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I like the idea a lot. However, it's a little confusing.

Loved this! very well done.

Created a new topic Impressiosn video

The game was beautiful! Kind of confusing to play, but...

And here is part 2

Loved this! It's adorable. Had some minor complaints, but those could easily be fixed, if desired.

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Ran into one glitch but that's about it.

I liked it, but it was very confusing. I think a portion of the UI was cut off in full screen.

I liked this quite a bit. It's probably my favorite game I've played so far in this genre. I do have some some criticisms, though. The game glitched a couple time and I do wish there was more time to make guitars.

Here is a full impressions video. Hope it's informative!

I liked the game, but definitely feel like it needs more. I put up a impressions video with criticism here:

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Hey, gave this game a playthrough on my channel. Left some criticism.  :)

I liked it! Interesting premise. 

Had a few criticisms. Kind of wish there was more interactivity. Also wish there was more show don't tell

Did a small impressions video here: 

I liked it! Think it needs some work in some areas, especially the level design. I left a critique, though, if that helps.

I liked it! Very simple, but clever.

Beautiful game. I feel like I failed at it though. I clicked all the keys on the keyboard and nothing worked. So I wasn't really able to play it.

The game was very cute! Liked it a ton

I liked the concept a lot. Run into a glitch where I couldn't get into the car, though.

Did a playthrough of it if you want to check it out

I liked it, but it IS kind of short. Which may not be a bad complaint because that means people want more. Did a video playthrough.

I really REALLY liked this. Very well done. If it doesn't seem like I like it, it's only because of my sense of humor. xD

The artwork is amazing. Love the backgrounds. It has a lot of potential, but still needs a lot of work in my opinion. There are a lot of typoes, grammar errors, and the story is a little confusing.

It's just the prototype, though, so I am sure all of these things will be worked out. Here is a review of the game. :)

I thought this was very cute!

Neat little game. Love the pixel graphics, and the experimentation with the manipulation of space.

TThe game didn't work for Bandicam or OBS, so I had trouble recording it. Besides that, the game needs a lot of work. It has a lot of typoes, bugs, and is overall a bit confusing.

I did a review of the game if you want to check it out:

Created a new topic Gameplay/impressions video

The game has a lot of potential! I like the art quite a lot. Made an impressions video here:

I thought this was very cute! Enjoyed it a lot,


I really liked this a lot! Had a couple suggestions, but overall great game. Would recommend.

Did a revisit episode for you. Still had some complaints. Not a bad game, overall, though.

Created a new topic Impressions video/ playthrough

Love this game! Am making a playthrough on my channel. This is part 1


I also get the same problem. Hear music, but just see white.

I really really like this! Very cool little game. Did an impressions video:

Did an impressions video of your game!

I liked it. Very beautiful. The controls were hard to remember, though. And I got stuck quite a few times on the scenery.

Did an impressions video of the game. Liked it a lot! Very impressive.

Also, sorry for the audio of the video. I didn't realize the game's music was so loud.

Liked the game! The Godzilla is adorable.

I liked the game. Got stuck a couple times. Wasn't sure if it was me or a bug.

Here is my impressions video of it if you want to see:

Really liked the look of it a lot. Controls are pretty hard to remember, though, and I think the character's jump needs to be improved.

All in all, not bad at all! :)

Takes a moment to get used to, but I liked it a lot! Has a good look and feel to it.

Absolutely LOVE the game. Definitely recommend buying it BEFORE you watch the walkthrough. That way you can experience the game for yourself.