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I didn't like this game very much at all. Very poor design and game play. The voice acting was very bad, and the cut scenes could have been taken out.

The graphics are nice, though.

Left a full review here:

I liked the game, but definitely feel like it needs more. I put up a impressions video with criticism here:

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Hey, gave this game a playthrough on my channel. Left some criticism.  :)

I liked it! Interesting premise. 

Had a few criticisms. Kind of wish there was more interactivity. Also wish there was more show don't tell

Did a small impressions video here: 

I liked it! Think it needs some work in some areas, especially the level design. I left a critique, though, if that helps.

I liked it! Very simple, but clever.

Beautiful game. I feel like I failed at it though. I clicked all the keys on the keyboard and nothing worked. So I wasn't really able to play it.

The game was very cute! Liked it a ton

I liked the concept a lot. Run into a glitch where I couldn't get into the car, though.

Did a playthrough of it if you want to check it out

I liked it, but it IS kind of short. Which may not be a bad complaint because that means people want more. Did a video playthrough.

I really REALLY liked this. Very well done. If it doesn't seem like I like it, it's only because of my sense of humor. xD

The artwork is amazing. Love the backgrounds. It has a lot of potential, but still needs a lot of work in my opinion. There are a lot of typoes, grammar errors, and the story is a little confusing.

It's just the prototype, though, so I am sure all of these things will be worked out. Here is a review of the game. :)

I thought this was very cute!

Neat little game. Love the pixel graphics, and the experimentation with the manipulation of space.

TThe game didn't work for Bandicam or OBS, so I had trouble recording it. Besides that, the game needs a lot of work. It has a lot of typoes, bugs, and is overall a bit confusing.

I did a review of the game if you want to check it out:

Created a new topic Gameplay/impressions video

The game has a lot of potential! I like the art quite a lot. Made an impressions video here:

I thought this was very cute! Enjoyed it a lot,


I really liked this a lot! Had a couple suggestions, but overall great game. Would recommend.

Did a revisit episode for you. Still had some complaints. Not a bad game, overall, though.

Created a new topic Impressions video/ playthrough

Love this game! Am making a playthrough on my channel. This is part 1


I also get the same problem. Hear music, but just see white.

I really really like this! Very cool little game. Did an impressions video:

Did an impressions video of your game!

I liked it. Very beautiful. The controls were hard to remember, though. And I got stuck quite a few times on the scenery.

Did an impressions video of the game. Liked it a lot! Very impressive.

Also, sorry for the audio of the video. I didn't realize the game's music was so loud.

Liked the game! The Godzilla is adorable.

I liked the game. Got stuck a couple times. Wasn't sure if it was me or a bug.

Here is my impressions video of it if you want to see:

Really liked the look of it a lot. Controls are pretty hard to remember, though, and I think the character's jump needs to be improved.

All in all, not bad at all! :)

Takes a moment to get used to, but I liked it a lot! Has a good look and feel to it.

Absolutely LOVE the game. Definitely recommend buying it BEFORE you watch the walkthrough. That way you can experience the game for yourself.

Very cool looking. Got very confused though. The UI could be more clear. Here is my impressions video of it

I really REALLY liked this. Left it with a positive review

I think it's a very good concept, but didn't personally understand most of it. Could have been just me, but something about the UI needs to be clearer. :)

Created a new topic Video review

Left a review about this over at my channel. I liked the game. It has a lot of potential. Do have some critiques, though.

Covered this over at my channel! Has a lot of potential. Did get lost at some points, though

Oooh ok.Hmmm....after I get the game to work for Macs, I'll release another version of the game that's a little bit smaller.

I would make it possible for people to resize the screen, but then the text will un-align. It's because of one of the assets I am using. May need to completely redo the UI before full release.

Thank you for sending me the s/n! Sorry about this. I appreciate your patience.