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This was something...but something in a good way. Thank you.

it was very short, sweet, and very very cute❤

I got all three endings, "survivor", "hope." and the one where she sadly passes. I got emotionally attached to May and everytime she sung "Happy Birthday" I just had to smile and when she passed i just had a sort-of break down because, i've dealt with people who are suicidal and i'm currently dealing with depression and it just hit hard seeing the knocked over chair, belt tied around her neck, and cuts on her arm. I was so upset with myself when I saw her hung because I knew that there were other choices I could of made to stop that from happening, this game was a lot for a short one and I loved it, so, so much, words can't express how thankful I am to Angela He for making this and I just want anyone reading this to know that, it helped and that i'm sending posistivity and love in every direction.❤ I'm sorry if this seems jumbled but I wanted to put my thoughts on this out there and they were hard to organize.

My comment from like 5 months ago:

Even though this was a demo, THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I LITERALLY SPENT 2 HOURS ON THE GAME TO TRY AND FIND ALL POSSIBLE ENDINGS (sadly I haven't found the '#1' ending yet but, I'm still committed)

My new comment:

I still love this game but, I feel like I should of been keeping up with it because after re-playing it, I couldn't for the love of me  find prolougue endings #6 or #7 on top of this, I don't know anything about the storylines's #7 and #11 (since they, unlike the others, that have "#1 Coming Soon") have options but luckily,  I'll be restarting the entire game (deleting save points, virtually erasing my memory, etc.) as soon as the new update comes out, sending positivity❤!

Oh ok and don't worry I'm not dissapointed instead, this experience makes me hyped for the final release of the game! Sending love and positivity❤, I'll be waiting for the release/next update!

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**Some Spoilers Incoming**

Ok so, I'm stuck at the part in which the player is supposed to choose which person they want to work with but everytime I choose a person, it says these exact words "Hello! Gosh, this is falling apart before our eyes, isn't it." and then re-starts (goes back to the home screen). I did indeed read the beginning and I understand that everything is very much so intentional but, I'm very confused of how to progress from here, please help!

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Was I the only one who this game hit? I've dealt with depression before (still am) and I do have a mother who can be incredibly judgemental with my sexual preference and just about anything I do in general but, still shows love in her own way. This was a great game and not to sound biased but, it's one one of the most relatable games I've ever played and I can't wait for part 2-5 (yes, i will play them all ^^). Positive vibes and I hope these games help lift whatever burdens you have during the productions.

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This game was just absolutesly beautiful! The (so-far) art, cutscenes, minigames and puzzles, I can't wait for the full game to come out, throwing positivity your way developer Aishin!

Six Words: This Game Has Great Boob Physics
Six More Words: This Game Was Generally Great Though
Seven Words: I Seriously Can't Wait For More Games

I can't wait for the full version of this game! It's amazing so far even though it's a demo and that bad ending was real intense😏😏 and yes, I went back to see the bad ending I am indeed a sick fuck  curious person.

(I made sure there were no spoilers in this comment) I loved this game! Though I did find a glitch, once you find the two androids, report back, and go out into the city if you talk to the two people infront of the red-ish building (bubble tea I believe) it will be an endless loop of them talking and there is no way out

Same here, idk what to do