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Where is the exe file? When i downloaded it, there was none in the main file.

Very cute. Very fun! Love the colors.

Love this. Beautiful! Not sure how I feel about the puzzles. Something about them is a little too hard? And the clue finding is a little nit picky. Other than that, I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Very cute. Do have some criticisms, but overall think it has a lot of potential!!

Very cute! I like the mechanics! 

I did a video review of the game. Wanted to post it under the official topic, but the topic was locked

It's very cute, and has a lot of potential. I have a lot of complaints, though. I am just not sure what I am doing.

I actually really love this! Nice art style. Do have some small criticisms, but overall enjoyed it.

Liked it! Cute and funny.

Here is my playthrough.

Here is my walkthrough! I did an honest review :)

I liked it. Had some criticism over the mechanics. Also feel like the Pro Builder grid walls need to be changed or taken out. I think it makes the game look less polished.

Sorry for the audio in the video. My computer used the wrong mic. v___v

Good artwork. Good game mechanics. UI needs to be a tad bit more clear. I have a more detailed criticism of the game in my playthrough

The game is very pretty. I do have a lot of criticisms on it, though. Here is my full play through here:

Liked this a lot! I think it needs a bit more polish, though. Especially for the UI. But, overall, very cute! Would recommend.

A lot of the controls didn't work for me for some reason.
I also left some other criticisms on the game in my video. Regardless, I really like the Baldi games. I hope the Kicktstarter does well!!!

Here is my playthrough:

Sadly the game doesn't work for me. I get stuck on the main menu, and can't get the game to play. I tried using my mouth and keyboard.

So, I liked it but I had a lot of criticism. I think this needs a lot more work! Beautiful game, though!!!

I liked it quite a bit. Wished there was a way to get back to the main menu in game, though.

Here is my playthrough!

So, I like it. It has a lot of potential. It feels very very unfinished. I would like to see it more developed.

Here is my walkthrough:

Liked this quite a bit. The textures don't seem to work for certain scenes? Not sure why. Otherwise I loved it! Would love to see an entire game with this kind of look and feel.

Here is my playthrough!

Beautiful game. I love the way it looks a lot. The puzzles are a tad bit confusing, though. Maybe make the first three puzzles a little easier to give the player more time to understand the mechanics?

Here is my playthrough!

I thought it was a cool idea with a lot of potential. Have criticisms but I understand that this is in development.

The game has a great art style. Love the look. The breathing is very glitchy and confusing.

Here is my playthrough of it:

I liked it! A funny little idea.

Here is my quick playthrough of it:

I did a quick playthrough of the game, and said what I thought. Very cool idea. I want to see where it goes. Does need a lot of work, though1

The frameout on this was VERY bad, but impressive game! Thought it was very cool!

Here is my playthrough of it:

I liked it, overall. Cute story!

Here is my playthrough:

I liked this quite a bit! Very cute.  Wished we could get to know the players more, but that's about it.

Here is my playthrough!

Very quirky and interesting. Like the art style. Wished there was a tad bit more to it. However, I do notice that in the screenshots you can "like" or "dislike" a banana. That didn't show up for me. So, maybe my review isn't quite accurate.

They do speak a little bit too fast though.

I really liked this. Very funny. Very quirky and original. A few glitches here and there, but a solid idea.

Here is my playthrough:

I liked it a lot! Very funny and cute.

Here is my play through:

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I liked it! Was kind of confused on how I kept losing at the end. Also, I think it'd be more fun if the prompts were randomized!


For some reason the Angular Fish doesn't appear in my walk through. Not sure why. It impacted my review of the game, but I liked aspects of it.

Very cool idea!! I feel like something like this was hard to program. Very impressed.

I liked it a lot! Quite beautiful


I liked it overall. There was a few gripes here and there, but I enjoyed the experience :)

I liked it overall! The gameplay was fun once I figured out how to start it.

I sadly didn't understand the game very well. It's very unclear on what I am supposed to be doing

I liked the idea of it, but I think the game overall needs work. :)

I liked the game! I do think there needs to be visual feedback for when the people shoot you there. Maybe they hold out their gun or something?

Other then that I enjoyed it!