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Very cool looking. Got very confused though. The UI could be more clear. Here is my impressions video of it

I really REALLY liked this. Left it with a positive review

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So, I really liked the game but ran into some game breaking glitches. Several times the UI stopped working, and I couldn't grab the keys to get into the closet. Had to restart the game three times and then gave up.

I also fell through the floor in the first room. That wasn't caught on video.

Please don't make the rest of the chapter free. Asking for it to be free is kind of ridiculous, and if you want the game to be free, you're naive, Game devs need to eat like everyone else. :/

I think it's a very good concept, but didn't personally understand most of it. Could have been just me, but something about the UI needs to be clearer. :)

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Left a review about this over at my channel. I liked the game. It has a lot of potential. Do have some critiques, though.

Covered this over at my channel! Has a lot of potential. Did get lost at some points, though

Oooh ok.Hmmm....after I get the game to work for Macs, I'll release another version of the game that's a little bit smaller.

I would make it possible for people to resize the screen, but then the text will un-align. It's because of one of the assets I am using. May need to completely redo the UI before full release.

Thank you for sending me the s/n! Sorry about this. I appreciate your patience.

I really really liked this. Covered it on my channel.

It cuts it off? Hmmmmm...it shouldn't do that. Are you playing it on a Mac or Windows computer? Also, can you take a screenshot?

Hey, dudes.

This is Easter Egg #1 of the game. Just wanted to show if off for anyone who was interesting. :)

Covered this game on my channel! Liked the way it looked a lot. Kind got lost though.

Hey! Covered your game on my channel. Overall liked it. Couple complaints but that's about it :)

Very cool idea. I'd liked to see where this goes in the future.

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This was super cool. Liked it a lot!

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Beautiful Game. Love the graphics. Did get lost a couple times, though.

Covered this on my channel. Liked it but did get lost at some point. Here is my review if you would like to see it.

Covered this game on youtube! Very cute and informative.

Did a short impressions video of this over at my channel. :)

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Covered this game on my game and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Played Eatvolve for my channel! If you want to check it out, go here:

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I did a video review of this. There are certain aspects of this that I like. For one I like how the office looks. However, I do think the UI is overwhelming and that the employee's models don't fit with the rest of the game.

You can see the rest of the review here:

It looked this way when I played the game. I was using Windows.

Just because you tried this on different computers before the game's release doesn't necessarily mean that the game is bug free. It looks like multiple people ran into the similar problems. Which means that this problem should definitely be a big concern.

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I liked what I could play, but I think I ran into one of the glitches talked about in the comments. Got stuck at some point and couldn't seem to get further in the story. If this glitch gets fixed [If it even is a glitch], I'll do a revisit episode.

Did a revisit episode for you. It's significantly better. I think the adjustments helped the game a lot.

Did have a couple additional critiques, but they're so small you honestly don't have to do them. It might just be something to keep in mind if you do want to make improvements.

Sounds good! I am glad that you managed to figure out what exactly it was. Because this seems to be a glitch sort of thing, I'll move your review to the "Granny Jo Approved" section of the channel. That way people can check out this game if they want.

Once your new game comes out, drop me a comment. I'll review it and count that as a revisit. If not I'll just keep a look out.

I am using a mouse and keyboard. It's the windows version. I am using Intel core 17 if that's helpful to you at all. If not, I can try and give you some more of my specs.

And yes! If we can work out what happened with the controls, I'll do a revisit episode. The game does look very cool. It's just a shame the controls aren't really working on my computer.

I really like the game, but it's very difficult to control. The atmosphere and art are beautiful, though, and I enjoyed playing what I could.

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Okay! I will check it out and recover the demo for my channel within the next couple days. Played a little bit and there is a big difference. Got much further in the level. Very excited!

Liked the game a lot. Did have some complaints, but their nothing huge.

Thank you!

Yeah, man, I'll totally revisit it and cover it again on my channel. Very excited.

Loved this! Beautiful art and music. Do have a couple complaints, but overall enjoyed it.


Loved this! Covered it over at my channel:

Covered this over at my channel! Liked the look of it, but the ending could have been more satisfying.

This is really cool! Love the art. Do have minor criticisms, though. Left a review over at my channel.

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I did a review on this game. I like the way it looks a lot, but it's very difficult to control. Got stuck at some point and gave up. Will come back to it if the controls get improved. :)

Did a review of this on my channel. Check it out if you want :)

I liked this! Covered it on my channel