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Looks nice! Like the atmospheric sound!

Hard game

Hard game

But difficult to play compared with an actual handheld. Yet I like the game, like themewise I don't really see it. All with all good game :)

Really liked the music, and that there was only one button to press :)

Really liked the way with the functions. Made it increasingly difficult at higher stages of difficulty :) 

But maybe I could change if I have time. That instead of virus being "Killed'. It says Virus total? or Virus Duplicated.

And indeed give it a wicked scientist vibe to it :P Hmm probably find some time in between work.

Jeah you are kinda right. Didn't know the right word for it. Would've been better to see how many virusses are around as a score I think. Oof Hit box on a wall, probably made that wall on the wrong tilemap. Hearts issue I know, first time I ever implemented something like that, yet I do not know how to fix it yet :) Thanks for the feedback, this might help for my next games :)

I will avenge myself.

The timer rolls a bit too quick in my opinion, can't collect enough. But I like the concept of time ticking away. And the stacking of the score becomes more eventually.


I like the game idea man. Only problem I have is that the velocity of the heart becomes less whenever it hits an enemy multiple times. Dunno if that was intended? Also I got stuck on level 4 because I had one heart left. Maybe a timed health pack would be nice so u can atleast advance :) Or just tell me I need to play better xD

Thanks for trying the game, jeah I haven't figured out what the problem is. Whenever an enemy collides with you, you lose a heart. So maybe because you got overwhelmed it took two but didn't display it quick enough.


Jeah couldn't think of the word xD But that's what I meant.

Played it, liked the art style. Plus it gives me a nostalgia kick to the NES era.

Nice game :)

I really like the assets, the tileset is nicely made, the sound also performs really well.

If it were expanded, I could see myself play this on the switch.

Edited the page, you wanna check it again? :)

Changed some stuff around, with health added as u suggested and some power ups. You wanna check it again? :)

Added some power ups and fixed the drifting, you wanna try again?

Didn't put the decay in, I tried that, but then it needs multiple levels. Now it keeps on going. I've added some one-use power ups on the map.

Changed some things, wanna check it out again? And maybe tell me what you think of it again?

Gonna upload it with some refinements. Wanna try it again?

Do you have any idea on fixing that second part u told me? The pushing  into walls?

Fixed it didnt have the constraints on. So I will relaunch it in a bit.

You think it might be a good one to make the centre around the sprite then? Health(With a period of invulnerability) and or power ups might be a good idea. Thanks

Good idea! Thanks for the feedback:) 

Thanks a lot! 

Those tips are useful. I have more time so I'll do my best to change it and submit it again. 


Interesting game