job. 

i loved, how you implemented the story telling into the game. however, maybe a tutorial, before the first "story part" and decreasing, the length of the story telling part would do be better in my opinion.

simple, but direct. nicely done. i can totally see this becoming a big game in the future, keep up the good work, looking forward for more of your stuff as i am making a "semi stealth" game, this really intrigued me, good job. 

nice, i must say, the game is fun, visuals, feel and audio, they blend togather, and it implements the theme of the game jam, nicely. 

good job, i believe this game has potential too it can easily become a fun viable commercial product with a year or so of work. at least, that is how i feel good job. i liked the menus affect too.

but i hated the long studio intro :D 

cool, loving the feel of the game. i do feel like this game has potential, good job making. though, the visuals are high quality, but they're a bit painful, to look at (at least to me). with some minor adjustments it can look far better. good job though, i totally loved the feel and movement of the ship. 

my god, thats one hard game :) 

good job though, simple, and clear. (though the start game button is a bit hard to click on) besides that, good work. the game is simple, and easy to understand and play, and can be a bit on the more addictive side (at least, some people would find it that way) great work. 

nice, really great concept that incorporates the theme in a really neat way. 

simply, direct and easy to understand. 

i would have to argue, the colors are a bit too intense. but generally i liked the screen shake, and "pause" that you get when you collide. 

good job. 

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not a bad idea, such games definitely have their audience great work. not a big fan of golf myself, 

but i can see some people finding it interesting with some cool extra features. 

nice game, not bad, a bit more on the tough side of things, but yeah, good work.

really nice idea, 

but i must say, the green, and red are just painful. 

nice concept though.

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nice, the visuals are nice, they are consistent, the maximum i managed to get was 350, though i must say, it is a bit hard. 

but its nice overall

thank you, for the valuable constructive and detailed feedback.

you are right, i agree with you, it is does feel a bit slow, and i also agree with you, in this type of games(as you called micro focused RTS), it needs to be quick, and responsive.

i am really glad you gave it a shot, and tried it, even if single player, 

i'll probably continue working on this game on the side lines for now, and from time to time. and hopefully there will be a further improved iterations of this one. with more functionalities and whatnot.

nice game. i am always a fan of story driven games :) 

i liked the intro/outro of the game too. i have a small feeling that, the level was simply too empty, and thins should have been a bit closer to each other. but besides that, good job.

good game, truly implements the jam theme, and feel. 

great intro to the game too, and nice choices with audio and visuals. simple but clear. good job. 

oh my, the only thing missing, from this set of visuals, and feel is having the spider to walk (animate). 

nicely done, really nicely done. loved all of those glitching affects, and the feel of the game. 

good use of simple visuals, and really simple things, to make pretty game. good work. 

really hard game, not something i can complete to be honest :D 

but cool concept, i like it, it really implements the game jam theme very well. good work. 

this is good, really good. 

i loved the waves design, the power ups after each design, and the particle affects. 

one thing i would like to note, is that, the plus sign enemies, looked like, they were some sort of token that you'd take. and not destroy. 

besides that, really great work, everything is so clear, clear game, with  clear concept and good waves design. and nice introduction of powerups slowly but surely. good work !

(also, the 5th wave is really hard :D )